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Governor’s Office allegedly gets reduced access to gov’t website

GIS — the official communication engine of the BVI government — is responsible for managing the Government of the Virgin Islands website.

Highly placed sources have informed BVI News that the Office of the Governor has been having challenges communicating with the public because it has allegedly been limited in accessing the services of the Government Information Service (GIS).

GIS — the official communication engine of the BVI government — is responsible for disseminating information from government ministries, departments, and agencies to the general public.

GIS is also responsible for managing the Government of the Virgin Islands website.

However, due to alleged limitations, some recent announcements from the Governor’s Office have not been posted to the government’s website. 

These announcements reportedly include the governor’s annual end-of-year message to the public and the governor’s information on Brexit and vaccines. 

Sources said the Governor’s Office has resorted to sending messages directly to media houses as it waits for full access to be restored. The last known public notice from that office is dated yesterday, Thursday January 14, and is an announcement on the arrival Governor Designate, John Rankin.

BVI News understands the Office of the Premier, which has ministerial responsibility for information and public awareness, has been informed but nothing has yet been done.

In the meantime, BVI News contacted Premier Andrew Fahie and asked for a response to the allegations. No response was given as the Premier said he was in a public meeting.

Due to the actions and recent public utterances by Governor Jaspert and Premier Andrew Fahie, the public has been speculating about a strained relationship between both offices. However, Premier Fahie maintains that he has no issue with Governor Jaspert and is only interested in fighting for the rights of Virgin Islanders.


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  1. Worse government says:

    Well if they could victimize the governor for speaking out about their terrible behavior and actions then who he is we? This is the worse government ever assembled in the history of our country. A bunch of inflated ego bafoons who don’t know which way is up. They are up and down with PR stunts to fool us and play on our emotions – church services every week, caroling, public meetings, Facebook lives- and no action to back anything they continue to say except dishing out money in a disorganized way to keep the loudest mouths quiet. We are worse off now than we have ever been politically.

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    • Smh says:

      How are they the worst government as far as I know they are Definitely better by far then who was in before. Not because things don’t happen right away means they are not fit
      For the job. What happen you sad because they didn’t give you money. You all do more blogging then you do your work. Sit down couple seats for me plz. You all are to ungrateful.

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      • Worse or worst says:

        Why do so many of us not know which word to use. Congratulations @smh but back to school for @worsegovernment
        Do they teach us at school to use the wrong word? My school knew the difference!

      • Comment says:

        I want all of you bloggers to open your eyes, it is not the locals that are praising the Governors, 99% are white racist residences. Some are also disrespecting our residing Caribbean brothers and sisters by disguising themselves as BVIslanders and calling them derogative names on these news blogs, ‘trying to divide and conquer‘! This is a new year, and enough is enough Their white statues have fallen throughout the world, and Now it is time for the world to step over the broken pieces! Their reign has ended, and they are throwing a childish fit just like the previous Governor. Jesus has spoken, and the devil’s system is toppling over!!! Thanks Be To God!

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    • Back room operator says:

      Gus needs to get back to his backroom job dealing with high level policy for the police and drugs in the UK (look him up on Wikipedia). He should not be in a public facing role.
      Why is he still here?

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    • doh says:

      Another step as to how a government, especially an authoritarian one, slowly takes control. If you restrict the communications and media – then you can control the population. Not hard to see today.

      But carry on

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      • @doh says:

        Yet with all the U.K.’s free press initiatives, they are the ones trying to control and restrain our rights to govern ourselves.

  2. YOUTH says:

    By time

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  3. Hmmm says:

    Why is this news?

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    • @hmmmm says:

      It is news because bvinews has an agenda. They would rather put a rapist and sexual predator as premier than stand with the current administration. Maybe it’s a white and black thing.

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      • @@hmmmm says:

        That is disgusting. This is why I don’t support the VIP. The party encourage their supporters to be in the gutter and to say nasty and disparaging things about others to win. I really hate it. They remind me of the republican party with Donald Trump. Discuss issues and ideas not saying horrible things about people that you cannot say publicly and show your face because you know you will face a law suit. Hon. Premier, get your supporters to be better. To stop being gutter minded people. When they behave that way it shows to me that their passion is not the country. It is most likely what they could get for themselves and they resort to anything to keep the party in power that they believe will be more helpful to them personally.

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    • Forreal says:


    • Bias says:

      So when they [other] site news catering to only the other side guess that’s what should be news. Bias much?

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  4. LOL says:

    Another back door move to try to take out a sitting government. Jaspert just needs to go peacefully. He has divided the BVI.

