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Gov reminds territory of UK’s kindness amid BVI-UK dispute

Governor Augustus Jaspert

At a time when local public confidence in the United Kingdom (UK) is seeing a considerable decline, Governor Augustus Jaspert has sought to remind residents of the major support the mother nation continues to offer in the aftermath of the 2017 hurricanes.

In a video more than seven minutes long and released this week, Governor Jaspert detailed the initiatives the UK has been involved in to assist with territorial recovery.

He said support from the UK came in three phases.

“The first phase — immediate military and humanitarian support. The second phase — more medium-term support to help on our critical national infrastructure and to help get the water, the lights, and the power back on, and to help those most in need. And then the third phase — setting us up and helping us for the long-term recovery,” the Governor explained.

He reminded residents the British nation deployed more than 350 military personnel and some 50 UK police officers to the territory immediately after Hurricane Irma.

He also said the UK donated roughly 107 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the BVI and an estimated $13 million in grants since the catastrophic disasters. The Governor then mentioned the £300 million loan guarantee the UK has offered the territory.

“I am pleased to be able, today, just to highlight some of that work,” Governor Jaspert said.

“Together with the UK’s support, I am confident we are going to have a fantastic Virgin Islands for the future. Together, we will get there,” he added.

The BVI’s relationship with the UK began to sour when the British parliament implemented a policy that directly jeopardises the territory’s main revenue earner — the financial services.

This led to massive local protest against the UK on May 24. The BVI government has also retained constitutional attorneys to potentially take the UK to court.

In the meantime, the Governor’s video saluting the UK for its generosity can be seen HERE.

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  1. Ser says:

    But we quickly forget

    • Albion says:

      I have not forgotten. I still remember the sheer joy at seeing the Navy ship pulling in after Irma and knowing help was at hand. I will be grateful until my dying day that that the British came to help in our hour of need. I still remember the crucial assistance they gave in our most desperate times. And I don’t believe I will ever forget.

      I am still very angry over the Anti Money Laundering and Sanctions Bill. But in no way does that mean have I forgotten their kindness and assistance after the hurricane.

    • Wise up says:

      “A people without the knowledge of there pass is like a tree without roots”

  2. MASA says:


  3. Gratitude says:

    Show it people!

    Ungratefulness is a sign that we living in the last days…

  4. Wendy says:

    What I have not forgotten is the billions owed by these colonisers for the murders pilferage oppression suppression free labor that has made them super rich and powerful
    What I have not forgotten is the refusal to grant reparations,a moral and financial obligation. Unkind. immoral .
    Keeping us dependent and ever so glad to receive crumbs now and then. The personification of evil is my opimion.

    • Just Wrong says:

      OH Wendy, get a life. That kind of thinking went out a long long time ago.

    • CW says:

      Have fun when you are independent and lose your UK passport. Enjoy getting a visa to go ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE lol short sighted. That is a big one bit their are dozens of other repercussions!! Think people. Or don’t, your choice lol. It will happen with or without you.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      The wealth of the U.K. was built on the Industrial Revolution where machines replaced human labour. Although slavery was common throughout history all over the world (the British them selves were enslaved by the Romans, ) you should not forget that slavery was largely abolished by the British and their naval power.

      • I dare say says:

        Rubber Duck, your theories are as infantile as your pseudonym. British power & wealth still rides on the profits of the Atlantic Slave Trade. And your jingoism does not cut it, stealing credit for dismantling the human atrocity Britain built to enrich itself in the first place. Britain continued the institution of Slavery long after its role in the abolition of Slave Trade which was based largely on the economics of capitalism, not British benevolence. And don’t you or anyone deny that what’s happening now – the nature of the relationship between UK and its OT colonies is unrelated to the living history of capitalism & slavery!

        • Pete says:

          Then have your independence and see how you fair ,and I’m being polite

        • Uncle Buck says:

          Claiming that Britain is responsible for the slave trade is a clear indication of your absolute loathing for the UK, a loathing based on hyperbolic historical anecdotes of the days when Africans were taken from their beds, ripped from the arms of their loved ones and forced onto ships by evil Europeans. It’s as if Africa was a continent of peaceful tribes going about their days hunting and making crafts until they were put into chains, which is so far removed from reality it’s laughable. Slavery was the way things were all over the globe, not least of all in Africa. It was that way for thousands of years until the British stepped up and put an official end to it. It took a while to catch on, the US struggled to let go of old habits, and countries in Africa had legal human trafficking up until the 21st century. But to imply that the British created the slave trade is just bigotry of the highest order.

