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Governor Jaspert ‘disappointed’ that classified information prematurely released to public

Governor Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has expressed disappointment in two recent but separate circumstances in which classified information was prematurely released to the public.

Governor Jaspert told members of the media on Thursday that information was disclosed relating to active discussions within the National Security Council (NSC) on the United Kingdom lending security assistance to the territory.

He said the information that reached the public domain was not an accurate representation of the details regarding the UK’s proposed security assistance to the territory.

“You’ll be aware that the UK has also offered security assistance teams to Caribbean Overseas Territories, including BVI, to bring additional resilience to territories juggling COVID-19 and hurricane preparedness,” Governor Jaspert began.

“I am aware that this has already been reported and misconstrued in the media. This is disappointing given that these were NSC discussions, and like all NSC discussions, I would have expected details to remain private until we had reached a conclusion,” the Governor added.

Premier Fahie on UK security assistance

While the Governor did not single out any person or entity, Premier Andrew Fahie, in a statement addressed to the nation on May 8, had said the BVI did not need any military assistance as the territory’s various law enforcement institutions were effectively conducting their respective duties.

“Their (Customs, Immigration and Police) joint efforts have allowed me as your Premier and the Cabinet from ever having to do like other countries have to do because of their situation which was request military assistance to restore law and order or to plan for potential disorderly conduct of any high level,” the Premier said at the time.

Announcement of new Attorney General broke protocol

Governor Jaspert, in the meantime, also said that protocol was breached when information was disclosed that a Virgin Islander had been selected to become the territory’s next Attorney General (AG) before the process had been completed.

“Unfortunately, information relating to the Attorney General’s appointment appeared in the media whilst it was still subject to consideration of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. I was disappointed to see the proper protocol for announcing the appointment was not followed,” the Governor stated.

He further confirmed that Dawn Smith will be appointed the new AG later this year and congratulated the current AG Baba Aziz for his service to the territory.

AG news released days prior

But before the Governor’s confirmation that Smith will be the next Attorney General, Premier Fahie — while not disclosing a name — had publicly announced on May 15 that a Virgin Islander was confirmed to be the next AG.

News later followed on at least one local media outlet, stating that they were informed by ‘sources’ that Smith was the Virgin Islander confirmed for the post.

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  1. Classified? says:

    Government in the sunshine, these are hardly matters that need to be kept classified!

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    • Comment says:

      Please! So the U.K. and the gov. can play covertly evil games like lion cubs, but when others retaliate without the evil smiles and diplomacy they are branded the villains? Please, I don’t care to hear it! Same games different Century!!!

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  2. annudda2cents says:

    it appears the Hon Premier is trying to frustrate His Excellency. Mr. Skelton-Cline seems to be doing the same thing. whilst His Excellency appears to be a quiet person, and may appear to be easy to handle, unlike His Excellency John Duncan who did not appear to be a walk over, never under estimate the power of reinforcement (UK Govt) if the Governor needs to call them in. in times like these, we should not be playing politics with the one person that can literally take over the Territory at his discretion (there’s a clause in the constitution literally giving the Governor power to take over if/when he/she sees necessary.

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    • Sad says:

      but unfortunately true. The colonial neck bracelet is still around our necks. Can be militarily and personally subjugated in moment.

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      • huggins says:

        and you wonder why white folk think we got a chip on our shoulders! sheesh! All we got to do is what we should be doin anyway. Respect each other and the law. Fahie playin childish games.

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      • @Sad says:

        The fact is the U.K. would prefer that you decided on independence much more than you know. They also know that you have no ability to protect yourselves and govern by yourselves. The U.K. gets nothing from theses O. T. and they cost the U.K. billions of dollars. The only reason the U.K. doesn’t drop you all like a hot potato is that they know they will have to come back and clean up the mess you have made. Sooo, take the yoke and shove it up your a**e.

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        • @ @Sad says:

          The U.K., US, France, Germain etc. know why they still hold on to these areas in the Caribbean. These areas are great safe Havens and military locations amongst other things for the Powers that be and the elite. This has always been the case throughout many centuries. I have heard wealthy individuals from abroad state that they did not wish for the average tourist to come to these shores and build homes.

