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Governor orders criminal investigations into government

Governor John Duncan

Governor John Rankin has announced that he instructed the Commissioner of Police to undertake several criminal investigations as recommended in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report, including investigations into the Premier’s Office.

In a recent press statement, Governor Rankin said there is now an urgent and decisive move forward and in line with his responsibilities under the constitution.

He noted the investigations will encompass several departments and projects in the government.

“[There will be] a criminal investigation into the conduct of the Premier’s Office (under the previous Premier) in obstructing the Director of the Internal Audit Department in respect of her audit of the COVID-19 Assistance Programmes; a criminal investigation and/or investigations into the recovery of the public money expended on the Sea Cow Bay Harbour Development project and the Virgin Islands Neighbourhood Partnership project,” the Governor said.

“[There will also be] a criminal investigation and/or investigations into the recovery of the public money expended in the disposal of Parcel 310 of Block 2938B, Road Town Registration Section and an investigation into possible corruption within HM Customs,” Rankin added.

The governor noted criminal investigations are already underway in relation to the Elmore Stoutt High School Perimeter Wall project and the BVI Airways project.

“Given the need to respect the integrity of the investigative process, I will not be making media comments on the content of the investigations as they take place. But I am determined that investigations should be held in line with the Commission of Inquiry Report and that any public official who has engaged in criminal wrongdoing should be brought to justice and held accountable under the law,” Rankin said.

“I am also determined that where possible, public funds that may have been misused in relation to the projects under investigation should be recovered and used instead for programmes that benefit all members of our community,” he added.


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  1. Good stuff says:

    Fantastic news !

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  2. Resident says:

    Thank you Governor the people of the bvi support you, root out the criminals

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  3. KLEPTOCRACY says:

    PROSECUTE all of them doing schemes…don’t get too comfortable..{_}

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  4. Jesus says:

    No sah

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  5. Yasssssssssss says:

    (screaming) THE THING START!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Island 🏝 Man. says:

    Di ting start now. All diapers and pampers will be sailing off the supermarket shelves. Juuck dem wid di UK rule.

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  7. Tuna says:

    Can we rely on the existing Police Force to conduct these investigations? Didn’t Maynard say that he was already paying the Police?

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    • Buffalo soldier. says:

      Trust since the governñr knows the current dituation of the Police force he will not allow the local cops to get near that investigation. That investigation will be handle by does england cops they brought. You does not see them in the force or on the street but there are here. Have faith it will happen.

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    • @Tuna says:

      I know Police, Immigration and Customs, are all law enforcement agencies. And out of all three mentioned ONLY the police was locking up other police. There is a reason the governor called for an investigation into Customs…IT’S BEEN LONG OVERDUE!


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  8. Shine light says:

    Well done, Governor! Let the chips fall where they may and light be shone into the dark. Too many of us have done too much self-enrichment at the expense of this territory’s development and progress. It grieves me to see the condition of the schools when I know how many hundreds of millions and millions pour into the Treasury as revenue each year but are diverted to private pockets.

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  9. Battle cry says:

    Gear up bvi .. it’s now no hope in preserving the constitution! UK will rule! The leader was officially changed by the US government, the British governor has taken its direction from the US!

    Always coordinated moves.

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  10. Results says:

    Encouraging news BUT the Wall and BVI Airways investigations by the police have not yielded any results for over 3 years now. The people of the BVI will not wait that long. Please do not become silent during these investigations Governor. Monthly updates to the nervous public would be helpful this year.

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  11. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Let the document shredding begin!

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  12. customs says:

    interview every customs officer and worker, check their level of living to see if it equated to their salary, at least 60% live well above their means and need to be fired at the very least and imprisoned for the worse offenders

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  13. Great move! says:

    That’s what we all want to hear/see! Let’s bring our BVI back!

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  14. Community member says:

    Which piece of land is he referring to?

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    • Me too says:

      Looking to find out which land this is

    • hint says:

      @ DELTA

    • 310 says:

      It’s in the CoI Report but in summary, Delta/Bevis Sylvester leasing Crown land for $800 annually, which is well below market value…Delta had been occupying the land illegally and was to cease using the property by Nov 1, 2018.

      This has been an ongoing issue for several years….

  15. FED UP says:

    Governor Rankin you forgot one!!

    The houses which are being built for people who can afford to build their own homes. The elected representatives are building homes for their cronies and not for the needy. Please Please look into this matter. Them had a board house now big wall house at tax payers expense. UK PLEASE COME FOR US.

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  16. Jamie says:

    Thank you…..our Country will never have accountability by allowing the Interim Government to oversee all the wrongs of their buddies!!

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  17. bvi love says:

    csc probably booking a flight out all now, would love to see him marched to balo

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  18. Perfect says:

    Don’t forget Tourism. Millions been pouring out from there at the Premier’s instructions. Bush cutting, consultancies, kick backs and more.

  19. rastarite says:

    Plenty more not listed in the governor’s report – Greenhouses, Fraser’s wall, election fraud and white envelopes…

  20. Thank you! says:

    Thank you Governor! Lots more to investigate.

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  21. Respecto says:

    Lock him up preaching the bible and robing the poor.

  22. Cadaver Dog says says:

    Something stinks but no records no prosecution, those voters that also believe the local so called pastors are mug enough to believe the lies their own sons / daughters of the soil the local politicians vomit out calling it the truth . Awake become woke stop supporting the corrupt churches and politicians who are stealing from you at church and at work. See the light God doesn’t put his hand in your pocket.

  23. Well..$hit just hit the fan...Again!!! says:

    I was asleep, and just suddenly was awaken by this bombshell news. There is turbulence ahead. I need to fasten my seatbelt. This is going to be a very very bumpy ride.

