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Governor debunks Premier’s claims that UK wants RDA to control public purse

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has debunked claims by Premier Andrew Fahie that the United Kingdom wants the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) to have virtually full control of the territory’s finances in exchange for the UK to fulfil its offer of granting the BVI a recovery loan guarantee of up to £300 million.

“The UK Government has no intention that control of the management of public finances be transferred to the RDA,” Governor Jaspert said in a reactive statement late Monday, August 19.

“Both (UK and BVI) were clear that the government of the Virgin Islands retains management of the territory’s finances and the policy direction of government as per the Virgin Islands’ Constitution. There is no change to this,” he added.

Governor Jaspert noted that that the RDA is an agency of the Government of the Virgin Islands that was established by local legislation (the Recovery and Development Agency Act of 2018) for a precise purpose.

He further made it clear that the UK’s conditions do not mandate that government’s fiscal management (revenue or surplus) or monies received from insurance settlements be deposited to the RDA.

“Government fiscal management and proceeds from insurance and other government revenue are for the government of the Virgin Islands to decide how best to spend. The UK has only specified that investments and contributions (borrowing and donations) for recovery are financially managed by the RDA. This is clearly reflected in the Recovery and Development Agency Act, 2018,” he insisted.

Other conditions are necessary

In the meantime, the Governor said any other conditions set out by the United Kingdom for it to become the territory’s guarantor is necessary.

“The UK Government set conditions around such support to ensure that all recovery measures are accountable and represent value for money and that the additional borrowing is sustainable. The conditions are linked to international financial best practice. By adhering to them, the government will simply be ensuring financing to the RDA is well managed,” he stated.

“Similarly, any banks offering loans will want to set conditions on their use and repayment. This is good financial practice, ultimately ensuring value for money, accountability and transparency for the people of the Virgin Islands,” the governor reasoned.

UK guarantee is a win for the BVI

He also said both the UK and local government had already acknowledged that any new borrowing could cause the central government to remain temporarily out of compliance with the existing borrowing ratios under the Protocols for Effective Financial Management.

He further said it was already been made clear that there are already arrangements facilitate this temporary breach and to get government back into compliance.

“As the two year anniversary of Hurricane Irma approaches, whether the Government of the Virgin Islands decides to take, or not, the offer of a loan guarantee, I am pleased that the Premier is prioritizing the resolution of this issue.”


The has been much public chatter since the Premier’s statement that the UK was fishing to give the RDA control of the public’s purse.

Public meetings on the issue will begin on Tuesday (today) at 7 pm at the Paraquita Bay-based H Lavity Stoutt Community College.

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  1. Wellsaw says:

    The premier is caught talking propaganda again allegedly it seems. Governor that RDA could use a clean out in some aspects though.

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    • To wellsaw says:

      To the contrary. The Premier is speaking substance and truth. I have thoroughly researched this matter from the inception and I know that the governor is playing with words to create doubt but his intentions for BVI are not good.

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      • BVI Rising says:

        We need to be careful with whatever the Governor comes out with, seems like our people are forgetting that the UK was eagerly waiting to hear the outcome of the elections to see if they needed to go further with their quest to take over the Virgin Islands. This is the same Governor who was sent to the T&C Islands when the UK took over operations of that territory. This is the governor with financial working experience, the youngest governor in the history of the VI, think about it, he was not sent to enjoy retirement in the islands like most of his predecessors, he was sent on a mission…maybe to take over or not, but a strategic mission none the less, so do not be so fast to cut down the Premier that we the people elected…be mindful

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        • Goodsense says:

          The governor was Gordon Wetherell not Agustus Jaspert…stop spreading alternative facts

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          • Who? says:

            “…Premier that we the people elected…”???

            Only the few people of West End / District 1, not any majority of the people of the BVI.

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    • Albion says:

      From the moment the Premier said it, it did not make too much sense to me. Why on earth would the UK want to take control of the BVI’s finances as a condition of guaranteeing loans which haven’t even been made yet? It made literally no sense.

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    • Uhhhh says:

      Seems like the Premier is having a bit of trouble comprehending. Or, he understands quite well and is stirring up the people because he sees that he won’t be able to get his hands on the $350 mil dollars. We all know that 20% will easily disappear into pockets if the government is allowed to touch it. It is the African way.

