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Governor joins effort to preserve BVI’s biodiversity

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has joined efforts to preserve and protect endangered plant species and habitats in the territory.

During his visit to the sister island of Jost Van Dyke on April 11, Governor Jaspert stressed on the importance of preserving the territory’s biodiversity and said he was amazed to personally see the work done so far.

“We all know how amazingly beautiful the BVI is, and this work highlights the important biodiversity and native plant species at the core of that beauty. It’s important we protect and nurture our environment for generations to come,” the governor said.

He was accompanied to the island by scientists from Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom (UK) and the BVI National Parks Trust. They joined teams of hikers who were carrying out the works of the Tropical Important Plants Areas (TIPAs) project which discovered 18 of these areas across 13 islands in the BVI.

Earlier this week, it was reported that this said project is in the final stage of protecting and sustaining the TIPAs.

Meanwhile, the governor met with local businesses and members of the community and also viewed the recovery progress in critical areas on Jost Van Dyke including the almost-completed Customs office, the police and district office, as well as the newly-gifted reservoir from the UK.

The UK, the government and the Recovery and Development Agency have all played a major role in the restoration project.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    This Governor thinks we are fools but we are on to him and his plans to take over the BVI.

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  2. My my my says:

    A Governor should be seen and not heard.

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  3. concern says:

    Thanks Governor for highlighting the importance of preserving our biological diversity. The importance of protecting our coastlines from rampant destruction is also critical. Too often people dump dirt in the sea and then put junk on the newly formed land. In so doing we are losing the natural beauty of the BVI.

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  4. julie says:

    I would love for the Governor take over. The people who go into politic here do not have good intentions nor do some of the locals. They rob us and get away with it. High rent, high insurance, high food cost, poor wages, high labor cost, medical care high. How do these wicked people expect to prosper? God is going to allow a big shake. Maybe this time we will have a greater disaster that floor everything. I am getting out of here.

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    • Hmm says:

      That is the same as saying you want james bond to take over. It would not be a fair game to play.

    • To Julie says:

      What nonsense are you talking? How can anyone with sense feel that because a man is a governor that he is “white as snow” and our savior? Try wake up. There’s good and bad people every where and being a governor doesn’t automatically make you a good person. The jury is still out on this man.

  5. Neitehr seen or heard says:

    That governor believes he is smart. Playing on the emotions of the people while concealing the true intentions. Our people minds are somewhere else so the trickery is working. There is a locally elected government. Stay out of their way. Most of the things that he gets involved in are not his responsibility. If you want work to do go fix the civil service. That’s your responsibility and can’t get it handled.

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  6. PEOPLE says:

    History never repeats itself. PEOPLE repeat history. Keep an eye on this man because he doesn’t have our best interest at heart.

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  7. Clearly says:

    Clearly this guy is trying to boost his image so that he can try to fool us the people of the BVI in thinking that he is a nice guy and cares for us while behind closed doors he is trying to take us over for his keepers who are no better than us.

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