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Governor won’t fulfil some of Fahie’s wishes

Governor John Duncan

Governor John Duncan

Amid increased calls for him to take further action against the National Democratic Party government, Governor John Duncan has noted that he does not intend to get directly involved in certain issues, including those relating to the House of Assembly.

He, this month, forced Government to allocate an additional $1.8 million for the police force and legal services.

Since then, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Fahie has called for Governor Duncan to take other far-reaching actions before his tenure ends in August.

Fahie, in relation to the issue of conflict of interest, recently said: “The Attorney General and the House of Assembly (HOA) have refused to seek a proper interpretation of what constitutes Conflict of Interest, and what contracts would require the permission of the HOA prior to being entered into by members of the HOA. This is a constitutional issue that must be corrected before August 2017, and must not be left to succeeding governors.”

When that position was put to Governor Duncan a few days ago, he indicated that he has no intention to fulfill the opposition leader’s request.

The governor told journalists: “The issue of conflict of interest is one I’ve made my views known on. But, in many cases, the action lies with the Assembly – not with the governor.”

“We have to bear in mind that we are operating under a constitution where there is separation of powers. And the governor cannot and should not get involved in what the legislative assembly is doing. I hope the legislative assembly will take the required action,” Governor Duncan further said.

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