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  5. Trumpians says:

    Look at what the desperate VIP is doing. They have their cult members pressing dislike to make themselves feel better and to fool people into believing that they have strong. This is laughable. Pressing dislike all day does not change the facts Mr. Black Trump.

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    • @ Black Pot says:

      LOL you only think it’s happening because you part of the same plot to do the opposite, huh? You people so see through. Accusing people of doing things you’re doing. Leave the government alone, they’ve been doing just fine. You just hate that you not in power.

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      • Say it again says:

        I remember when NDP used to have a whole congregation up under blogs when they were running for re-election in 2015. Now dem accusing other people of doing the same ting. Welsah!

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  6. WAR WITH UK says:

    This war with the UK won’t end well for the VIP

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    • To war with the Uk says:

      The only it has is that the UK man on the ground is trying to once again enslave us but unlike the days of old we are AWOKE!

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      • Arise says:

        Yes we WOKe…some of us but we are not fight from a position of strength. Government needs to tread more lightly when dealing with the Brits. They have been at this game longer than we have.

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  7. Leveller says:

    new police commiss needs to launch a deep investigation and then put all the corrupt people away

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  8. Sad says:

    It’s really sad that the outgoing governor won’t let the incoming one start fresh with a clean slate with the sitting government of the BVI. Why is it that he is poisoning the well before the man even gets started.

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  9. Just go Jaspert says:

    Jaspert needs to take his years he has spent corrupting the BVI and make his way back to the UK gracefully! All he is trying to do is leave a bad name for the VIP administration before he goes. The new governor is here..bravo! Pack your bags and leave now!

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  10. Love says:

    We are a country of love. We have no place here for people like this present govornor. I am disappointed that this is how you want to leave a country in havoc because our premier did not let you and the UK take over this country. We should love our premier even more for this. Smh

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  11. cult members says:

    I wonder if these cult members who are blogging and pressing dislike at anti VIP posts and pressing like for their own posts getting paid from the 40 million grant that they take from Social Security. I wonder?

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  12. vip heckler says:

    Foy and his 8 disciples are up to no good again

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  13. PC says:

    Too many posts are from the same author forcing their opinions/views on us. Plus it’s all to easy to post multiple like/dislike votes on a single post.

    Make the posts and like/dislike votes more meaningful – print the IP address of every post and every vote.

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    • PC says:

      Just hit 4 likes against my post. Easy to just keep deleting the cookies in your browser for BVINews…

      C’mon BVI NEWS up your game before you end up as confirmed as gutter press!

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  14. You know says:

    I love how the Government is stepping up to Jas. Too much corruption wants to take place. Fahie say not over here

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  15. X says:

    I noticed a pattern on this site. The comments seem to be a little too pro UK. Nowhere else in the Caribbean or even in the worldwide black community do the majority of black people put down their own in favor of caucasians or foreigners. It’s either caucasians, anti VIP, or foreigners that feel slighted by moves like taxing Moneygram or travel restrictions that are commenting so much. Not everything Fahie does is great but his stance on giving locals power to run their own territory is what everybody aspire to do from the first settlers of the now USA to the first African slaves. It’s the same reason why UK fought so hard to get out of the EU. I really hope it’s not black people that are spewing this “only UK can save us” narrative in 2021 because this would be a big step back for the advancement of black people in the BVI.

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    • @X says:

      It’s not us believe that, I am pleased to see that many of us understand the games they play.

    • Obvious says:

      These threads clearly are suspect. The comments on this site are usually generally in favour of good governance from the UK and this is reflected in the likes.

      These threads are discernibly different and the likes are reversed from the general consensus. I like debate but this appears to be a concerted attempt to make the BVI government appear to be more supported than is actually the case (at least on this site). It’s quite childish and obvious but then that’s exactly the character of the government.
      Take a look and you will see my point.

  16. Well sah says:

    Too many white in this place and on this char. This Governor in their eye sight does nothing wrong. Black people stay woke please .

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  17. MK says:


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  18. uk says:

    The UK need to just take over this damn thing.

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  19. VIP all the way says:

    The government is doing an excellent job even in this pandemic era.

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  20. My BVI PEOPLE says:

    You all are only looking out from the inside, your government is doing that right thing. If UK have to come in and take over how much of you all would still have a job?? How much of you all would still be able to go out. You all only on curfew because of covid, UK are under rules do you all want that?. You might say yes because they might help with crime, but now if helping cause deaths to?? Come on you all need to think hard before bashing your government. They are doing the best that they can.

  21. Okro says:


  22. Bravo says:

    Is it still true that you can just write a check to the party/head of department and Labour and get your work permit quicker? ?

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