          • Tallfat says:

            You must be bullshi…..g right? Your own writings documenting your hundreds of years of slavery and the great wealth you and yours garnered speaks clearly. The glorious great great did not sprung from nothing and those who worked for centuries without pay continues to be mired with the fallout. Those who were elevated to grand stature directly benefitted from our ancestors pain and suffering. It was written in your books by your people. We dare not allow any to water down the cruelty and atrocities suffered by our people to the order of the day crap.

      • Real History says:

        Rubber Duck

        The British and European wealth was built by dumping cheap goods on former colonies and developing nations and destroying their economies even up to today. They even dumped stuff on America up to today but Trump is putting a stop to it.

        The cheap goods were made possible by the Industrial revolution which in turn was financed by free slave labor and theft of natural resources from former colonies. Things have not changed. Britain and now America is still destroying nations through war and then dumping cheap stuff afterwards through one sided trade deals.

        America is using the petro dollar to steal wealth from all nations that need to buy oil in US dollars, but China is slowly undermining that scam. Now China is dumping cheap stuff on Britain, Europe and America and beating them at their own game. All empires collapse after a few centuries and we have witnessed that collapse with Britain and Europe first during WW2 and further now through Muslim immigration and Chinese dumping. America is being bought up by Asia and will be colonized, not by war, but with with cold hard cash. Sadly the same thing is happening to Africa.

  5. With all due respect says:

    Thanks for the reminder gov. I don’t think any BVIslander will ever forget but based on the timing of this video I do hope that you are not implying that as a result of that assistance we should tone down our response to he law that threatens our existence!

    • CW says:

      It threatens your existence if you refuse to adapt to the GLOBAL banking changes. In a few years time the entire Industry will he public and BVI will have no business because of sanctions. I suggest studying exonomic and global trade policy before getting all in a bunch

  6. BoyBlue says:

    Within months Brittania the pride of the ocean then mandated the adverse disruption
    to our economy by approximetrly 60 %

    Look forward to them doling the BVI a welfare stipend,a lil something to keep them fed
    beholden,dependent and grateful as a result.

  7. Ok says:

    Since UK wealth was built on our backs on our land, I think that was the least they could do. Lest we all forget how we got to this point in history. There is a context for all of this. There are things we could remind you of. You don’t want to play that game.

    • Ok then says:

      Now you know folks don’t wanna remember how the UK got rich in the first place. Historical context is forgotten because that upsets the ‘benevolent UK’ narrative.

      • Pete says:

        If you think that uk taxpayers will continue to fund you then think again we are paying for you so either step up and help youselves with our help or have what you want ,independence . At whet cost to you .

  8. Wow says:

    These ungrateful f—–ers back on their feet now Gov so they are showing their true colors again. Next time leave them for a week or two on their own before coming to the rescue.

  9. BVIYoungman says:

    Are we as BVIslanders teaching our young people to totally cut ties with someone once you come to a disagreement? because clearly that is what you ungrateful people and high officials encouraging us as a country to do, cut ties with the UK.


    • JohnJay. says:

      If there is a disagreement then there must have been an agreement. Please remind us about the specific agreement. Certsinly it must not have been that we would be given assistance in time of disaster. According to the Queens rep.the UK was being nice when it extended assistance to the OT when it assistedater the hurricanes.

  10. BVIYoungman says:

    Another thing we like to say in the BVI is “that’s the law, so follow”. Soo what kind of weak minded people are we to go back on words that so many of you adults love to preach!


    sick and tired of the noise!

    • BlindPeopleneedToKNOW says:

      So because your mother and father provided for you, raised you mean it’s now ok for them to murder you. There is a big difference between a righteous and justified law that is meant to help the people vs one that is set to destroy what we have work hard to create and if you can’t see that then you are naive.

      • BVIYoungman says:

        Hurricanes IrMaria already destroyed almost ALL the things we have worked for. It now gave us a chance to Start FREASH! soo what is the ‘financial sector’ is destroyed in some sense by the UK’s Law. START FREASH!. Its not the end of the world.


  11. yes says:

    I will never forget the Royal Navy who helped us so greatly. Thank you. I saw the UK and private help greatly on VG but we never saw BVI govt in our time of need. never forget

  12. Hank Dennis says:

    Name one Caribbean country that gained its independence from the UK that is actually better off as a result. I have been to most and, with the exception of the lunatics that want to capitalize on 1960’s reterick and talk about anti colonialism issues from 100 years ago,the answer is zero.

