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Governor appoints Skelton as new Opposition Leader

Leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement, Ronnie Skelton.

Ronnie Skelton has been appointed Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, effective Saturday, December 22.

Governor Augustus Jaspert made the announcement on Friday, one day after receiving a letter from Skelton.

“Honourable Skelton, in making representation via the letter, requested that he be appointed Leader of the Opposition,” Governor Jaspert said. “Other signatures affixed to the letter are that of Opposition members, namely Honourable Archibald C Christian and Honourable Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull.”

Skelton made the request on the premise that he, as leader of the newly-formed Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), now has the majority of the five members that make up the parliamentary opposition in the House of Assembly.

Governor Jaspert said he subsequently sought legal advice then axed Andrew Fahie from the post effective Friday, December 21.

His actions are in accordance with Section 70 of the Virgin Islands Constitution, which states that “the Governor is empowered to appoint a Leader of the Opposition and shall so appoint a member of the House of Assembly recommended by a majority of the elected members of the House who are members of any opposition party whose numerical strength in the House is greater than that of any other opposition party”.

In anticipation of being removed from the post last week, Fahie wished Skelton well as the new holder of the post.

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Below is Governor Jaspert’s full statement on the matter.

On 20th December 2018, I received a letter from Member of the Opposition Honourable Ronnie W. Skelton. Other signatures affixed to the letter are that of Opposition Members namely Honourable Archibald C. Christian and Honourable Melvin Mitch Turnbull. Honourable Skelton in making representation via the letter requested that he be appointed Leader of the Opposition.

After seeking appropriate legal advice and in accordance with The Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007, I wish to announce that effective 21st December, 2018, the appointment of Honourable Andrew Fahie as the Leader of the Opposition is revoked in accordance with section 70 (3) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007.

Under section 70 (1) and (2) (a) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007, the Governor is empowered to appoint a Leader of the Opposition and shall so appoint a member of the House of Assembly recommended by a majority of the elected members of the House who are members of any opposition party whose numerical strength in the House is greater than that of any other opposition party.

Therefore, effective 22nd December, 2018, Honourable Ronnie W. Skelton is appointed Leader of the Opposition in accordance with section 70 (2) (b) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007.

I thank the Honourable Andrew Fahie for serving the people of the Virgin Islands as the Leader of the Opposition.

I wish Honourable Ronnie W. Skelton all the best in his new role as Leader of the Opposition.


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  1. Micheal says:

    —— is a corrupt China man that don’t give a $hit about no one but himself and want to front about territory.

    Walwyn will put some licks in he behind come election.

    Take your loss then.

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  2. Waste of Time says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts…won’t be re-elected by those who know better

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    • Yeah right says:

      Ronnie will be re-elected as the majority of this country knows better.

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    • Billfargo says:

      Foolish thoughts!

    • Churchill says:

      Thank You Mr Governor.

      Would you kindly replace the other leader as well? After he serving us for 16 years under his elected leadship in power our schools do not have roofs, our roads are broken, our water is not available, our power isn’t available, our internet is too expensive and often not available, our dump is on fire, he sold out our land, we ain’t got no beaches. He gave the airline 7.200 million of our money and we don’t have the plane.

      Where the plane doc? Where the plane doc? Where the plane doc? Why you give away all our money? Why you do rich and I so poor?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      NDP opposition is now run by the NDP. VI will see how this cover up of the worst of the worst will work for the people. Er, it won’t. It works only for them.

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    • ??? says:

      Still trying to understand what Skelton has done wrong? The Leader of the Opposition is the one who commands the majority of the members who are not in the Government and he does.

      As the LOO, you are entitled to certain powers, that a regular opposition member is not, like naming members to Boards like the RDA. Also, he gets to consult with the Premier on other matters.

      That is why Fahie went after the position, after he won the VIP chairmanship, even when he said he wouldn’t. He was positioning his party as best he could and now Skelton is doing the same thing. Fahie saying that Skelton can’t ask the tough questions is not genuine statement.