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      • Gimme de Purse says:

        Ah want de purse.

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      • Nah says:

        Dont let the fox in the hen house. Them white man in the UK dont care about our well being here in the bvi, the world is not that fair and giving. all they care about is the money being made in the financial sector. Why you think them invest the most money in the bvi than all the OTs. Think ppl of the BVI, do you really think the UK just out to help is????

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      • @Uhhh says:

        It was first and foremost and still is the European way. So stop the filth of your mind from showing your wanton hatred and racist tendencies.

        They then taught it to the world. The African may have subsequently learned after your kind had done committing the most and worst human atrocirtirs known in man’s history.

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        • @@Uhh says:

          I see that your a product of the BVI school system which is at the heart of all the problems in the Territory. Low standard, no reading comprehension, no math ability and history is only about your poor slave forefathers. Totally in keeping with a Third World Territory

  2. Don't know says:

    But it seems like the Premier is wayyyyy in over his head,can’t handle the job or paranoid.

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    • @Don't know says:

      Just admitt that you don’t know and shut the hell up.

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      • Don't know again says:

        And whoever you are,you need to shut your dumb backwards I’m stuck on an Island oppressed F**king A** up.I can say what the F**k I want to say you stuck behind the donkey and cart Island A**.

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  3. Lost Nation says:

    Somewhere in the middle lies the truth I suppose.

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  4. Reply says:

    The Premier has lost credibility on this issue. The Governor had no choice other than to respond to his baseless claims. Not surprised with his response.

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  5. Truth Sayer says:

    Thank you Governor for the clarification.
    The Recovery and Development Agency Act was passed in the House of Assembly with the help of the Premier so why is he now crying foul!

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    • @Truth Sayer says:

      You obviously are bias. The Premier made a statement. Now the Governor responded. But out of no where you take the Governor word as the whole truth. Clearly you do not love the BVI.

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      • And you says:

        And you take the premier’s word as true. Stop letting him fool you. Think and research for yourselves.

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      • @Truth Sayer says:

        It is obvious allegedly someone who is Pro Premier is on here trying to knock down every comment they feel is making the premier look bad even if the comment is impartial. I hope they are getting paid well allegedly.

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      He is crying foul because his hope is to get his hand on the 300 million plus and not have to account for it. No better than those who he replaced.

  6. oh yeah says:

    Andrew need to stop the fear mongering. Caught in another lie.

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  7. Hmmmm says:

    I don’t trust this guy.

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  8. vg resident says:

    What is the problem for the UK funds under the control of the RDA. Any bank would do the same thing. Keeps favoritism away from the funds.

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  9. SMDH says:

    The slave masters always take this stand when in their hearts evil rest.

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    • @SMDH says:

      The slave masters off spring suffers tremendously from seeing and accepting truth.

      Notice how clanishly they always respond to a particular comment?

      They are so clannish and predictable. They hate their truths when pointed out to them, and are stupid enough to call up their clan members to put a thumbs down.

      They seem to think that will convince the world that they are good people and what was written is false.

      We are aware of the psychological issues Black people still carry, but no one ever stop to think about or realize the psychological trauma the white has come through those centuries of committing the worst human atrocities with.

      They suffer tremendously to this day.

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  10. People says:

    It is clear that this Governor is only reacting which means that his position cannot be trusted.

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  11. YOUTH says:

    I am standing firm with the Premier on this one. I will not be fooled and be enslaved again.

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    • @Youth says:

      BoBo, you are enslaved and will continue to be enslaved by your own people.

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    • Stand with a Liar says:

      The premier is a master manipulator and you my friend have been hoodwinked!

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    • @Youth says:

      The fact as a “youth”, you talk about being enslaved again, despite the fact that slavery was abolished almost 200 years ago, shows you are already mentally enslaved. Your thoughts are not your own.

      Find a new way of thinking and expressing yourself, the world is continuing to spin.

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    • Loolkig on says:

      Who are these RDA agents are the a group of hevenly angels that could n would do nothing wrong just curious

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      • Servants says:

        They are a specialist agency, a heavily regulated body created by the BVI Government, Premier’s Office to be specific, who have no interest in the political affairs of the BVI but are committed to the task at hand to rebuild the Virgin Islands and oversee the management of UK funds to deliver value for money.