    • Reply says:

      Mr Dennis there are reasona..Among such would be that many Caribbean folks continue are mentally enslaved,as evidenced by many of these blogs. Also,interfetence one way or another subtle or bold,economuc interference by the colonisers and cohorts occur too frequently.But the most damaging to independence is the mentality of Blacks in the Caribbean.

    • Tallfat says:

      Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados. At one time these were the powerhouse of the Caribbean but nothing last forever as is known. The Brit Empire is no more as is the case for France and Spain as these were once the most powerful countries in the world; once. What we in the Caribbean done is to use the tools created by the “master countries ” and not developed anything for ourselves. These include politica, religious and judicial systems. Where the creators have fallen so will we.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The UK sent crumbs after centuries of neglect, slavery and abuse and we should ‘remember the kindness’? What kinda colonial bs? This is 2018, a country should not have to ‘remember the kindness’ when the kindness was and is crumbs and a continual refusal to pay reparations for slavery.

    But! Some folks will say that’s in the past as if the past has no bearing on the present. If the education system here taught the real ugliness of slavery and colonialism we wouldn’t have people out here caping for the UK. But here we are. Our ancestors are riolling in their graves with sorrow.

    • Sad attitude says:

      @Anonymous – I get tired of hearing of the few folk that almost delight to wallow in self pity and a continual victim mentality. These things were wrong sure but they are no longer undertaken,they are in the past. You need to grow up and move on we are better than that and stop begging for more free money from the UK its embarrassing – stand up and make something of yourself instead of continually looking for hand outs….

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Sad attitude….

        Do you know that the UK paid reparations to the slave owner’s for lost of revenues after the so called abolition of slavery.

        Only black people should forget what our ancestors went trough.

        That’s why they gave us the bible and tell us to forgive, and turn another cheek that book want burning it’s no help to us what a shame that some of our people still believe in it.

        And one more thing the jews got reparations and up to this day they still let there children know about the hollowcast but we must forget slavery?

        You have to much fear in you I bet you are a so call Christian sick and tired of you’ll.

      • @ sad attitude says:

        Not at all. The horrors continue …poisoned water, genocide of Black males infants and adults, man made diseases,poor education, war on the defenseless,and destroying economies but these are just a few.Blogs on here shows many are still enslaved in their minds. Fear of the unknown without the abuser. Self degradation and mistrust of each other. PTSD is another real evidence that continued oppression has blocked the progression of healing.

    • Pete says:

      You really need to get a life mate you will be lost without support

    • Bemused says:

      Who exactly are they going to pay these ” Reparations” to ? those slaves are dead , basicly you just want a free ride and are furious no one is enabling you

      Also Colonialism LOL, if the british hadn’t brought those people here 400 years ago you would be sitting in africa ( probably wondering why you are not being given free stuff no doubt)

      • More likely says:

        Africa and their people would be living off the fat of the land.
        Not only human cargo were taken by the millions, other natural resources too. Africa so naturally rich,gold,silver,diamonds,oil has been and continues to be pilfered by the Europeans. Ask your queen about the diamonds in her crown. Blood diamonds.
        Envy and it’s resulting greed continue to cause wars,genocides,famines for the benefit of non Africans.

      • You're lost says:

        Reparations should be rebuilding our schools and infrastructure you idiots.
        No one is looking for hand out it’s rightfully ours.

  14. DisasterWaiting says:

    We need to be careful, despite the madness of the UK legislation. We have always been the BRITISH Virgin Islands and should fully acknowledge that this gives us many benefits that we take for granted.
    Visas, so called political stability allowing for investment, finacing benefits, law, police and prison, US dollar arrangements, the protocols demanding audits (never chased by UK!!??) UK oversight of large expenditures, and more. Add in the military’s undeniable help post storm, too.
    The mother country has been disgusting to us and many others over hundreds of years – this is true. So a desire for some sort of ‘revenge’ is understandable (demanding reparations, violence, or just walking away to independence, etc.). But so too has it brought us benefits.
    We would be wise to weigh the actual benefits against the actual harm to us, in our lifetime, and not get stuck on a negative-only approach that could very likely lead to plenty of harm to us, our children and children thereafter – all for emotional and ‘pride’-based reasons.
    Inflated pride, we know, almost always precedes a fall.

    • help us says:

      I forgot what do we have to go idependant on. Please remind me. Agriculture gone, fisheries gone, conservation gone. Tourism Flop, the treasury thief ??????????????