    I am all for holding people accountable for their wrongdoings including myself.

    In my view, if you are going to clean up the BVI, this is a good way to start. Find out the truth about all these alleged shenanigans.

    May the guilty be uncovered and held accountable, and may the innocent remain free.

    I’ve always had this view that those in power, potential white collar criminals, always seems to escape justice in the BVI while the poor and powerless always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the law and being held accountable for wrongdoings.

    Well with these criminal investigations, that is about to change. People best start looking for receipts. Some persons has stated before the COI that they do not keep receipts. They along with others might want to search around again.

    It’s the dawn of a new day in the BVI. Some Caribbean sunshine is about to be shown in some dark spaces, and it would be interesting to witness what is found.

    For those thinking about running, forget about it. Before you run to St. Thomas or the U.S., make sure your hands are clean.

    Make certain you were not speaking recently to some undercover DEA agent incrementing yourself in some crime. I said make certain, because they are awaiting you with handcuffs.

    Remember the U.S. and the U.K. are bestie friends when it comes to international relations. They work closely together, and they are working closely together here as well imo.

    Now, if I was a joint smoking person, this would be a good time to smoke a joint and chill while all this drama unfolds, but God knows me fraid jail, so I’ll instead be on my best behavior throughout and take my @$$ back to sleep. I don’t want to get swept up in this criminal hurricane.

    Now, before I do, while I know I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m going to start looking for my own receipts just in case.

    Seriously, the announcement of these criminal investigations were recommended by the COI. This is the clearest indication to me that the U.K. will be asserting direct rule in due course.

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  24. Simmer Down says:

    CSC, you will have your day in court and mind me, the bench will not tolerate your ranting and disrespect! If you try that stunt, you will be carted off to Balo and the trial will continue in your absence. You have been forewarned, maybe you should use your time wisely and start a prison ministry and leave the other stuff that is not edifying God. Guard your tongue, it will get you a long long sentence if you are found guilty.

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  25. UK Please take over says:

    The BVI is a cesspool of corruption. Please come in and clean the rats out. I am going to sell my home if not.

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  26. riddle says:

    who red with a scar…contractor or something.. get land up Spooner’s for really doing nothing?The winner gets a dinner for two at Charlie’s with the minister who like give way land.I suggest you make it quick before they start digging up the dirt.

  27. GTFOH says:

    Great news! now the police will spend another decade investigating these projects with absolutely no results to show for it. BVI Airways Investigation 2 years and counting, High School Wall investigation ongoing for 3 years and counting. The COI couldnt find anything helpful on the Neighbourhood Partnership project and I doubt if a formal criminal investigation will unearth anything with our very own sometimes crooked cops helping out their colleagues.

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  28. Silk Tongue says:

    Diarrhea of the mouth, lookout the boogie man is coming!

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  29. SC says:

    My guess is you will find a lot of dishonesty at the Airport under both administrations, but I believe this administration hit it out the ball park. B*S and P*L ran that place like they owned it, hiring only who they want. Many of whom they sent up there, I understand were terminated after they proved themselves to be no good. School children say that they would just send people up there to take up a post without the proper process.

    COI also need to trace the link of the new MD as I heard that he is W’s good friend. School Children say that the wife of AF speech writer also got a nice cushy job over locals.

    School children also recommend that investigators check out the big contracts up airport to see where the money is going. Find out who own all those overseas companies that filter money. Follow the corn please.

  30. Not this one .. says:

    As they say the thing start now , jus saying jam band jam band , wine Sally wine Sally,

  31. Mr.Gage says:

    Sweet music to my ears. Turn it up Gov!

  32. Drycrix says:

    To the Victor go the spoils!

  33. Warm up says:

    Great news!

    There are people that should be able to provide evidence for these cases and, if they stay silent or claim lost paperwork, should b charge with obstruction of justice in the highest degree.
    No more tip toe.interogate and arrest. people deserve better.

  34. Time to take charge.. says:

    No time for games, Time to start ushering change..These are serious times. Hard decision has to be made.

  35. Realmente says:

    Hangout em high

  36. Good thing says:

    Good, because the only way you can get a contract in this place is if you slide the procurement officer some money or your wife works with procurement. Hopefully they place get clean up.

  37. so long says:

    W**e finally getting his due, Cant want to see him in cuffs

  38. Redshoes says:

    Good tortola need a massive shake up about time tortolians getting exactly what they deserve

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  39. world War 3 says:

    @ redshoes, was the necessary.

    we welcome the cleanup here in our little BVI.


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  40. WEW says:

    Tha smoke in West End is not from the dump it’s from the document burn barrels in Roadtown.

  41. Tys says:

    ForgerGeorge and others that have benefited lawyers and judiciary

  42. Redshoes says:

    World war 3 you are so shame of your nature little secret you cannot handle the truth again tortilla getting exactly what they deserve I am glad the governor is going to shake everyone of you and I glad Andrew fahie open the door for us to see the corruption

    • No prob. says:

      This too shall passs. Nothing or no one last forever. You laugh at someone today tomorrow it is your turn to be laughed at. I come in peace

  43. Jonjo says:

    The white expatriates are having a field day…. They are now posting in groves but he who laugh last laughs best. I not condoning what those greedy crooked ba**ards did or alleged to have done, if they are guilty throw the key away on them. My problem is that those expatriates grin and smile in our faces and are envious of how we live. Most of us work hard, get our mortgages and build our homes, bit yet when they are invited to our homes they are in awe, they cannot imagine that our homes were built with legitimate money especially when they compare their little 2 by 4 flats in their homeland, most living like peasants, when they visit they never want to return home because our quality of living is second to none. Stop painting us all with the same brush, I have a 3 storey home, 10 rooms 12 bathrooms, pool etc and I own it with the Bank.

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