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Governor pleased with funds allocated for crime fighting

Amid calls for increased resources to be pumped into crime fighting, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said he believes Governor John Rankin is pleased with the funding the government has allocated to reduce crime in the community.

The governor — who is in charge of the territory’s security — often reminds residents that he can only implement improvements where funds are given by the elected government.

Speaking at a press conference last week, a journalist asked Premier Wheatley whether the governor expressed satisfaction or dissatisfaction with funding for crime fighting and the justice system.

Premier Wheatley responded with a “yes”.

“Up until now, the Police Commissioner has been very appreciative of the resources that have been provided. Of course, there is only one pot of money that everything has to be funded from so they’ve been understanding but they’ve been pleased thus far.”

Governor Rankin has leveraged his relationship with UK authorities to get additional resources to assist with fighting crime in the BVI. Recently, Minister Mike Freer from the UK Justice Ministry visited the BVI between November 5 and 7 to get an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the BVI justice system, and to identify areas for further partnership with the UK.

Minister Freer was part of a UK delegation that was invited to offer support to local law enforcement agencies.

Despite UK assistance, the bulk of the spending for security comes from the territory’s coffers which are controlled by the Premier and Minister of Finance. Still, the BVI constitution gives the Governor the power to override decisions made by Cabinet and implement measures for the benefit of the territory.


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  1. False and Hopeless Narrative. says:

    the bulk of the spending for security should be going towards jobs creation, opening up businesses that are willing to hire locals.

    They don’t like locals.

    They positthat they are lazy and entitled.

    They postulate that they rrather sit under a tree all day, smoke weed, sell drugs ans wera chins.

    Yet, in allhonesty, they are not the problem that is creating the crime rise, the problem stems primarily fromlack ofadequate to no employment, and with a livable wage.

    Implement those crucial elements not into the economy, and November 16th 2024 we will be seeing the same headlines, and they know it.

    But they will continue to spin words into media because. they can get away with doing nothing but spinning false and hopeless narrative.

    Think those elected officials need to be recalled, for real.

  2. Facial expressions says:

    is saying )> our new Coach ) wah gine arn Govie buddy ? How we do -in ? ( GOV ) well , there is a glimmer of hope in your efforts that you have attempted

  3. Hearsay says:

    is inadmissible in court and the real world.

    Better for the Governor to tell the BVI public that he is satisfied with the funds allocated to to the justice system to fight crime NOT the absent Premier.

  4. Watch the 2faced lemur says:

    Smiling in the gov face, but chatting a bunch of shhhhh behind the man back. Spineless little shhhhh


    so what? I some thing I said pissed you off ? and you refuse to post my bloggs / hey it ain’t the messenger it’s the message . ( No offence) Humor is the best medicine

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