  15. Observant says:

    Kindness huh. Feels so good to be in the Big House Ma**a. After hundreds of years of blatant slavery and now a subtle form of it in the modern era, we must now bow before you and praise you for doing your job.

    Well I’ll be.

  16. BoyBlue says:

    That is precisely the problem for the descendants of slavery The past horrors continue to be perpetrated by the sons and daughters of the oppresors in one way or another. The efforts and actions to destabilize economies and foster dependency is the most evident along with germ warfare. HARP is a newbie but has been in store for awhile.

    s the most evidentworld wide.

  17. Indigenous says:

    Sir I agree with you but look hum much of the people fighting are indigenous. The indigenous ones not fighting. We want our Queen. Long Live the Queen.

    • Indie naw says:

      I cant think of anyone on this planet more indigenous to the VI.
      According to your statement he is wanting “our” queen wholeheartedly.
      What’s in your koolaide buddy?

      • Knight says:

        Tomorrow Saturday you will sing GOD SAVE THE QUEEN at attention.
        Then GOD SAVE THE KING for the next 100 + years.

    • Indigenous ? says:

      What do you mean “indigenous” your all complaining about those black africans who sold your so called ancestors into slavery 300 years ago , not one of you actually belongs here your all imported

  18. JohnJay. says:

    If there is a disagreement then there must have been an agreement. Please remind us about the specific agreement. Certsinly it must not have been that we would be given assistance in time of disaster. According to the Queens rep.the UK was being nice when it extended assistance to the OT when it assisted after the hurricane.

    • I agree says:

      Well said because that’s not a favor it is an agreement that they have with the territory.

      Gov only want to use psychology on us what ever the UK do for the BVI is what they’ve signed up for so don’t be fooled they have to gave aid.

      • Tru says:

        Also,insulting our intelligence and granting patronage defines there condescension and disrespect towards our people.

  19. Chaka says:

    Give props to the Governor for carrying out his duties as Queen Rep.
    Personally I don’t believe he believes what he is mouthing.
    I would not want to be in his position. He has to live with himself,unfortunately.

  20. Tell me says:

    He threw you in the water but you couldn’t swim.
    You floundered and splattered until you float and then swim like a fish.
    Big shark came and destroyed your haven broke chewed your arms
    and you drowning
    He came and threw you a lifeboat put you on dry land then cut off your feet,,.lawd

    He was evil when he threw you in the water.
    He still evil.

  21. Sam the man says:

    We are biting the hand that has rescued us after Irma – when our inept “No Direction Party” hid themselves away pretending they were “strategising” – remember they were all AWOL and it took a UK Governor who’d only been here a few months to take the lead in sorting stuff – and what a fantastic job he did ! And what do we do…complain, moan, live in the past etc – absolutely Pathetic – I am ashamed of every single member of the “No Direction Party” and the lack of progress they have made restoring our once beautiful islands – but heh let’s celebrate M organising some lick of paint on the derelict homes in GGB after 9 months – shameful and we bow to these religious nut cases whose moral lives are appalling – and you know who they are and yet you still blindly follow them

  22. Ayo weird says:

    .. we should leave the u.k because of things from the past? Ask the usvi or puerto rico if they would leave America. America has a far worst record of racism than britain…im not justifying anything or a so called uncletom (im not american-thats an american term) rather they know they need a partner they have the most powerful nation on earth to support them. Ask the usvi if they can do anything about legislation from america. We in the bvi have more atonomy than the us territories. People from america can move freely to any american territory and do what they want we actually have the power to deport anyone not born in the bvi…even people from the uk yet we can live there like its our own islands who else has that arrangement? Not even the dutch caribbean does. You people must be mad on not seeing the benefits.

  23. Hah says:

    The UK is like the parents that want a gold medal because they bought their child milk. Newsflash mofos that’s your duty.

  24. Tick says:

    If we look all around us closely we can see the veils are coming off.

  25. Wow says:

    It makes me sick when blacks defend our oppressors oh what a shame people go and learn some black history please.
    But I’m still happy that some of us eyes have open to the lies, up up we mighty people.

    • Haha says:

      I’m starting to wonder who is really commenting. Whoever they are, one thing that’s sure is they’re spineless idiots.

    • Onething says:

      Lets go independant then. Lets see how you get outside of the bvi….visa? Oh burn your passport and then what get a green card? News flash America is a white country 72% white. Join the eastern european countries for support? Oh well we have to adopt the ec dollars to do that. But ya’ll in love with us dollars.