      Politics is about Power, period, no matter who (Fahie, Skelton, Orlando, Myron) says what.

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  3. Last nail in the coffin says:

    According to King Short Shirt
    “absolute power corrupts you absolutely. It can change a man who has a heart of gold, make him cruel wicked, self centred and cold. Many men in this land and many Organizations.

    “When they have power and authority,
    They don’t give a damn about nobody,
    Prostituting the island,
    milking the land dry,
    making the people starve.
    Exploiting, Oppressing,
    less freedom, more sufferring
    I wonder how we survive?
    Think it over my friends

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    • @Last nail says:

      Ronnie is the most honest of all of them. Nothing about him can be corrupt. Check the leaders of VIP and NDP as. It’s have evidence of being corruptible.

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  4. Tales says:

    “Governor Augustus Jaspert made the announcement on Friday, one day after receiving a letter from Skelton.

    “Honourable Skelton, in making representation via the letter, requested that he be appointed Leader of the Opposition,” Governor Jaspert said. “Other signatures affixed to the letter are that of Opposition members, namely Honourable Archibald C Christian and Honourable Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull.”

    This is the same person who said

    “Speaking to BVI Platinum News today, December 13, in his first appearance on the Opposition side since being booted from Government, Hon. Skelton declared, “I don’t want to take anything.”

  5. Frazcar says:

    What goes around comes around…..Every dog has his day

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  6. diaspora says:

    Big to do about nothing! yawn! What politicians/political parties should be focused on what practical actions can be taken to improve residents and visitors lives and how to progressively advance the territory. Fighting over 90 day old crumbs is pure nonsense.

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  7. rastarite says:

    Fahie should take this opportunity to join a religious ministry and seek a leadership role there. This would be a better calling for him

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  8. Richie Rich says:


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  9. Reply says:

    Interesting power grab. Mr. Fahie got thrown under the bus and ran over. Somebody… an ambulance quickly.

    Seriously, this is quite an interesting political move and somewhat ironic. Mr. Fahie resseled the leader of the opposition post from Mr. Frasier. Now, months after, the same post he fought for was resseled from him in the blink of an eye.

    Pure jungle politics. Only the strong will survive. Its like a hyena stealing the carcas of a recent kill only to have it stolen by another hyena before he could consume it all.

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    • Lol says:

      Resseled u said mehson. There’s something called Google that could have helped here. Seriously.

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    • To Reply says:

      Let’s correct one thing that Fahie didn’t wrestle anything from Fraser. The Leader of the Opposition was given to the Chairman of the VIP. When Fraser loss the Chairman of the VIP he loss the Leader of the Opposition ppsition. That was far different to what took place with ronnie and his greedy power hungry gang.

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      • That’s funny says:

        Why didn’t this happen to the former VIP chairman? The Honourable Sir before Fraser. Interesting. It couldn’t have been that Fraser is power hungry then. Gets you to wondering what really happened at the VIP Congress. Things that make you go hmmm????

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      • Reply says:

        In my view, yes, Mr. Fahie did wrestle the Leadership of the Opposition from Mr. Frasier. When he went up against Mr. Frasier for the Chairmanship of the party (Despite Mr. Frasier being senior to him within the party), he was essentially making a power play for both positions. He knew what he was doing.

        The bad blood that was spilt during that fight arguably led Mr. Frasier to run off and form his own party.

        Once he had the chairmanship under his belt, it was a forgone conclusion he would have become the Leader of the Opposition. He obtained the leadership of the Opposition indirectly, but the result was the same.

        Your view is a distinction without a difference. They both made hyena moves.

        What goes around does come back around. Not certain these hyena moves will get them what they each want in the long run, however, which is the Premiership.

        We shall see.