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  12. VG resdient says:

    About time that government funds are accounted for. Too much favoritism in the spending of funds. Why did government buy all those cars. I don’t buy new cars.

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    • Yep says:

      Those cars was a big waste of money. Who the heck they think they are. The UK should take over the finances and give them a allowance like you give a child for doing chores.

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      • Not2Sure says:

        The whole new cars thing was just crazy. Once they got elected the new Government just could not wait to start wasting money spending it all on new cars and things for themselves. And all this time the High School remains a ruin.

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        • Lodger says:

          When I was doing a big project in Cameroon (West Africa), all the government officials wanted to know was how soon could they get the new cars (included for “inspection”), and how much was the per diem for training trips to France. They had no interest in what the project was about.
          “Rien noveau, toujours le meme chose.”

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        • @Not25Sure says:

          It was so evident. They behaved like little children let loose in a candy store.

          “Those before us did, so i going in for the same thing, so shut your mouth,” were the words thrown out during the campaign period.

          How can anyone who speak like that be trusted to not embezzle? They appear to be living up to those words.

  13. yolo says:

    let do it money for value I’m tried of the wasted money

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  14. Question says:

    Is this the same goveenor who refused to investigat our $7.2 million for bogus planes? How come now he has a voice.

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  15. FACTS says:

    The Governor is telling a one sided story. The RDA is not the only and main issue but rather the terms in the high levelframework. That is what will cripple the BVI and put it in his hands for the UK.

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  16. vip heckler says:

    The premier reminds me of Donald Trump. They both have problems telling the truth.

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  17. Now now now says:

    I cannot trust a man that sat in the governor’s seat and did nothing to stop the corruption in the last government and now come tell us that he is our savior. He needs to exit stage left.

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    • Seriously says:

      With the same mouth you complain that there should be no governor and that they should intervene in local politics. I am not defending or attacking the governor. He does exactly as his role demands.

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  18. Ok now says:

    Who monitors the RDA spending? The same people who are in it now that put the BVI in the bad position where the BVI is now? People wake up. We are being set up.

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  19. Help me says:

    This same governor who is over the public service and can’t get it run has formed RDA to manage millions of our dollars and we must have confidence in them and him now? I must be missing something.

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  20. Come on says:

    We are intelligent people and the governor cannot fool us because he name governor. Let him speak to all the documents and not just the RDA. That is when we will see that he is not being truthful.

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  21. Wow says:

    You all keep letting the premier play you for fools just because of his apparent calm demeanor and the fact that you hate NDP. Better wise up.

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  22. @wow says:

    Andrew words cannot be trusted. He lies and use people. I’m not asking I’m telling all you.

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    • I agree @wow says:

      The Premier has a problem with truth. I am happy the Governor clarified the position. Those who have common sense, should start using it. Maybe the RDA is a damn good thing at this point. sick of all these governments and their antics.

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    • @Wow says:

      The ones with the calm demeanor is the wolves in sheep clothing.Andrew knows how to play the game.He created the hatred for NDP and sit back and act like MEEEEEE,I didn’t do anything. I still say to this day,he hired bodyguards to keep the public away from him.

  23. Concerned Resident says:

    I find the Opposition not saying much on real issues that affect us.

    The last time they walk out of the HOA.

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  24. Black Jack says:

    Mr. Governor

    Time to get yo w#!+% muddah scu*+ otta here dah man!

    Yo tink we playing wid ayo tricks trying to tek over?

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    • Mr.Black Jack says:

      If that is the way you feel fine,why not make an appointment to speak with the Governor face to face and tell him exactly how you feel about the situation. Another barker,not biter.

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  25. Meh son says:

    Governor has an army of trolls out there to fight down we BVI people. A few Judases in the mix.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    The RDA was passed only with a gun to our head. This was one of the most controversial issues ever brought to the house and the first where almost all government members were against. The contributions in the house were nearly all in opposition of it. Mark, Myron, Dr Smith and Hubert were the ones that didn’t seem to have a problem with the RDA. Most of the back benchers were clearly against it and most wanted more information that Dr Smith was not providing. I actually was shocked that it passed based on the contributions that were made in the HOA.