    • Question says:

      Question: All a y’all like to flash around your ‘black history’, tell people to go and read some, and quote facts about the past and so on.
      And uneducated people listen and they think you sound smart. In fact, watching the way our political discourse goes, this is the currency used to gain respect. ‘Black history’ knowledge makes you either ‘woke’ or not.
      OK, no problem with exploring black history. Of course, everyone in the Caribbean need to do it.
      BUT WHY THE HECK DON’T ANY OF ALL YOU WANT TO LEARN ANY OTHER HISTORY? eg You go on about whites. Whites live all across the globe and there are billions of them. Pretending they all get along because they are white, and they all hate blacks because they are white, that every dan thing that happens is caused by all the whites agreeing to mess up all the blacks etc etc …. that’s just simple minded. But it’s the level you all talk at. That kind of nonsense counts as wise political analysis around here!!
      What is wrong with you?
      Seems to me you only want to read a few books or chapters that tell you how bad slavery was and how it has affected us ever since. And thats where you want history to begin and end.
      No, instead of getting off at the first bus stop, why don’t you encourage people to read ANY AND ALL HISTORY? As much as they can. From as many points of view as possible. And read all kinds of other subjects like philosophy, political thought etc.?
      The aim should be to become intelligent humans, able to understand more than just our own sad story as it played out over 300 years. Armed with only that, we limp along, imprisoned by a few facts about how unfortunate we are, but thinking we’re thinking. Here they come, one pop-out, D-grade Malcolm X/BobMarley/MLK after another and they get us nowhere because they are stuck!
      Those great black people were intellectuals. They read as much as they could about as much as they could, all the time. They evolved as they learned. In fact, despite their anger, they all spread messages of love as they became wiser because they realised they weren’t studying the Black condition. They were studying the Human condition.
      Stop stopping at Africa! You want to be smart? Learn about everything and build a context for understanding the world in 3,4, or 5D, instead of this simple-minded 1dimensional view you promote as if it is an end-point that puts you at the peak of all understanding.
      We get what we aim for and right now we aiming Way. Too. Low.

  26. put says:

    Having to get a VISA to travel is a ” big one”??????
    Dignity.pride,self sufficiency….independene,those are biggies for grownups.

  27. Reality says:

    I am so grateful for the UK’s help and support and the Governor filled the leadership void due to the “No Direction Parties” inability to step up when it mattered….we are fortunate to have him and his willingness and ability to take charge of strategic operations whilst our leaders do photo shoots and discuss runway expansions…..

  28. duck1951 says:

    Kindness is all well and good . UK just as in Brexit is trying to get rid of its dependents . Instituting this new open rule is only going to make things worse. So much for the economy .

  29. Red herring says:

    The sanction law was brought about by just one interest group lobbying, against the will of the U.K. government. It also looks like constitutional overreach. It certainly isn’t the U.K. doing something to do the BVI down, they could do that by granting independence then, with such atrocious education and governance, all financial services and tourism will quickly leave along with anyone who can do who is from here.

    Singapore and other countries would likely be unimpressed by Bvi consistently using the slave trade of generations ago as an excuse for crap schools and no economic activity here. We’ve had billions in government receipts in recent years for a population that won’t half fill a sports stadium. There alone is the problem. Our children should all be oxbridge, Ivy League, Sorbonne etc educated, should be innovative entrepreneurs and artists but they can mostly not write and our infrastructure is worse than poor countries.

    Slavery should be taught factually, fine, as well as the plights of indigenous (pre-Africans and European). We need to be smart enough to teach the history and learn from it and leave it there. Millions of Europeans and Africans of today see negligible benefit, if any, from that period yet we sit on opportunity and let it rot.

  30. Burt says:

    These opinions for the most part seem to favor the governor. Yes he was present and visible following the storms. That however means little because he had and does not have any vested interests in the bvi as did the various ministers. And remember when it was time for him to be present in response to the people’s yearnings highlighted in a statewide march, where was he – GONE. So who is he to come now to highlight the UK”s obligations to its protectorate? How patronizing…. the next demonstration should be to get rid of him.

  31. @what says:

    Where, oh where, is the calm and measured voice of Elton Georges in messes such as this?? He is missed.

    Let’s get this straight: you’re prepared to vilify the Brits for their part in the slave trade. But you’re not prepared to heap the same scorn, approbation and hatred on the Africans who rounded up fellow Africans and sold them to the Brits (and Dutch, and French, and Spanish, all of whom engaged in the use of slaves)?? Had it not been for the greed of your ancestors’ captors you most likely wouldn’t be here now. But that’s an inconvenient truth, isn’t it?