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        • @@Sad says:

          Your current political, world, racial views and perspectives border on unrealism and are anitiquated as the earth is old.

          Poor soul. A mentality from and still existing in the distant past.

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        • @@Sad says:

          Not true true Scotsman, Englishman, American European fallacy.

          You arbitrarily and subjectively redefined a group to exclude a subset you don’t like/hate.

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    • @anudda2cents says:

      If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will HEAL THEIR LAND. Only God is is control and he already told us what we need to do so I suggest we start doing so.

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    • prophecy says:

      Hint Hint: The Storm that was predicted and prophesied is coming. Hint Hint!

    • ReX FeRaL says:

      John Duncan was a Lamblike Beast.

  3. Eyes says:

    Governor you are a trouble maker you have something against Andrew but let me remind you he his one of us. Because Fahie started to open the place so his people can try to help them selves you upset , because Fahie ain’t touch our social security money that we paying for when we get sick and reach 65 to get something you vex , well the more you come out you sounding Donald from time a local took over the RDA you start throwing shade Andrew we the people put you there , Jasper them send you and soon we going to lobby for own local governor one that understand the people .1834 I say no more.

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  4. Disinterested says:

    You lie in your bed the way you made it. The VI delegation team that participated in the last constitutional review/ discussions did a poor job and got its clock cleaned. The VI is supposedly a self-governing territory yet the Governor runs things; he has the juice, the power. Look at the functions the Crown “CONTROLS”, ie, internal security, RVIPF, courts, civil service, defence and external security. Most of these functions are paid for by local taxpayers, saved perhaps defence and external security. The Guv has too much power and is a power w……e. The current situation is a self-determination farce.

    From the 30,000 level, it appears as if the present government is not his Christmas card list. The Premier too has his issues. To me, it seems like there is an adversarial relationship. The Brits are renowned for their diplomacy but it seems like every chance he gets he seems to relishes taking a swipe at government. He and the Premier seem to be talking at, not with each other.

    The Premier provides an update which is then followed by a Guv update. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the sitting government went AWOL and the Guv had to step in and now he may see the VI being populated by a set of nincompoops. It makes one wonder if the ground works is being laid to do to the VI what was done to TCI?

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    • @Disinterested says:

      If one knows the mind, mentality, psychology and history of the colonializer, the BVI will eventually face the same fate as TCI, unless its goes stays completely broke.

      The had and saw no value in these islands 150 years ago, after their wealth generating industry dried up.

      Today, they are wealthy and wealth generating islands. Hence, they will be back for them to claim, control and hoard that wealth as in the past.

      That is their only motivation that keeps them alive. They must satisfy that greed for wealth and control of it.

      It is up to us to say, NO WAY JOSE!

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      • gerny says:

        TCI was a basket case of corruption. Thank GOD THE uk took it over

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        • @getny says:

          So is the U.K., the only difference is that it is ruled by the white man. The same evils dwell there as well. In fact it is much worse because of the degree of its stench. You are not dealing with fools, we know the nature of the beast that tries to rule the world! It is a nasty disgusting creature filled with evil, it smiles in your face and stabs you in the back. But God!!!

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          • @@getny says:

            Solid! And, even if TCI was or is a case of corruption, what law, God, or divine acqusition gave uk the right to take it over?

            Oh, we forgot, those constructed out of sailing the saes and thiefing, murdering, acquiring through war, violence, theft, enslavement and extermination.

            Those ere the laws they upheld, dominated and owned the world and lived by back then. So many still have that mentality today, that is why they can post ignorant statements such as, “thank god the uk took it over. Whether the blogger is white or Black, he/she is severely lacking historical education and world. view perspectives.

            Thank God people are not dumb to historical facts anymore, though some will still we are.

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      • What Wealth says:

        What Wealth are you talking about.
        The UK is just trying desperately to prevent the BVI from becoming another expense on their budget. Protocol is protocol. I am no fan of the Governor but he is right. There is a proper way to do things. I can understand the Premier is frustrated that UK has given no monetary help but that is the way the British works and he needs to understand that. It is not like the US who are willing and quick to offer monetary help to it territories.