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    • Real talk says:

      @anonymous… Can a bill pass in the House of Assembly with only 4 persons out of 13? Stop telling lies. The bill passed because most of the members voted yes including the current Premier Andrew Fahie. If they had major problems with it they should have voted No! You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say all kind of things against something for political points and then turn around and vote for it. People who do that are weak and deceitful. Andrew just want to get his fingers on that money. That’s all this is about. Point blank. He can’t get his percentage when the RDA controlling the projects.

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    • what says:

      what is wrong with you, the current premier also backed the creation of the RDA. The only reason he’s mad now is because he’s in power and wants to do as he pleases with tax player money.

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      • Anonymous says:

        I never said nobody voted for RDA. It was not a popular decision. It was fought and sent back to the drawing board a few times before they voted due to the deadline.
        From BvInews article, “Of the 13 legislators in the House, only Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, Mark Vanterpool, Dr Kedrick Pickering, Myron Walwyn, and government backbencher Dr Hubert O’Neal had initially declared their support for the bill.

        The other five backbenchers, one At-large government minister, and the two Opposition members had initially objected to the bill.

        They said they could not support the bill in its ‘current form” Like I said a gun was to their head. It was a lose/ lose situation Tell your constituents that you voted no and denied access for funds right after the hurricane or vote yes and you lose a bit of power.

  27. Blah says:

    The RDA head making $350,000 a year maybe they should start looking at the value for money with that contract. $50,000 of that salary is an “expense allowance” With all due respect some people with degrees don’t even make $50,000 a year so when the RDA was established for good financial accountability that was a bad start.

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  28. The Visitor says:

    You folks can B**ch and moan all you want but Any sane person or government co-signing a $300 million note would be on you like white on rice.

    Sure! You got a new government but one of the first things they have done is order a whole new fleet of SUV to drive around in. NOT a good sign.

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  29. @The Visitor says:

    I feel the same way. That fleet of suv cars is sure not a good sign. That is when the red flags started going up. People is saying the monies that went into the purchase of the cars should have gone to fix the nursing home so the elderly can live out their golden life in a decent nursing home.

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  30. Really? says:

    Please educate yourself before opening your mouth 🙂

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  31. Realistically says:

    Why would we go put ourselves in 350mil debt when the recovery is already on it’s way? That money is meant for schools, ports and other government infrastructure. We are at the 2 year mark since the hurricanes. And we have managed without that huge cloud if debt over us. There is no value for money in getting this loan now. I used to be in favour of the cab loan n rda but now I see no value in butting the country in a huge belt like that.

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  32. Voter says:

    As a voter and one of the Administration EMPLOYERS,I think that if this is going to impact the BVI,we the people have a right to see the offical Memo from the UK. I have to see proof before I believe what the Premier is saying.

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  33. Charnele says:

    Why our people always believe the white man over our own.

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    • @Charnele says:

      Belief by us that the European has a divine duty to tell us what to do, and we have the divine duty to accept what they say is one of the problems that we have. It is the psychological ramifications psychological re-engineering.

      Study Willie Lynch and others doctrines of the subjugation of the Black man and his mind. You appear open to gaining knowledge. Hope you read much and often the right literature. Good luck warrior in the making.

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  34. Troubke ahead says:

    We will regret the day that we elected Andrew Fahie and his cronies to run our country. Andrew, Bevis, Claude, Julian Willock and the rest of that d********e group will lead us down a path that will not be good for us. Look at each of them individually and all the things they have done. Now imagine what damage they will do collectively. When we elected the VIP we also elected these g*******s to run our lives. The constant lies and deception is mind boggling. Andrew is a master m*********r and d******r. The old VIP guards know this but they put party above country. A man who could not be trusted with a little has now been rewarded by the people of the BVI to handle a lot and some how we expect good results. May God be with us. And don’t talk about that, the use of the Bible, fake pastors, Butcher and all the others to use Christianity to make the unwise believe that he is doing the right things. Fasten your seat belts people!

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  35. Longshanks says:

    For goodness sake, just get on with it. This unwillingness to have accountability led to turning away of aid, now it leads to the high school remaining a shell and our children and people suffer because some self-interested politicians are adamant that if they can’t stick the entirety of their hands in the cookie jar, then there won’t be any help for anyone.

