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God will save us from Order in Council — Malone


As the territory moves steadfastly to enact governance reforms stemming from last year’s Commission of Inquiry (COI) report, Territorial At-Large Representative Carvin Malone has expressed confidence that the BVI will be rescued from losing its self-governance status.

In his new year’s message for the territory, the Opposition legislator proclaimed that divine intervention will ensure that the BVI will not trigger an Order in Council which is currently being held in reserve in the United Kingdom (UK) parliament. 

“God has seen us through floods, hurricanes, the global pandemic, a Commission of Inquiry, and will deliver us from an Order in Council,” Malone said in his message.

If the Order in Council is enforced, it could see the BVI’s constitutional order being partially and temporarily suspended; leaving governance of the territory solely in the hands of Governor John Rankin and an un-elected advisory council.

Governor Rankin previously noted that the Order in Council will be held in reserve in the UK to facilitate that suspension if the BVI reneges on its commitment to implement the agreed-upon recommendations or if he assesses that progress on their implementation is being frustrated in any way.

“[The Order in Council] is the procedural order put before the Privy Council of the UK which is required to make changes to the Constitution of the BVI. This will allow the [UK] Foreign Secretary to swiftly provide me with the powers needed to take corrective action if progress against the milestones is unsatisfactory,” Rankin said previously of the Order in Council.

Malone, a former Health Minister within the Andrew Fahie-led government, has been on record in previous months as insisting that the UK will suspend the BVI’s constitution, regardless of any cooperation on its part with the UK. 

This was despite the government’s framework agreement document signed with the UK and its efforts at implementing a rigorous schedule of COI-recommended reforms. 

The government has reported it has begun a majority of the agreed reforms over the past few months; leaving just a couple of the recommendations left to be implemented. 


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  1. Agreed says:

    I agree. Hon. Malone is talking sense but like Noah when he was building the ark most of us taking what he is saying for a joke but we will soon realize that this plot to enslave us by the colonial masters is not a joke. Just like the rest of the world the BVI is still staggering from the worse pandemic in the last 100 years where no government or country knew what to do. While we were dealing with that or trying to deal with it the Governor launched what appears to be a non transparent COI while we were dying and sick and our economy challenged. Then gave us with a pre-authoured report and recommendations to help the Governor to direct the police to do plenty unethical investigations and arrest. However it is so well organized that it seems justifiable to some. They help to create a perfect storm to add to the already natural storm to do what they always wanted to do. They will soon find out that we are resilient people. Continue the fight Hon. Vanterpool and Hon. Malone.

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  2. Oh my people says:

    This whole things is well organized. The Order in Council is part of the plot where we see that not only the UK Officers are taking over the senior part of the police force but not one of them is black. This says a lot. This is an organized legal but unethical abuse of power by all involved including the Governor who the force is under. Look out for plenty illegal taping of phone calls to create a case against people especially those that speak out against this plot and the Governor and the UK. Look out for targeting of people who they feel are a treat to their plot. Look out for deeper rooting of this plot by the same attempt to take over the senior post in the public service and the judiciary especially using their COI recommendations as their roots along with other one sided audit reports they ordered. Look out for them to start to target certain pastors. Look out for them trying to mingle among us so they can get to know us but this is just to enslave us. This is the same 500 yrs play book of slavery but in a fully modernized fashion. What is disheartening is they always get some of us to fall for it due to how well organized they plan it. Oh my people rise up.

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  3. funny says:

    the UK helped ypu through, floods, hurricanes and the pandemic not god, and you brought the COI on the BVI.

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  4. SO U JUST FOUND OUT says:

    that there is a GOD , when you and the rest of the coach’s players was agreeing to EVERYTHING ordered ,you didn’t know that ? eH hypocrite

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  5. Carrot Bay Lady says:

    What a order is really saying is the Governor do not have confidence in the rule of law nor the judiciary system nor the electoral system nor any other system in the BVI other than himself and what systems and policies he and the UK want to put in place and then run it themselves with their UK people. What defense do we have against such high handed mindset and behavior. At least we can vote out bad politicians or fire bad public servants but there is no legal recourse to address governors questionable and high handed actions.

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  6. UK youth says:

    Asking the UK officials we know to correct anything they said is wrong is like asking satan to correct sin.