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        • @Whay Wealth says:

          You truly do not know the history of the British People. If you are white you will be helped, history has shown us this fact when their people enslaved our ancestors and were paid back for their properties and slaves by the Crown at their departure from these islands. That was a great liability to the Crown at the time because slavery had ended and the sweat of our forefather’s backs were no longer available to finance their country. To top it of, they made your people pay them for the land they enslaved us on without any compensation throughout these years…and still we bless their queen. God is keeping a record!

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          • @Whay Wealth says:

            Correction: ‘to top it off, they made ‘our’ people pay them for the land…

        • Lol says:

          Check Puerto Rico for quick US help to territories!

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          • @lol says:

            Moron the docks were filled with supply’s as the PR population went hungry and thirsty. It was the corrupt government of the PR’s that made the people suffer. Help was provided. Stop reading fake news and spreading your bullshiy.

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    • oh says:

      oh for the love of the good Lord, crawl back under the conspiracy rock you came out from under!

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      • @oh says:

        Remove the blind folds and see through what was written in historical contexts and perspectives.

        For when the Black people of these islands, the Caribbean, Diaspora, Africa and the world are once again hellenized, their sufferings will not have been generated by conspiracies, but by foul, evil, wicked human nature.

        You know, many have difficult emotional, psychological, intellectual and educational challenges reading and or accepting uncomfortable truths.

        But to create a living amicable path forward, the past must be known.

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      • @Oh says:

        @Oh,when you fling rock in a crowd and someone get hit, the Uncle Thom with conk hair and bleach skin always squeal loudly like a boar hog when he get chook. Take your head out of the people’s a..s before you choke on the filthy lucre and end up wid ah brown nose buh conspiracy. Bet you believe that slavery, the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster, was ok.

        You must be a disciple of, if you Brown stick around, if you Black get back and if you White you are right. It is a shame that we cannot see when we are being insulted, look upon as inferior and told to get in our place. If given the chance, the colonizers and imperialists, will set the clock back 100s of years. You can subjugate yourself! Fix your self!

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        • @@Oh says:

          @@Oh, Lawd ah merci! Ah wah dem truble yu fah. Dem throw corn and went chip, chip. Easy, easy nah mon. You going cause the wannabes heart aches. “@Oh,when you fling rock in a crowd and someone get hit, the Uncle Thom with conk hair and bleach skin always squeal loudly like a boar hog when he get chook.” Lol. That is raw and straight out of country.

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  5. Sunshiner says:

    Too much politicking. Let us remember the words of a wise and young BVIslander – Let’s stop acting like a sovereign country and start acting like a territory.

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  6. No says:

    Let us become free and independent thinkers and absolve ourselves from the colonial yolk.

    A stagnant pool produces no life. A running river produces unlimited posssibilities for life and growth.

    A dependent mind produces no solutions for its future. An independent mind creates contingencies for constructing it a better future.

    What colonial power is and will be investing mega dollars into transforming these so called territories into mage economic 21st cwntury power houses? None. And none will unless and until they are in complete ownership of direct beneficiaries thereof.

    Most, unfortunately, do not see their current existence through historic lenses.

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    • Confused says:

      So – some people bleating we want independence, but in the SAME comment saying they want a handout from the U.K..

      LOL. So, independence is when you do things for yourself…..

      Like for example, achieve loan funding and specialist assistance to rebuild a place after a natural disaster to be more resilient and protect the people.

      Any handout would come with what should be a very simple ask, that it be spent in an honest way to help the people and territory as a whole. And be verifiable by the checks and balances we have to protect us such as an AG and Accountant General. People forgetting that in TCI, a mob in power was theifing from the TCI people. UK gave it back as soon as they could. There is no benefit for them to have control of TCI.

  7. Curious says:

    Politicians don’t do nothing by accident. So if Fahie has decided to take this course of action he must have a reason. There must be something cooking that we not being told. But in expect the BVIslander to look after BVI interests and the Briton to look after UK interests. And UK interest is not always in BVI people interest.
    Always remember slavery was in UK interest not BVI people (African people) interest.
    So, I giving Fahie the benefit of the doubt.
    Don’t trust the British.