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        • Dim Sum says:

          @ Reply… one too many Guavaberry drinks today eh! If the VIP were successful or even moderately so during the last elections; wouldn’t Fraser have been the chairman of the party all now? Don’t know about you but if the head honcho leads the army into battle and they suffer a major ‘L’ wouldn’t you want a leadership change? Not a Fahie fanatic; but in democracies challenges to leaderships are made all the time. This does not mean that Fahie wrestled anything from a defeated and divisive leader. This situation with RS is very different in that RS and his compadres want to be part of controlling when HOA is dissolved and the election date set. You and everyone should ask yourselves why is it so important for PVIM to have the seat at the discussion table especially since they’ve jumped ship as it’s in the rocks and bailing water continuously. Why? What can PVIM gain in the few short weeks/months before general elections are called? Their ulterior motives are plain to see for those with clear vision. The political landscape is littered with has beens that need the electorate to put them out to pasture for the blatant lack of stewardship of the development of the country. Way too many questionable decisions and support of said decions have lead us down this road of desperation and hopelessness. Come February when we go to the polls the next four years and beyond will be critical to the future growth in all sectors of life for those of us here.

          • Ok says:

            Hence the question. Why wasn’t the chairman before Fraser changed? This same question was asked before. Inquiring minds need to know. The chairman before lost considerably before as well but he wasn’t removed. We’re waitIng

    • Political Intelligence says:

      As you may have come across in the article, the one with the majority support by members of the opposition party with the most number is encouraged to be labelled the Opposition Leader. In this case PVIM (has 3 together) and the VIP has 2 fractured. There is no need for dramatizing this the way you did.

      Fraser was removed as party Head Chairman for the VIP and replaced by Fahie. Andrew Fahie (Opposition member of the House), came to not officially support Fraser (as well as most members of the VIP). Logically, at the time, it made sense for him to then be declared Opposition Leader.

      • Reply says:

        There is no need for dramatizing this the way you did.
        Sorry, Mr. Skelton is the one who is dramatizing this situation making this move on the eve of dissolution of the government and the next election.

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      • Rely says:

        PVIM has 3, VIP has 1 and whatever Julian’s party name has 1. The leader of the Opposition according to law is the Leader of PVIM. We make a big dawn deal out of nothing. Let’s get over it and move on! Bigger fish to fry.

    • Reader says:


  10. Hmmm says:

    Legally correct…morally wrong.

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    • So says:

      tell us: was it legally correct last time with a 1-1 opposition and morally wrong? I’m sure many would like to read the answer to this question.

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    • @legally correct says:

      Explain that please? Do you people know what you are saying? How could that be morally wrong. Tell me what is immoral about it? It was simply a political decision to make. He could choose to or not and he chose to. Nothing morally wrong here. We are grasping at straws now!

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      • reply says:

        @legally correct is complete correct in this case.

        Maybe Ronnie is legally *entitled* to be opposition leader, but why push for it now? He was leader of the opposition in the house for a grand total of one sitting, and the rest of it is just pomp and ceremony.

        At a time when we should be 100% fixated on the very real problems at hand, he is too busy worrying about his title (after stabbing his original party in the back).

        And don’t get me started on the timing. We are not even taking the time to elect a new representative after Delores Christopher died because we recognise that there is a general election early in the New Year. So we don’t have time for *that*, but we do have time for this foolishness?

        I think Ronnie knows he will take a beating in the next election alongside Mitch. He is worried history will remember him like Alvin Christopher: someone who put self above party, and party above people. And so he is trying a last grasp to make sure people remember him for anything positive, so he is grasping for the opposition leader title.

        He should just go back —————————– (leaving his failed NHI behind him for the rest of us here to get by with).


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  11. WOW says:

    What greed by Ronnie & Mitch

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  12. Okay people says:

    This shows how power hungry Ronnie & Mitch really are and when they both will NOT WIN!

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  13. SMDH says:

    The elections is soon so this move makes absolutely NO SENSE!

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  14. Clearly says:

    If mitch & ronnie was this aggressive while in government to look over our tax money then we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now they want to come tell us that they are the ones to rescue us from the mess they help created.

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  15. Question says:

    Fahie said ronnie told him that he is ciming for the post from him of Leader of the Opposition. Fahie said mitch asked for Deputy Premier. Now that ronnie has done exactly what Fahie stated then my question is how come Fahie was right about what ronnie told him but a liar about what Mitch told him? I was saying Fahie was lying about mitch but now I believe Fahie 100%. Them to power hungry.