    Like 11
    • @Longshanks says:

      while a man earns $350.000 a year to head a non evident of work for money, non productive agency.

      Education is not and never has been priority on or in their mind or egislative agenda. Lip service only is higer on their agenda than having a functional school is.

      So the highest paid man in the BVI is a white man, while every employee still existing on can’t get by, but try to wages, relative to inflation and high robbing unregulated cost of living. Where no benefit can be seen for children, wage earners or country.

      The RDA, beginning with that head rediculous salary, is a facre wrapped up in a quagmire, masquarading as a diaster relief agency.

      There are no tangible benefits seen so far from this expensive money gobbling agency.

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    • Murphy says:

      We do not need the loan. What happen to good old fun raising. We can all put our heads together and raise funds. I am sure there will also be willing donations rather than taking a loan that would leave us deep in death where the water is above our eyes. Try asking some of the same artist what has been benefitting from BVI to give something back as charity. If they so say we are one Caribbean.

  36. @Charnele says:

    So believe everything the Black man says huh? I am Black and I fear the Black man more than I fear the White man.The White man will let you know he is comming for you,the Black man will set you up big time.

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  37. Thieves says:

    All of you who will hold the RDA back are stealing your children’s education and future prospects. You want the fraudulent petty contract now rather than the school for your children and a BVI with proper infrastructure to nurture your children’s futures here. You should be ashamed.

    To those ?? fools who talk of the UK taking over, what planet do you live on? In what way does the UK possibly gain ANY advantage from the legal, logistical and financial cost of taking responsibility for the BVI. The BVI apparently doesn’t turn a profit, otherwise we’d have our own money to rebuild. We don’t.

    Some people are sowing the politics of division to get their mucky paws on the BVI’s finances. THis is the opposite of what the BVI needs to thrive. We should be working with funders and the UK on a grand plan to be better, smarter, stronger, more self-sufficient (what the UK REALLY wants if you think about it) than ever before. We should be solidifying a stable population to be able to compete in our chosen industries and dream up new ones yet, contrary to Cayman post-Ivan which has now got a boooming diverse economy and great infrastructure, health and schools, the BVI instead has lately turned against the expatriate workforce who are part of the immediate aftermath, the recovery to now when it would have been easier to walk away. Time to stop and think and come together before it’s too late.

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  38. Anonymous says:

    Talking and thinking in a make believe fantasy world.

    The truth is in 4, 8, 16, 24, 28 and more years from today, no thanks to the UK and RDA, the infrastructure, schools and other will be in the same identical shape they are in today if they are still in existence.

    The only infrstructure that will be exising would be the prison complex and a couple of rich white men.

    And that is no conspiracy dogma. That is analysis that is based on historical and human psychological factors, and whether the odds will produce anything different from that of the last four hundred years.

    The probability is less than 0.001% that anything significant will change in how the European aristocrat, royality or other view the human beings of the territories, and whether that sift in view will translate into actual assistance to the territory. Highly unlikely.

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  39. Demonic Cat says:

    At least nobody is blaming me for once!

  40. Uk says:

    Hi BVI about that loan you wanted can we take a rain check on that one ……………….it’s sort of difficult right now because we have our own problems and we heard you been bitching about us behind our back and stuff when we only felt we needed to help just like the big ship full of stuff we sent you and the police and army to help out oh and getting you power supply up and running. ….and all the other stuff we don’t like to mention …….. ..I know you have this feeling on being oppressed by us but honestly we really don’t and we really don’t understand it when you say those things. Yes we know grandad was an idiot but you can’t keep throwing that one around . Anyway fingers crossed we don’t get a hurricane this year oh don’t try calling the mobile we have blocked you . Bye love UK Xxxxx
    Ps are the kids still smoking all that weed.? You know it make you paranoid gives you the munchies so you get fat and makes it difficult for you to get up for work in the morning. We are only saying because we care.

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  41. Concern says:

    After the meeting at HLSCC last night I am very concerned ?. If we go ahead with the U.K. plan and fall outside of the laws of financial good governance (2012) where will that leave us in the future? How are we going to be penalized?

  42. Sell says:

    Well, another possibility to solve the Territory’s financial woes would be to sell a few islands to Trump, now that the Danes won’t sell him Greenland.

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