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  8. Sad says:

    Don’t know why the Premier is picking a fight with the Governor. Neither the U.K. or Governor is the real problem. We do extensively more damage to each other then Britain ever will. Look what we did to Sharon!! She is one of us and unfortunately just one of many abused by this government and others. Nothing burns deeper than when one of your own inflicts that wound. Don’t expect to rally the troupes for anything after that. And the nail in the coffin will be if we get independence. We will self-destruct with the internal distaste, distrust and disrespect for one another. Britain won’t have to lift a finger.

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    • @Sad says:

      We do extensively more damage to ourselves than the BRITs Ever will? Or ever Have? You sound very Sad for sure!

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  9. @ Sad says:

    “She is one of us and unfortunately just one of many abused by this government and others.” That is fact,

    Countless others, not known to the public, in most to all fields of occupation, education, law, business and others, have been brutally victimized and brutalized with hatred, “distaste, distrust and disrespect for one another.”

    Hence, uur self destruction at this stage is irreversible. It can only be hoped now that we will be fortunate enough to climb out of the ashes of this civilization and construct a better one than we presently have.

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  10. Amazing says:

    The number of ridiculous and ignorant spews of bile on these gossip site comment boards.

    All the Governor has done is help the territory through two of its most significant challenges in history. At a time when two governments have fended off support and development guarantees using straw man racism (that seems to work a treat) to control and distract the people- like Trump with even less subtlety.

    Where the Government pretends to posture or play victim, misleading the people, the Gov came out only to set the record straight so the people of the BVI are not deceived. As he clearly stated, how much BVI borrows to invest and develop is Govt business, not his. But it must be done within a basic framework that means the borrowing is sustainable. Precisely because the U.K. DOES NOT want to take over or be responsible for the BVI.

    Anyone who comes in these boards and twists the latest news item to talk about slavery or colonialism is urinating in the face of those who really suffered and those who struggled for change. What we have today could not be further from their hardship. Where the people of the BVI have been held back is the vast amount of money for 40-50 years did not go into developing an infrastructure and education system to be at the forefront of the world but the public facilities and services we have are a long way behind nations with a fraction of our annual budget and GDP per capita. Now in the headwinds of first Irma now Covid19, it only gets more plain to see. The very people who have diverted these billions away in buying votes and self-enrichment are all known to us all. Why then do people drink the cool aid and look when they point to a foreign bogeyman to blame for our woes?! Isn’t it obvious why they want to occupy your mind with xenophobia and division? People got to wake up and take control. Not going out to get loans that U.K. will back to make them cheaper and more accessible, loans that if invested properly will give us huge resources and advantages for our future, just because the latest gang feels it’s their turn to loot and bribe the electorate is continuing the cycle of holding us back.

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    • @Amazing says:

      Once again here comes the great white hope speech. Look, every man lives by his motives. What propels him to write a long speech on a news blog, and what propels him to govern a nation. In the end he will meet his maker and only Jesus can and will decide his rewards, by finding the divine purity of a man’s motives be it…‘Power, Financial greed, Control, Racism, etc. or love for his fellowman’.

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  11. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Governor A. J. U. Jaspert needs to stop the hyperventilating and sensationalizing and politicizing things, raising a storm in a tea cup with his premature release of classified info nonsense. He is claiming that a)the Premier asserting that the VI does not need military assistance at this time and b)the Premier indicating that the finalist for AG was a local (no name release) was a premature release of classified information. Nonsense.

    What was the classification on the two listed topics, ie, confidential (lowest classification level), secret, and top secret? How did the statements either damage, seriously damage or gravely damage national security? None. Governor AJU Jaspert is trying to pull wool over VI residents eyes who he thinks are just Third World unsophisticated and undereducated simpletons. Anyone remember Administrator J.A.C. Cruikshank (1946-1954). However, there are no Pilates in this made up scandal. In regards to the AG statement, Premier A. A. Fahie, bursting with excitement, didn’t, perhaps, exercise effective fire discipline and teased the territory with the good news before the official release.