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  16. Brad Boynes says:

    Ok. Fair enough. Now grI’ll the governext sinice you have inside information on the allegeded corruption and rich white folks and their devilI shyness.

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    • Oops says:

      What is he going to do pretend he was not at the gathering or may I say cook up? Is going to ask questions and pretend he does not know the answers? Is he going to act like a hypocrite? Who will believe him his VIMP members? Who is deputy opposition leader? The mini-ster? Lol!

  17. Wow! says:

    Power and politics 301!

    We have an appointed monarchy figure head who has supreme power over our political and other affairs;

    We have a ruling party where one of its prominent and leading members, after winning an internal election, have been recently refereed to the police for further investigation, for the creation of specific political purposes no doubt.

    It is also a known fact that that leader is a proponent of some sort of autonomy for the VIS.

    With those kinds of views, self determination or basic autonomy, expect extreme opposition from the colonial ruler, and that is perhaps what is being played out here.

    Officially, we now have a political reality where the ruling and opposition are quantities of the same ruling party, and the elements of the Constitution not withstanding that created this, there has been an open sense of favouritism or prefer-ability being displayed by the monarchy representative and its power politics are on full display as never witnessed before.

    Sadly, all those political discourses and transpiration’s over the weeks and course leading up to elections are dividing us further and more permanently than ever before.

    Certainly, to see those divisive tactics against a people emanating from the throne’s representative make it even more disconcerting.

    Regrettably, they hearken back and brings into focus the period of the house and field slave and the vicious divisions that were created between them by their master.

    Undeniably, there is a direct parallel between that sad history and what is occurring here in our current ruling and opposition politics today.

    And it is the politics of division and divisiveness. A politics that will not move the BVI forward, but will gradually hopelessly push her backwards into ineffectiveness. Which is the wanton desire of many of her detractors and jealous enemies.

    In fact, one will not need a trained psychologist to ascertain that the job has been well done upon analysis of daily blogs prior to and henceforth into elections.

    Unfortunately, caught up in the middle are our brothers who are now on both sides of the isles and our love and respect for all of them, because we admire and revere them even with their imperfections.

    Disappointingly, what started out as a Afro Caribbean, bright, smart and progressive party to unite us and take us forward into the future and garner unforeseen prosperity, the National Democratic Party, the party with so much hope and dreams attached to it, has been turned, mainly by external forces, into the Negro Destroying Party.

    Believe it or not!! Of course many will disagree and all each will have a varying opinion. Yet, it is not difficult to decipher though.

    And so it will be into perpetuity or until we the people begin to open, close and lock our own destiny and political door.

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  18. Just Curious says:

    It is my humble view that the honourable Ronnie Skelton and his team makes a very “poor” opposition. Now what kind of questions they can now ask the present government, that they themselves don’t know about, and would have signed off to? They will be ineffective because they stay there for eight years and cause a mess, so they cant now pretend to be the “saviour” of the BVI. This is pure poppy show. I assume that being the opposition then your salary might increase so why not take that small increase for the few months that are left. I think that we need to hear the plans each parties have to rebuild the territory and when we can start seeing things transparent again. The NDP with it new re-branding is just a waste of time because they can’t tell us the voters to vote for them to correct the mess they already caused and they can’t say it was Ronnie, Mitch and Christian who messed up the country so who are they going to blame? I guess when the Premier finally throws in the towel, they will say that the Premier was the problem. Just my opinion.

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    • @just curious says:

      Well said.

    • BuzzBvi says:

      Not really an opposition. More like the new NDP going forward without Walwyn. NDP through and through in a different cover. I am worried that the people are not going to notice. I am more worried that the only alternative is the VIP. Where are the people that care for and want the Virgin Islands to succeed and not just a few individuals with power in the VI. Where will be that choice on the ballot be? I don’t see it.

