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Governor’s Office requesting up to $80K from gov’t for new vehicle

The Office of the Governor is requesting up to $80,000 from government to purchase a new luxury vehicle to replace the 2011 Range Rover SUV currently servicing that office.

Acting Executive Private Secretary in the Governor’s Office, Nolma Chalwell, made the request when she appeared before the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) recently.

She said the replacement is needed because the 2011 Range Rover is getting older in age and the cost of maintenance is too expensive.

Chalwell said that the Governor’s Office was asking government to match one of two vehicle price quotes which they had sourced locally. The quote is for a 2019 Lexus priced at $80,000 and a 2019 Audi priced at $66,000.

At the time of the request, Territorial At-Large Representative Neville Smith questioned why the request was being made after the budget process had concluded.

Chalwell said, “the vehicle had recently stopped working and is not currently in operation. While the budget process was underway, the vehicle was working.”

Her request comes months government spent $115,000 on a new 2019 Cadillac Escalade for the Office of the Premier.

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  1. Prosperity says:

    Could get a strong reliable Jeep Cherokee for much less.

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  2. WOW says:

    With one mouth the governor talking down the territory and behind the scenes he getting an expensive ride. This man is a deciever.

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    • @WOW says:

      I was saying the same thing but that is how the colonial powers work. They say one thing in front of our faces to make it seem as if they care for us and then behind the scenes try to kill us or enslave us. It has not changed and we should never fool ourselves to think that their strategy has changed.

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      • Reasonable Man says:

        If they buy the Audi it is 1/2 the price of the the Premier’s car. The old one is 9 years old and not working. Sounds like a reasonable request to me. Nice to see he wants to buy local too.

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  3. WOW says:

    Governor now that you got your nice expensive car from our hard earn tax money can you now go investigate the plane deal with BVI Airways and get back our $7.2 million. Please go do your job and stop playing politics for your own selfish gain.

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  4. Well says:

    She said the one jeep they have right now they can’t handle the price to why get an expensive one again ..

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  5. LOVE THE BVI says:

    Stop be so worthless if other overseas dignataries come here and laugh at the Governor in a cheap cheap vehicle, who to blame. Let the Governor drive in something decent please, once he is not extreme. Sixty-six or Eighty Thousand dollars don’t seem extreme to me.

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  6. Think! says:

    Did you know that Claude’s contract for 18 months could buy three of those cars that the governor is getting? Just think about it for a moment.

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  7. Mr Shovels says:

    Should have never bought that Range in the first place. That model is notoriously unreliable. A Lexus LX would be a good fit for the governor

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  8. Um says:

    Why you hating on the Gov who is getting a cheaper car than the Premier AND is currently driving round in a 9 year old one? Plus buying it via a local dealer??? Personally I think he should be getting a Range Rover or Merc!

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  9. vip heckler says:

    The premier’s vehicle a lil over $100,000 and the speaker’s vehicle a lil under $100,00

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    • @ vip heckler says:

      You all keep off the esteemed speaker his GMC is cheaper than the governor and premier vehicles, because he is a humble man.

      I saw him last week driving around in a rental with no driver

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  10. Wow says:

    We really stupidy in this place! Anywhere in the world the leaders drive around in nice cars, what’s all the fake outrage about? The government spent over $600K the last few weeks with different functions in the multipurpose complex and we are here getting the bowels over an $80K car?

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    • Lol says:

      It’s not a big deal but then y’all the same ones that complain when the Premier got one to replace the one that had problems since slamming into the fence by Moorings.

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  11. Interested says:

    Give the man the vehicle.Amen.It costs far less than the “others”

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  12. Eagle eye says:

    If the premier vehicle cost 115,000 and bviec manager own cost 110,000 or more.then whats the problem just buy him the ride.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    They like children in a candy store. They can’t resist the spending free urge.

    Just ten or so months ago, we were being told that the nation had no money.

    Not to long ago, we were being told that there were a bunch of irresponsible money managers attending our business and that they needed to go.

    Today, it all seems nothing more then than the fox calling the grapes sour because they were just out of his reach.

    Now that his hands have grown to reach the grapes, there seem to be similar consumption and management of the grapes as did the previous fox.

    Tis ting teh witness.

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  14. Lol says:

    Aslong as the masters have to take on the responsibility of governing the masses to such a degree, i think this is a well deserved gift. Majority of the population has a slave like mentality and lack the intelligence to govern themselves as a community. Hence the reason its easier for one global order. Give a man with a slave mind $100 and he or she will share it among everybody decreasing its value or waste it just to survive the next day…..give $100 to a free man and he will invest, turn it into $1000, then 10000 and so on…. Poverty really is a choice, how you escape it is based on your level of intellect…

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  15. Funny Stuff says:

    Sounds like the Gov has been contaminated by his local friends. I thought he came here to clean house….Oh well…. My ride is almost 20 years old and still working. How come they always need new vehicles after 9-10 years and they excuse is always that they aren’t working or always breaking down/giving trouble? Nobody capable of fixing? The only vehicles the always give trouble and can’t be fixed are the ones you “get busy” in….

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  16. Musa says:

    Do like dr P rental with insurance maintenance free .

  17. Watchman says:

    Late news always behind the other site, but great perspective.

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  18. asking for a freind says:

    where is the outrange? They jump up all over the speaker and the premier when they got new vehicles at least they from here !!!!

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  19. Way not BMW x4, x5, x6 says:

    I think BMW luxury cost much less on service then the lexus or audi

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  20. Way not BMW x4, x5, x6 says:

    BMW now in those days they are extremely good for purchase and much cheaper on maintenance then his rivals (land rover, audi, Mercedes and lexus

  21. The watchman says:

    Lol, what is all the fuss! He can just take the money like he did last time, and buy it!

    Govenor go ahead and buy it……matters of national security!

  22. Why Not says:

    The Governor deserves this and more. The Health Minister is sporting a new Toyota SUV on our $$. Look at the Premier new SUV, also the top dollar rides some department heads are rolling around in and taking home on weekends. For God’s sake the Governor deserves the vehicle.

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    • :) says:

      The Governor doesn’t “deserve” anything. The Premier and other members of the government were elected by the people. The majority of voters of the BVI chose them. We stood in lines for them good or bad and we placed our votes for them. The governor was appointed by people that care little about the BVI. These governors are here to do a job and care little about the BVI. When this governor leaves he like the others will forget the BVI and by their deeds be forgotten. He only here for 2 years he hasn’t earned or deserve anything.

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  23. Forward ever Backward never says:

    Wtf the Premier needed a $115,000 vehicle, and cutting back on social services? In Greenland sewage running in the road. Check by Tiger Restuarant you have to hold your breath. People sleeping under the gazebo on the Sticket. Why a House of Hope can’t be built to house these homeless souls? Nooooo!!! People’s welfare is not important, Please give me my luxury vehicle. Smfh.

  24. Hmmm says:

    A set of slave mentality still here in the BVI thinking that this fake man is here to sabe us and he deserves an expensive ride paid for by we the tax payers.

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  25. Off Set says:

    The name Governor or Premier etc doesn’t come just so don’t forget what it takes to get into these position the level of education etc give jack his jacket let him wear it if you all was in the position u would of think differently of yourself and would want the same expensive vehicle because u know your value 80’000 is No way close to some a these local boat owners around here read between the lines

  26. duck1951 says:

    Whatever happened to austerity !

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