    Moreover, in regards to military assistance, the VI like the rest of the globe is jumping through hoops to arrest the impact of Coronavirus, a highly contagious and fatal disease with no strong treatment therapies, no cure nor vaccine. Throughout this pandemic, the territory endured many sacrifices, ie, social distancing, border closure, quarantining, 24-hour curfew(lockdowns)……etc to keep the infection rate and deaths low. To date, it has had 8 confirmed cases and 1 death. Further, there were a few curfew violators and the territory was far from any civil unrest.

    Further, in the Premier’s statement, he did not appear to release any planned exercises, troop movements, naval exercises , deployments or airlifts. True, the military do more than take the fight to the enemy, ie, it can provide construction, medical…….etc support. And I’m sure that to take the fight to Covid-19 Premier Fahie will welcome that type of support. Covid-19 has adversely impacted the VI economy, resulting in layoffs, particularly in the tourism industry, business closures and slowdowns…….etc. And what the VI needs is economic assistance.

    Several weeks ago Premier Fahie asked the UK for assistance to help Covid-19 displaced workers. To date, the response was that the VI has a healthy reserve of $80M and a robust social security trust fund. On the later, the Governor knows that the Social Security Act does not cover unemployment insurance. And if he pretends not to know, he can just ask Ms. Antoinette Skelton. In essence, the VI was told to go pack sand, for the UK has its own problems dealing with Covid-19. True, but if the UK, 1 of the Group of 7, is hurting how will the VI, a tiny, resource-poor, heavily travel and tourism dot in the Caribbean Sea fare without assistance from the UK and other developed countries?

    The VI lies in a disaster-prone region and is highly vulnerable to earthquakes, hurricanes……..etc. Hurricane season is here. The experts are predicting an above normal season with 19 named storms, 6-10 of which will be hurricanes(3-6 major; Cat 3 or above). Let’s digress to Sep 2017. Hurricanes Irma and Maria, 2 monster Cat 5 storms, devastated the VI with an estimated $3.2B in damages; it still trying to recover.

    Thus, though $80M may seem like a lot of money, it is the “Rainy Day Fund.” It would be highly poor governance to significantly deplete that fund and if another major disaster strikes, ie, a major hurricane, the VI would be left with little or nothing to continue operating and offering assistance to the affected populace. In a major disaster, $80M will evaporate in a flash.

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    • @Political Observer (PO) says:

      Very well said! My summary…the U.K. cares very little for the people of the V.I. young or old and never have! Their diplomacy is like filthy rags!

      … and I will add ‘Jesus has always been our savior from the rulers of colonialism and everything else that may come our way! So I will put my trust in God not man always!!!

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    • Quiet Rebel says:

      Anyone accusing another of mishandling classified info is a serious is a charge, especially when there no merit to the charge. It seems like Governor Jaspert was flinging around the term classified information to hype the situation and make it sound serious, elevating it to crisis level. What is classified about talking about a position that was advertised and a selection made. Selection leaked, what was the damage to national security.

      Secondly, the Premier simply stated that the VI didn’t need any military help at this time; what is needed is economic help. Having assessed the conditions on the ground, he (Premier) issued a situation report. It appears as if an assumption was made about a clear statement. What does assume means(a..s-u-me)? What was the premature classified info leak again? Some people like to create mischief and wolves in sheep clothing must be watched closely.

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  12. Sound Bite says:

    I hope we can now have the conversation about our INDIPENDCINCE. We now have a local AG to start drafting a new Con… as C S C is asking for it by 2027 .

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    • Not so fast says:

      The Governor made a point that is not in this report but it in his speech. He said Dawn Smith will be appointed AG later in the year and Baba Aziz will continue for a transition period. How long is this transition for? Because Dawn Smith ain’t no spring chicken. So we don’t quite yet have our local AG and an explanation is required.