  19. bvi says:

    you only going to be leader of the opposition for 4 months big man, power hungry, u will lose your deposit and everything else, you just come from a failed cabinet, you is no good, you cant do mo better, your days done skeleton.

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  20. Wait a minute says:

    A few days ago ronnie denied that he was going for the post. Fahie insisted that they said that they wanted the position. Ronnie denied. Now it turn out that Fahie was correct. Ronnie was not truthful to we the people. That’s not the sign of a leader that we can trust.

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  21. lol says:

    ronny will retire with a bigger salary now

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  22. @Just curious says:

    If the HOA soon over what does it matter? Make up you all minds on which argument you running. Does the position have power? If yes, then he should have it. Does it not have power? Then what is the concern if he has it? This is much to do about nothing just our political immaturity.

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    • Just Curious says:

      Hmmm if you know about politics you would have known that the opposition have power. Who do you think the Premier must account to when certain decisions are to be made? It is the opposition. Even the calling of the election there must be some conversation with the opposition so the opposition do have a lot of say on certain matters. Do t speak about political immaturity if you don’t know what you talking about. Constitutionally they are the correct party to be the opposition. The question still remains how effective an opposition can they be when they deflect from the ruling party and would have had a lot of say I past decisions by the ruling party? It is still my view they are ineffective and on election day the voters in the BVI will again have their say as to which party they want to be the next ruling government.

  23. Law&Order BVI says:

    P- Power Hungry
    V- Vindictive
    I- Irresponsible
    M- Movement

    The true meaning of PVIM. STAY WOKE!

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  24. Ulterior Motive says:

    Question is do we really want Ronnie as leader of opposition? Will he ask the party he JUST left the hard questions that needs to be asked or will he just let them go by yhe wayside because it would reflect badly on him as well? This is just too messy. If Ronnie had any dignity or integrity he shouldve allowed Fahie to continue which woulve demonstrated that he puts the territory first but this stunt shows lack of integrity on his part. I was considering giving PVIM my vote but this recent move dont sit well with me. I cant understand why Ronnie would ask for the position and election is right around the corner, why not let Fahie finish out as he was doing a damn good job as the opposition leader. Tjis move makes me feel as if Ronnie has something to hide….well, we will see what information on NDP he will try to supress from the public then everyone will see the ulterior motive.

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    • but says:

      we could all agree that the things approved are things that needed to happen. The question is was Ronnie or any other Minister responsible for how the approved things were executed. the answer is clear No. You give a child a dollar because he asked to buy a book but the child goes out and buy candy. The parent trusted the child from the beginning so that is why the child got the dollar.The parent so busy doing their own things and don’t get a chance to check back but trust that the child buy the book and doing school work because the grades looking good. What do you do? Nothing except keep trusting that child until you prove the child to be a liar.

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  25. Interesting says:

    There are too many evil things done behind close doors and it shall come to light.

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    • @Interesting says:

      AMEN. And yes we want God to reveal all the wickedness that been goingon behind closed doors in this island. Clean up time.

  26. Hah says:

    Ronnie has never voted against anything that was brought forward by the NDP. That alone shows that he will be the worst opposition leader ever. When Mitch was rightfully questioning the moves of Dr Smith, Ronnie was silent. When Archie expressed his regret for voting for the BVI Airways mess without the full details, Ronnie who also voted for it was silent. When Fraser was fighting to get answers Park Park project Ronnie was on the side of Government. When Fahie was grilling Dr. Smith about BVIAirways, Ronnie was at the defense of the Government. Ronnie only decided that NDP is bad news after losing the vote for Party Chairman. The facts are there. This is a desperate and despicable move by The PVIM. Forming a new party does not erase the sins of yesterday. You are not the Opposition you are traitorous, disgruntled clones of the NDP.

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    • Well said says:

      You hit the nail on the head! HE was there, but, since WallWin whup his a$$ & I’m no WallWin fan, his TRUE colors emerged.
      The SILENT quest for power cannot be contained!