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  7. What!!!! says:

    So your invisible guy who lives in the sky is going to save us, doesn’t he have more important thing to do peoples starving, homeless, dying because of lack of medication.

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  8. Pray away! says:

    Didn’t work too good for head coach praying before the drug deal…
    But when you see you about to die, people ALWAYS get religion. I think you dead boy. Time for new government!

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  9. To funny says:

    Who fooled you? You better get some sense. The UK has really ever helped us. After the hurricane they brought battle ship with plenty body bags because they thought most of us was dead.

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  10. The BVI at a cross Road. says:

    The Trial of x Premier Fahie will decide our future..

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  11. Rubber Duck says:

    Too many people think all you have to do is pray to the imaginary god.

    Malone and the rest of these politicians would be better of getting some work done than waiting for divine intervention

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  12. Sense says:

    NO. God has brought the Orders to clear the corruption and inefficiency that has been BVI self-management for decades. It is the height of hypocrisy to dedicate such pathetic work to God.

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  13. To BVI at a cross road says:

    Please. This trial will decide nothing more than the courts has been allowed to function and that is what the UK must understand that systems must be allowed to function and not have orders jn Council to over ride the courts in case the rulings do not go how the Governor and UK wants. This is not democracy.

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  14. BuzzBvi says:

    We currently have a Government that was not elected. Go tell.

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  15. @pray away says:

    You acting as God now because you do not know what God is really up to and how this whole thing will end up. By the way the people you think are good may be bad. Go check their expenditure on specialist and consultations and you will be surprised if you dig deep that they are not special police officers or investigators or auditors but rather spiritualist guiding them how to get our sleeping people enslaved with things like COI and order in Council. Ting to talk.

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  16. BVI News Admin, note says:

    You don’t think by now the people know that thumbs up and down features are meaningless symbols, that they carry nor indicate any authentic information worth investigation, nor do they shed any leanings toward a particular issue.
    What they probably appear do, as we now realize, is soothes and satisfies some maniacal mind in administration, caress an inflated ego and satisfies a mentality that dwells in the subliminal world of super power…
    Clearly, the up and down features attached to each comment at BVI News is a toy for some deranged admin person and a useless example of gauging or collecting a true sample of public opinion on an issue.
    What shame what power, ownership, ignorance, small-mindedness and low intellectual capability can produce….

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  17. @ @ PRAY AWAY says:

    U seems to vhave a problem with the facts , like ( WHO ) begged for the ( COI ) U might need to change your medication , hopefully you not chilling out with that white lady

  18. lol says:

    This is Cant wins new COVID 19. Back in the woods

  19. Tom Cruise says:

    God left bvi years ago. Fake pontificating by our politicians is not excuse for leadership. We deserve to be ruled by the UK as we cannot govern ourselves. The truth is in the facts

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  20. Anonymous says:

    By now, they are many of us Black, politically and historically conscious, and aware of the historic realities of the English/UK man, his historic brutality, and most of all his mental super cunningness.

    We are blessed that we can discern their political motives even though our hands are ultimately back tied..

    Truth is, the only release, escape and or relief we are going to get from this colonial cancer and nightmare going into the future is a complete and final divorce..

    Things and relationships will not get better, but only get worst. When a people ave the right to bring in people, fill positions and assume total control and power over the masses is a terrible position to be found in..

    That is not a plac BVIslanders should be relishinh at this point in their history, giving their past historical experience and current political realities.

    We know what we an OT durisdiction based on their colonial classifications. It is only us and those yet uborn that will be tasked in bringing the ultimate of freedom to our people that we have been so long seeking.

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  21. Mad Max says:

    God is most likely to help those who help themselves (although not those who help themselves to the cookie jar).

    This attitude of believing in faith to help rather than setting proper procedures and policies in government is pretty bizarre and very worrying for the people.

  22. Shifting Fallacy says:

    This is the same guy who fight tooth and nail to oppose local political effort to work their way out of the order in council.
    He later declared that regardless of whatever is done the order will come upon us. Now he is saying that divine interventions will save us from the order. This is a confused opportunist who has lost his way hanging on to the coat tail of the disgraced Premier.

  23. eastend girl says:

    Jesus Christ

  24. Des says:

    God will have nothing will do with it – its people have to make it work.

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