    • @sound bite says:

      You need restitution first for the enrichment of their kingdom off of the backs and free labour of the ancestors of the islands. Then the financial protocols should be abolished or better clarified. What is the aim, to force the hands to pay monies from the territory into foreign coffers then have to go through all sorts of red tape just to borrow the country’s own money, on a loan basis, with high interest rates attached? Look at the French African territories to France. Very rich yet very poor because they have to pay billions to France every year which they can only access through high interest loans from France. The stability of the French economy is compliments Africa. Everybody need to pray, especially for our leaders.

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    • So says:

      @sound bite, I agree, but it so much more effective if you actually learned how to spell independence

    • Anonymous says:

      The independence of the BVI is meaningless unless it is inextricably linnked to and is a greater international movement linked to the total liberation of the continent, the Blacks of the Americas and the Carribean.

      Moreover, such can never be accomplished from under the boots of the now domineering tribe on the one hand, and the Black convert on the other..

  13. Reasonable Man says:

    There is a lot of comment here on the adversarial relationship between the premier and the governor. I think we should want that.
    The premier is elected by the people and is the best way for the people to have their needs and interests represented but a premier with unchecked power can be become corrupt and a despot. They have different levels of authority and areas of control but there is interdependence that forces each other to work together while still having a strong enough position to call each other out when things are not going right. There shouldn’t be fights all the time and there isn’t, but they should be expected to find them from time to time.

    The BVI is too small to have different elected bodies to provide this function, what they have now works very well. It is after all one of the most stable, safe and prosperous communities in this part of the world

    • @Reasonable Man says:

      I can see your point, but the U.K. truly should assist more financially at this time, in this they have shown their inhumanity throughout the centuries to us and our forefathers.

      The Crown have never compensated this nation for Genocidal enslavement and the contribution that our people have made to financially enrich the British nation throughout the centuries. Lots of diplomacy with little to no financial assistance of any kind throughout the years of poverty, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. A Shameful bunch of human beings!!!

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  14. Me says:

    Andrew why then if our forces are doing such a great why did hire a private security firm tp guard U 24/7.Tell us why as Upromised to reveal who those threats

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  15. Meme says:

    Reverse it and show them who is boss Governor.

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    • @Meme says:

      Jesus is Boss…as we are all witnessing around the world, from the Queen of English and beyond !!!

      You do not mess with God’s anointed! Make no mistake, and try to test the Lord! We have done God’s will and have blessed the rulers that tried to destroy our people throughout the years. I advise you evil minded people not to test God’s patience!!!

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      • @ @Meme says:

        Amen. We need to pray more now than ever. No weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rise against us is condemned. If God be for us, who can be against us. The same God who divided the red sea for us to cross and cause our enemies to drown it it then, will do it again for us now.

        United we stand.

  16. Hold up! says:

    The Governor made a point that is not in this report but it in his speech. He said Dawn Smith will be appointed AG later in the year and Baba Aziz will continue for a transition period. How long is this transition for? Because Dawn Smith ain’t no spring chicken. So we don’t quite yet have our local AG and an explanation is required.

  17. @BVI News Ad Min. says:

    Is the news organization practicing ensorship and “comment favoritism.” Shoud not the views of all be expressed and respected in a free and democratic manner?It would appear this is not the case, often.

    Many post are often not posted, while the like and or dislike feature, depending upon the nature of the comment, is disabled. Some care that their message and or opinion reaches many, and not whether it receives a hundred thubs up or down. Human nature is well understood in that regard.

    Do not such practices run afoul of individual and ree speech freedoms? Indeed, such practices should be abhorred, as they are practices that foster dictatorship.

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  18. Jane says:

    To those that say the colonial yoke it too tight: shake it off and declare your independence. The British will be delighted to be rid of its (now) middle-aged child with its me-me-me attitude of entitlement. If you were to believe these blogs, people of the BVI seems to be absolutely fine with the workers of the UK being taxed to the hilt to provide them with hand-outs but dont think they ought to be taxed to look after their own. Stand up and rise, and take responsibility. BVI offers zero geo-political advantage, no raw materials or resource, no technical nous or skills. Its existence as a dependent territory is an anathema but the Brits cant be seen to turf out their child from the comfort of the family home: they’re waiting for you to do it yourself. So rise and by a nation and asset some personal responsibility, it is time.

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