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  27. The Grinch strikes again says:

    This is Big Christmas weekend and you know some of these companies who raking in major profits, ain’t pay their staff their December salary as yet? The Opposition needs to look into that. How staff are supposed to provide good meal for family and buy presents Christmas only 2 days away, when everyone wrapping up their shopping this weekend? This is disgraceful and the height of cheanopness and taking advantage of staff who work so hard. It is bad enough you did not pay your staff from mid month like the other decent caring employers did, but 22 of December and you still holding on to the staff lil bit of change? Things that bad with that you need the 70 bank interest?

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  28. Reality says:

    Not saying Hon. Skelton can’t be a great Opposition Leader but any fool could see now is not the time. He was just part of the government making cabinet decisions. Now what in the devil he could possibly say to this Government now, really. Hon. Fahie was the best person at this time. The Constitution needs serious review.

  29. @The Grinch strikes again says:

    them dont and never cared bout we. ALL dem care bout is gem big profit and from we slave labor. That’s why 2019 we go start tak dem eye out dem hed.

  30. Justin T... says:

    Hon Fahie I like you and everybody know you work hard for your district and you were a good Education Minister but I have to say what goes around comes around….Frazer had his day…now you have yours…you handle it eith some public grace…hope tis so behind the scenes…I think this was a little bad move for Ronnie to assume Leader of the Opposition just after breaking away from NDP to form his own party when he remained publicly silent when his former colleagues were running this country into the ground…they will say this is evidence of a power grab and also howcome you Ronnie now going to try to police the ones you break awayfrom?! I think Ronnie should have left Fahie as LotO and shine from the back.

  31. ??? says:

    This revealed a major flaw in the system. Any government with a huge majority can now manipulate the system for their benefit. The ruling party can have some of their members go to the opposition and disrupt the process of getting accountability. They need to fix it so that the leader cannot be changed after the new term has started unless the leader is absent or switched to the side of government or at least can only change within 1 year of the new government being formed.

  32. Power Rush says:

    There is not a man who can honestly say they don’t want to be in power. When you are in power, you control. Some use power for good and some use power for bad. Any man that says I am not seeking power needs their heads taking of for lying.

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  33. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Hon R. Skelton (AL), former Deputy Premier, MoF and MHSS and now leader of PVIM and leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, is the BVI real talk express. Nonetheless, though his action regarding being Leader of the Opposition is permitted under section (2) (b) of the BVI constitution, I’m disappointed that at most 2-3 months out from the constitutionally due general election that he didn’t humble himself and leave well enough alone.

    In this instance, the perception management portion of the electoral politics was not handle well. Real or imagined, it sent a poor message; the optics is poor; it was a poor move on the political chess board.

    The PVIM, along with other parties, should be focusing on a)how to improve residents lives, b)rebuilding the territory, c)better planning, programming and budget management, d)improving the economy, e)improving education, f)improving healthcare, g) improving the physical infrastructure, h)improving public safety……..etc.

    The electorate must demand answers to these and other questions before the election and hold government feet to the fire on them after the election. Fellow Virgin Islanders, we cannot go in hibernation after the election; we must get engaged and stay engaged. We owe it to the brothers and sisters who shed blood, sweat and tears to get us to this point. We must persevere to continue the journey. No respite for the holidays; the work must continue.

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    • RealPol says:

      “ The Hon R. Skelton (AL), former Deputy Premier, MoF and MHSS and now leader of PVIM and leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, is the BVI real talk express.” Lol. Does this include the F-bombs? Ronnie does keep it real; he is a down street man.

  34. To Woke To Be Fooled says:

    Now I know I am late to post but better late than never. Anyway here is a man claiming that its not about power and that he left the NDP upon principles and differences of opinion after Myron was elected the new leader of the NDP. Here it is that the proverbial paint/ink has not dried placing him on the opposition and he already grabbling for power to unseat Hon. Fahie as the leader of the opposition…..My fellow BVIslanders I beseech you to open your eyes, your minds and please apply wisdom, seek knowledge and be woke to these so-call leaders… we need to #draintheswamp.

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