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Governor calls for a behavioural change locally amid pandemic

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor of the British Virgin Islands Augustus Jaspert has issued a call for a change of attitude amid the threat of the Novel Coronavirus to the territory.

“We need to change some of our behaviours. Take sensible precautions — even how we greet people can make a difference,” he said in a statement on Monday.

He continued: “We are known as a warm and welcoming people, but there are other ways to show that than a handshake and a hug. From now on greet people from a distance. Avoid handshakes and hugs.”

Governor Jaspert also urged residents to “try to ignore and not disseminate the Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages that aim to worry”.

“Instead, follow official advice and continue to be good neighbours and friends,” Jaspert said, adding that it is ‘prudent’ to have extra supplies on hand.

“Excessive stockpiling feed fear, and may even make it more difficult for the most vulnerable in our population to access necessities … As we have seen, this territory is highly capable of responding to threats when we work together. We have been working diligently to ensure that adequate preparations are in place in the event that we have a confirmed case,” the Governor said.

Nearly 100 confirmed cases have now been reported in the Caribbean region, with at least 35 in the English-speaking countries and two cases in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.

Two people have also reportedly died from the virus in the region.

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  1. Not at all says:

    A simple hi, how you doing is enough for me. No hand contact or hugging for me. So if a person don’t stop and have a conversation when they see you, it don’t mean anything, everyone is just trying to do what they have to do and keep it moving.

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  2. Farara says:

    I agree.So, when you see me, please know your place and don’t approach me or touch me. Thank You!

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  3. Eyes wide shut says:

    A voice of reason.

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  4. Diaspora says:

    Agree with the Guv on this one. Just catch a wave.

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  5. Yep says:

    Just wave and keep it moving.

  6. WELL ME BOY says:

    Yea get your germzy ass to steppin…

  7. RobertTuh says:

    For sure, isn’t a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that this category will be ok.

  8. Boils down to says:

    This damn virus is holding us all hostage.

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  9. Reader says:

    Good counsel…

  10. Mary from the US says:

    Supposed to be traveling to BVI this weekend from the US . Are businesses closing down? Restaurants and tour operators? Any chance of borders closing? Should we bring our own tissue paper?

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    • Online Now says:

      BVI is closed to non national, residents and those with work permits (and dependents). You can’t come in!

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    • Mary from the US says:

      Apologies, didn’t mean to be flip about the tissue paper. Hopefully we can make our trip at a later date. Stay safe!

  11. Focus says:

    Thank you for your support of our local government’s efforts Mr. Governor. Now can you please tell the people of the BVI what the UK is prepared to do in this time of international crisis to help the local government to secure the well being of the BVI’s people?

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    • NonBelonger says:

      the uk will look after itself, as well it should, without worrying about god-fearing Islanders who’d rather not see them involved anyway. As your premier guides you; you just keep praying to the almighty and you’ll be ok 😉

  12. FINALLY says:

    This is a Government that I feel safe with in the time of crisis unlike the last government.

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  13. Concerned says:

    Persons are returning home from or travelling through States that have the virus; is government ensuring that they are quarantined for the required period of time? Some are walking and hailing everyone as if it’s life as usual!

  14. Anonymous says:

    we are not doing random tests to see if we have the virus. If we don’t do screening we could be running fast into the dark. Those who are asymptomatic could spread the virus to the elderly or vulnerable.Before we know it we could be overrun. Praying is good but God expect us to be wise. We cannot allow our hospital system to be overrun or everyone of us will become susceptible.

  15. Anonymous says:

    we need to be doing screening and random screening to identify if we have disease present.Then we can isolate and prevent a widespread occurrence of this disease.

  16. Ken says:

    we need to be doing screening and random screening to identify if we have disease present.Then we can isolate and prevent a widespread occurrence of this disease.

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