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Government has tourism plan, Premier insists

This ‘BVI’ sculpture is located at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has defended his government’s tourism initiatives, arguing that, despite criticism from the political opposition, a plan does exist to move the BVI’s tourism industry forward.

“We are not devoid of a plan. The Tourist Board, which has been tasked with the marketing and the guest experience, operates under a strategic framework, which includes a three-year strategic marketing plan, guiding all marketing initiatives designed to entice and secure retention of visitors and long-term guests to the territory,” Premier Wheatley explained.

The Premier added that the scope of the tourism plan is medium-term to reflect the need to be responsive to the changing and dynamic environment of the sector.

Dr Wheatley, who is also the Minister of Tourism, told lawmakers that his ministry is also positioning the government to formulate longer-term strategic outlooks in partnership with the OECS, industry partners, the public, and public sector agencies.

He explained that central to the strategic outlook, is the need to embed the presentation of the territory’s culture and its people.

Premier Wheatley said his government has already commenced this strategy by directly contributing towards a regional tourism policy, which he noted will also inform the BVI’s national tourism plan.

According to the Premier, consultations have already begun and his government expects that this will be completed later this year and help to guide his government’s strategy to grow the sector.

Opposition critics have repeatedly lambasted the government for the direction of the tourism industry, arguing among other things, that the territory’s less-than-stellar infrastructure and limited visitor attractions have negatively affected the sector.

Late last year, Premier Wheatley said tourism is not rocket science and argued that officials do not need to work hard to attract visitors to the territory because the Virgin Islands is a beautiful place.

He also argued that tourist numbers are trending in the right direction, and noted that the BVI had its second-best year in history in terms of visitors to the territory, attracting nearly one million visitors.


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  1. WTF says:

    Wow. This is so insulting to the tourism industry. This is almost as bad as Andrew Fahie telling us he had a plan in the pandemic but it was “secret”.

    Show the taxpayers and your voters a little respect nuh? If half the energy this man spent spinning the truth and dodging problems was spent solving them, we would be in a much better position.

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  2. Trevor says:

    He talks, he talks, he says nothing

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    • lmaooo says:

      Is like why does he keep saying things if he’s not going to actually say anything. Full disclosure I have 0 faith in this administration to do anything good for this place.

  3. Salty Fish says:

    SHOW US THE DANN PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

    You and the Director of Tourism are a disgrace to the people of this Country!

    Like 25
    • @salty fish says:

      There’s a plan so they should be able to speak to it in an emergency press conference. This ship is sinking so this is an emergency. Red beeper on without pausing.

  4. Dave says:

    How is it a plan if the tourism stakeholders don’t know what is in it? How can you claim to coordinate everyone, that everyone is on board if they don’t even know what it is?

    I bet this plan is nothing but cut-and-paste marketing garbage, devoid of strategic thinking or long-term planning. How much did we pay for this plan anyway?

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  5. Me says:

    The only time I listen to this boi is when his mouth is shut.

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  6. What!!! says:

    So a top secret plan.

  7. Please says:

    Apart from cruise ships this is not a good season. Overnight visitors down, yachting sector way down. The premier just spouts nonsense.

    • yes please says:

      And even the cruise ships will stop coming soon because the beaches are getting so ugly with overuse and no care. Vendors getting to put whatever they want on the beach and leave their crap there like they are in their back yard. Can’t even find a place to sit on the sand anymore so much half broken and mismatched chairs and umbrellas. Don’t even get me started on the spikes they leave in the sand after they leave! The whole place starting to look like a trash site.

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  8. Tourist says:

    In some ways, it’s more damning if the government does have a plan. Because the BVI has become so hostile to tourism that it’s better if it is due to lack of attention than if they did this badly after trying.

  9. Respectfully Sir says:

    Please please step down. If not Lorna, Karl, Vincent, Kye or something. They would go much better. Please step down. Thank you. On second though why don’t you put a referendum to see if the majority of the B.V.I. wants you as Premier. Save the embarrassment and step down.

  10. Hog wash says:

    Show the public the plan

  11. Skelly says:

    The last and only Tourism plan is what I prepared for marketing the B.V.I. Stop lie.

  12. The Plan says:

    is to scare all potential BVI tourists to St. Martin or St. Thomas.

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