    How many of you have bothered to go and see vast swathes of Africa first-hand? Many would tell you that you’ve been handed a good deal as the descendants of those who lived to work the soil thousands of miles from Africa, where destitution, scratching a desperate life from a raped land is the norm for the majority. If you’re so keen on your Heritage, why not go visit, or at least be honest and read up on it, or be lazy and watch Roots.

    Your ancestors were left the land that they tilled once the slave owners abandoned the BVI for economic reasons. Thus the BVI became YOUR land, not that of the original settlers, the Caribs and Arawaks. You, too, are invasive species.

    Your immediate forbears worked hard to make something of the hand that fate dealt them, and did well. Those born in the last 50 years seem to have been made from different, shoddy, stuff…. forever bawling, like spoiled children, about what your estranged parents demand of you. If you don’t like their rules, their requirements, then cut ties completely. Return your UK passports, don’t look for post-disaster succour and support, don’t look for uncorrupt law officers to come into a nest of lying thieves (who stand prominently in the front pews on Sundays) and clean the filth you perpetrate upon each other. GO!!! Take the islands you’ve destroyed by pouring concrete on mangroves, burning garbage, being materialistic people who care more for style than substance.

    Or take a step back, and realise that you are being protected from the harm you will most likely wreck upon yourselves.

    Or invite the Chinese to take care of you instead, (careful, and look closely at those islands and African countries that have gone down this route) because you will never stand successfully alone until you are prepared to properly educate yourselves, and work with integrity for the common good.

    Good luck with all of it. You’re going to need it.

    • Tallfat says:

      Long winded indeed and short on reality. Those who were wheeling and dealing with European countries had no choice themselves did they. Who could stop the powerful guns and canons? What was their gains in the so-called trade. Which country in Africa developed on par with any European country during the hundreds of years of the slave trade? Btw I’m for accountability and transparency. I am against fraudsters and money laundering and the lot. I am for balancing the budget and keeping check on the spendthrifts. But these should go for all not some, not imposed without listening to those whom it will affect. These continue to be seen as a first world imposing itself on people who was said to be free.

    • Boy oh boy says:

      Some of us really believe in all the lies that our oppressors thought us.
      This is the age of information seek and ye shall find.
      There is no black history that thought us that our ancestors sold there own into slavery, the European history books thought us that.
      Pleas stop the brain washing of our people especially the younger generation.
      We accept all the teachings of our oppressors the same ones who whipped our ancestors for reading and writing come on people wise up.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The entire nation is grateful for all assistance granted in a time of immense catastrophe. Whether a dependent territory or not, right actions must be taken to assist humanity.

    Hence, we should not even be told of what humanitarian assistance a particular country gave.

    When disaster strikes, humanity strikes back without outlining its sources, resources or purposes. Meanwhile, all is grateful for such.

    In the larger historical scope, however, given the depth still owed to the Afro people of the diaspora, a depth they have no intention of paying. And so, it is just not enough.

    Truth is, the UK is rich because our ancestry made it rich, therefore it has the resources to contribute much more without hesitation.

    That contribution, in monetary historical terms, is worth less than a fraction of a pence.

    So, let’s keep it real, even as we acknowledge the assistance.

  33. Keen Observant says:

    @-!@ what:

    Your statements are well known convenient truths.

    Indeed, historical facts have detailed that the only Africans that were sold by Africans were prisoners involved in a political system.
    They were so few in number that the number is minuscule in comparison to the total number kidnapped.

    The greatest majority of Africans brought to the West were kidnapped by Europeans. They were not honest business men seeking to trade in humanity. They were seeking free humans to make big money and that is what they did.

    They kidnapped, raped, brutalized and marginalized us for centuries. So try finding the legitimate sources for accurate reading and educate the mind to the facts.

  34. Empty Vessel says:

    It is absolutely mind boggling to read the profound ignorance of facts parading as truthful factual blogs.

    Frankly, the majority of the blogs here are a disgrace to truth and facts.

    Most of them are personal opinions based on prejudices and against the the African who has suffered so much through history since making contact with the European.

    Gosh, it would great if contribute to the debate with factual analysis.

  35. You're lost says:

    Reparations should be rebuilding our schools and infrastructure you idiots.
    No one is looking for hand out it’s rightfully ours.

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