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Gov’t actively seeks members for boards, commissions

The RT O’Neal Administration Complex in Road Town. (GIS photo)

The government has commenced a recruitment drive for persons to sit as members on various local boards and commissions — both new and previously-established.

Membership is being sought for the BVI Airports Authority, BVI Ports Authority, Prospect Reef Resort, the Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Commission, and Virgin Islands Trade Commission.

Besides the BVI Ports Authority and the Airport Authority, all the above-listed agencies are seeking both chairpersons and members.

A media release from the Premier’s Office described this move as “the first time that the roles are being actively advertised” to attract persons to sit on these boards.

Notwithstanding the advertisement, candidates will still be interviewed and chosen based on “merit, prior experience, and competence in the sector”.

Noting that the BVI has highly motivated and experienced people, Acting Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley urged residents to seriously consider putting themselves forward for these roles.

“The advertising of members of the board is government’s ongoing efforts to further strengthen transparency and accountability in the Virgin Islands. We are preparing the BVI for a new, brighter and more resilient future,” said Acting Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley.

“This journey is ongoing and includes other areas such as suite of good governance legislations as these efforts are being balanced with further strengthening of our economy while balancing lives with livelihood in this ‘New Regular’ of living and working with COVID-19,” the legislator added.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid media release explained that members of local boards and commissions are appointed to consult on the proper running of their respective institution.

It further said current serving members will be allowed to apply.

“However, each candidate will be reviewed independently and on the basis of the same criteria to ensure a fair process and transparency. Candidates have until June 15 to submit applications,” the release stated.


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  1. Strupes me says:

    ‘They’ will still select their own circle, the one whom ‘they’ can control in their action.

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  2. Well Ill be damned! says:

    “merit, prior experience, and competence in the sector”.

    Cant wait to see the Gambling board lol

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  3. An incentive for graduates says:

    Maybe we should be looking in our high school for young brilliant graduates to put on these boards as an incentive..Those students with 6 subjects up, With “B” or higher in English, Business, accounting and or Maths..Or the relevant subjects base on the need of the board…Stop the recycling,,

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    • Realism says:

      Now let’s be realistic here. I’m all for giving opportunities to our young people but I don’t think high schoolers should be board members at all. Maybe they could be given the opportunity to sit in on one or two board meetings for the experience but definitely not as active members, sorry. Academics are important yes but not as important as work experience and knowledge picked up over the years from experiencing certain things.

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      • @Realism.. Are you please presently. says:

        We keep doing the same old things with the same old people with the same old results, wOk.. If not high school graduate, How about recent college graduate, Time to try something different…

      • lol says:

        Even the bums on the street would be better than some of these political sycophants we have presently

    • Really says:

      They graduate and can’t read, write or do simple math. What board you putting them on.

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    • Oops says:

      It’s not a joke. Unfortunately, the graduates who test out on average 30% lower than us and Uk seniors, are still better educated than the grifter/politrixions here. A dart thrown at a wall with policy written on it would better govern than wa we got.

  4. heckler says:

    after pressure from the UK

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  5. cart before horse says:


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  6. Pressure says:

    Pressure buss pipe. Who in their right mind will apply to sit on a Board with B and P? . Too late boss. And when people don’t apply you all will jump and say that it was out on advertisement. We are not stupid people . I tired tell ayo that!! Fire all ah dem first then people will apply. No one will apply with them there.

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  7. Shaun T says:

    Suddenly they actively seeking persons to be members of these Boards. We know that this is being done only because of the CoI. His Government made a mockery of this process by putting people who will do whatever he wants. When you look at who are on some of these Boards you cannot help but laugh. People with no business experience and those who don’t have a clue about the work of the Stat Bodies. Hence, will add no value whatsoever to the discussions. Can you imagine putting someone on a Board only because they support you politically. This man should be ashamed. I hope they call fresh elections after the CoI.

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    • Bunch of Moo Moos says:

      And when these same people interview persons for positions within the statutory boards they are SOOOO unprofessional and don’t even know what questions to ask. Worst yet they pull questions off the internet that have scripted responses. So even if your responses make wonderful sense, they cannot adequately analyze the responses for themselves as they are looking for the exact scripted response to what is on the internet. ? Interesting to see how these interviews for Chairman and Members will go.

  8. VI Gyal says:

    “Acting Premier? Was it announced that our Premier is out of the territory?

  9. So This Is says:

    Such a refreshing change of heart, but why only now?

    The damage has already been done.

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  10. Interested says:

    Getting ahead of the final COI report lol

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  11. Exhausted says:

    Fahie must have run out of family members to recruit

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    • Not really says:

      No, there are some who he doesn’t give a f*€k about, period, but they still intend to vote for him again.? That is what you call A#&¥€₩ LOVE.

  12. WHAT??? says:

    PL going to shred them applications like she shred them contracts. If she “remember”.

  13. THE THING IS says:


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  14. Interested says:

    Think I’ll submit an application to be a member of a board or two, but I’ve looked high and low, and can’t find any information on where to send my application to.

    Could someone help me out please?

  15. Work at home says:

    Put me down for the Prospect Reef board. Managing a derelict hotel with no employees reads like a perfect work from home job. Please direct deposit all compensation so there is no messy paperwork.

  16. Lol says:

    A high school graduate at Grade 12 cannot do neither a Math nor an English Test that was administered to Form one ten years ago . This is definitely going from Gods to great hehe !

    Young teachers who are not knowledgeable, degree you g people who are not trained to teach indeed good to great

    Experienced teachers leaving the system by the way Where is the INCREASING in the INCREMENTS. Some teacher did not even get in the first batch Election promises yet proposed POLITICIANS monthly salary for three years good to great . Alyo tex day

  17. Big AL says:

    I won’t mind applying but where to start is a mystery. Don’t worry peoples, Andrew will look in his barrel of cronies and deplorables to put on his committees. I hope he has enough of them to ensure his government’s reelection.

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