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Governor assures prison will hold up during Hurricane Maria

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Following the escape of over 100 inmates from Her Majesty’s Prison during the recent hurricane, Governor Augustus Jaspert has given the assurance that the facility will hold up when Hurricane Maria passes over the territory within the next few hours.

The Governor gave the assurance at a press briefing yesterday, where he noted that the British Military will also be helping to bolster security at the facility during the hurricane, which is expected to start impacting the territory today.

“Minister Walwyn and I have discussed this. We are confident in the structure of the prison; we are confident that… with the right security and the right routine at the prison, that it will stay intact both for the prisoners who are there, as well as, the staff who are there keeping the prisoners under control,” said Governor Jaspert.

“I have been briefed by Minister Walwyn on plans he has put in place to make sure that the prisoners stay in a secure location… We have agreed to put in extra military into the prison as well. British military will be there to help secure the prison [and] I have confidence that the prison will stay a secure place.”

Most Dangerous Captured

Giving an update on efforts to capture the escaped inmates, the Governor said over 100 have been captured so far and among are some considered ‘most dangerous’.

“Yes, the police are capturing more, and putting more back in all the time. We are now over – I don’t have the exact number with me – but we are over a hundred. Over a hundred prisoners have been put back in, including the most dangerous prisoners that we were worried about.”

Meanwhile, he pointed out that not all the inmates who broke out of the facility used their freedom to cause trouble, as some were helping in the communities.

“Some prisoners left and were actually abiding and reporting back every day; some actually were helping to rebuild the prison. Some of the prisoners used the opportunity to get out and cause problems in the community. I am very pleased that we’ve got the most of them. So, there is a bit of a mixture in terms of how many stayed, and actually abided by the prison routine and those who used the opportunity to get into the community,” he said.

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