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Governor looking to invite UK police to assist RVIPF

File photo of armed officers patrolling Road Town.

Following the harrowing daylight murder of Deverson Williams on Tuesday, considerations are now being made to invite police officers from the United Kingdom (UK) to assist with this and other crimes.

Governor John Rankin gave that indication during a joint press conference with Premier Andrew Fahie and Police Commissioner Michael Matthews on Thursday.

The governor said these UK officers would “supplement” the existing resources of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

“I will be taking this forward in close conjunction with the Police Commissioner … Given the number of events that have occurred, I recognise that further resources may be required to assist the Police Commissioner on that matter. There are obviously experienced homicide officers in other jurisdictions who I believe can come here — working under, and with the BVI Police Commissioner — in that effort,” said the governor who has portfolio responsibility for national security.

Recalling when law enforcement officers were deployed from other countries to assist the BVI after the 2017 hurricanes, Governor Rankin said it is not uncommon to seek external assistance.

Premier welcomes the help

Premier Fahie, in the meantime, said he is not opposed to the decision.

“We welcome the help from the UK Officers. I told the commissioner we have to get help from different parts of the world. Let us bring the help! We have to let persons know that crime will not be tolerated in the Virgin Islands,” the Premier said.

He continued: “Anyone could have been there that time with the gunfire — anyone of our families. Anyone of our families could be anywhere at any time so this, now, is not something that you can ignore. It’s not something to play political games with. It’s not something to have any ego with. This is something to deal with head-on and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Since the start of the year, the BVI has experienced at least three homicides and a few other of what the police describe as ‘unclassified deaths’. There has also been a series of armed robberies, burglaries, firearm-related offences and other serious crimes.

As for the latest homicide involving 38-year-old Williams, he died from multiple gunshots while travelling through Fish Bay around 3:45 pm on Tuesday.

Commissioner Matthews said police believe several of the BVI’s recent murders are connected to the territory’s illicit drugs trade.

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  1. Ranking says:

    They should have been here long time. Ayo late

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    • Doh says:


      Our police are so corrupt anyways. Need third party help. Maybe our people could learn how to actually be police

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  2. hmm says:

    Didn’t they also offer UK ships with radar to help patrol the waters a while ago and that was rejected? Why ok to officers but not yes to UK ships to help patrol???

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  3. Sam says:

    Please we need help right now.

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  4. Sniffn says:

    Assist h**l! Need to investigate the police!!

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    • Uslf says:

      how many uk officers presently in the rvipf? One tactic ever employed again and again! Not saying help is not needed but who assesses their capabilities, effectiveness and overall impact. 2007 five or six came to assist in unsolved murders – result? Millions pocketed and impact on the unsolved list – zero. Not so long ago seven figures spent to investivate popos. Did they do a great job? How much spent to hire previous DPP and recently rehired attorney from uk? Dollars flowing out results not trickling in! Help yes but why have extra hands and and result no difference. btw the CoP is on a brexin the bwi. Is his tenure under a microscope or teliscope?

  5. Dirty Harry says:

    The criminals in the BVI have caused enough havoc in the place. From since the shootings started after the hurricane, proper assistance should have been called in. The government should have looked at the territory’s youngest victim Trinity and make changes. Instead,everyone carried on and all the past victims were forgotten and more killings continue in our once peaceful BVI. When innocent blood is shed, God’s wrath is usually right behind coming.

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  6. oh oh says:

    well about time

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  7. Resident says:

    Thank you Governor and UK. We clearly need the help given the high levels of drug crime here. We are so lucky to be a British Territory. Imagine what things would be like here without the Brits. Netflix would do a series!

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  8. Not me says:

    Sure wouldn’t want to be owning a high powered boat or fancy cars and house while claiming to be a fisherman or taxi man. They coming for you. I think the help coming from the UK is going to be a rough crowd, probably exactly what’s needed.
    Expecting an immigration roundup too.

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  9. @ sniffin says:

    U shoda wipe yo butt

  10. hiding says:

    Listen up virgin islanders the streets are saying that the shooter was a well dressed human that appears to be a man in suit and tie.They also said that the person appears to be a Venezuelan or columbian and light skin in complextion. please law enforcement take note.this killer is going to lie low for a while in some apt or house until he or she is able to depart. neighbors and friends if you see anything that make you think twice call the cops. Someone is going to take food to that person. Be your neighbors keeper but be careful which cop you report it to. Call the commissioner of police i can thrust him and if I can you can to.thank you people of these Virgin Islands

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    • @hiding says:

      The streets are wrong with their descriptions. Completely. And that is a FACT. So please keep your guard up with anyone of any description who is acting suspicious.

  11. itstime says:

    Its about time.

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  12. YOUTH says:

    The Commissioner of Police is a failure.

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  13. We the people says:

    Mathews need to be on the next plane bottom line

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  14. Exactly says:

    Fast fast out of here no use …only spending on he cronyism

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  15. WEW says:

    Go for it ! Welcome any help

  16. LILIS says:


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