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Gov’t aiming to vaccinate entire population

Health Minister Carvin Malone. (GIS Photo)

The British Virgin Islands government will now be aiming to vaccinate the entire population with the assistance of the United Kingdom government, who will continue to procure COVID-19 vaccines for the territory.

This is according to the Health Minister Carvin Malone who made the disclosure while collecting the first batch of 8,000 vaccines from the UK on Thursday.

Malone was responding to a question posed on what is the overall goal of the BVI government in the number of persons they intend to vaccinate.

 “We’re looking in terms of the entire population. We’re saying that if we have to go to 40,000, we will have that done,” the minister said.

“The United Kingdom has undertaken to look first at 80 percent of the population but now they’re looking for the entire population because we already have facilities that we set up with COVAX and we’re trying to make sure that this is all done,” Malone added.

At least 10,000 to be vaccinated from first two shipments

Premier Andrew Fahie also said the first two shipments of COVID-19 vaccines – which includes the 8000 AstraZeneca vaccines from the UK and the 12,000 COVAX vaccines procured by the BVI government – will facilitate the vaccination of at least 10,000 residents.

“We are looking at vaccinating from the 8,000 units, 4000 persons first … From the first time you take it, you have four to eleven weeks before you can take to make sure the second dose is there. So 4,000 persons will be vaccinated first. Then when the other supply comes in — if it is the 12,000 from COVAX first — well then 6,000 persons will be vaccinated then which will allow them to get the two doses,” Fahie explained.

He added: “The UK have their other [vaccine shipments] coming in. Hopefully they will come in first — another 8,000 because it will be 8,000 trenches — [so by] then we’ll do 4,000 persons more and we will continue along that line.”

No annual vaccination needed at this time

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronald Georges was asked whether the COVID-19 vaccine will have to be taken on an annual basis.

Dr Georges responded: “Initially, it’s a two-dose regimen, so you will have to get two doses. The evidence shows that with the first dose, there is already an impact in terms of the rate of infectiousness — the rates of hospitalisation. And once you have the second dosage, those things go down and the vaccines meet its full potential.”

“The thing is the COVID vaccine has been changing, we all heard about new variants out of South Africa, UK and Brazil and those are important variants that have caused problems and there are many other variables. So at present, we don’t think so, but its quite possible as the evidence develops. We may have to move to something like that but at this point it is a one-off and as things change, we will be able to bring more information to you,” Dr Georges further explained.

The government will be using a phased approach to vaccinate all persons willing to take the vaccine. The vaccination process is not mandatory.

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  1. hmmmm says:

    the thing start now

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    • Soothsayer says:

      Yep, technically it is not a vaccine. They are all still ‘under trial’ and they do not know the short-term effects, let alone the mid-term effects or long-term consequences.
      This is an absolute breach of Permissible Medical Experiments: Sections One, Three, Four, Five, six, Seven, Nine and Ten of the Nuremberg Code.

      THE NUREMBERG CODE [from Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military
      Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10. Nuremberg, October 1946–April 1949.
      Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O, 1949–1953.

      The great weight of the evidence before us is to the effect that certain types of medical
      experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the
      ethics of the medical profession generally. The protagonists of the practice of human
      experimentation justify their views on the basis that such experiments yield results for the good of
      society that are unprocurable by other methods or means of study. All agree, however, that certain
      basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts.

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      • @Soothsayer says:

        Your comments are not based on fact and utter nonsense.

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        • Bob the Barrister says:

          You might want to check that ‘utter nonsense’… Since 1769 nobody has been able to produce a vaccine for a Coronavirus, in fact attempts over the years have gone disastrously wrong. Yet now six companies have magically all produced a supposed ‘vaccine’ in a matter of months and you are not remotely suspicious of that fact?

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          • Hat says:

            No, I’m not suspicious of a vaccine that has already been taken by 11 million lucky people in Britain, and wish I was one of them. If you don’t take it I hope you live a long life but either way it will mean one less small prick in the world.

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          • Interesting.... says:

            @bob the barrister : Since the theory of miasma (that diseases wew caused by bad air) was not superceded by the germ theory of disease until the late 19th century, and since the existence of viruses was not suspected until around that time (it took until the 1920s to confirm their existence.The term corona virus was not coined until the late 1960s), could you please point us to peer reviewed references that support your assertion that coronavirus vaccines (vaccines themselves
            not being invented until the germ theory of disease gained acceptance) were produced in 1769?

            There is little or nothing to suspect about the fact that six companies developed vaccines in response to a world wide pandemic affecting billions of people. Scientific progress moves very fast these days, we have a far better understanding of medical science today than 20 years ago.

      • Get behind me... says:

        @ Soothsayer. I’m happy to rely upon the medical advice from the UK and other places, and the testing that has already happened under controlled circumstances. If you don’t want to take it, then that’s fine, but get behind me in the line to be vaccinated in the knowledge that you will shortly become a liability and risk to the community. Don’t try to travel anywhere or stay anywhere because, rest assured, some proof of vaccination will be needed in future….

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        • @Get behind me... says:

          Get behind me? I would never be in that line to begin with, and to hat… pleased go back to the U K then, and feel free to take whatsoever vaccine your heart desires.

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          • hat says:

            I’m not from the UK. That’s why I said they are lucky and I wish I was British. If you want to die early perhaps it’s better for the gene pool.

      • Trevor says:

        You talk, you talk, you say nothing.

      • Dr Lewis says:

        You are a moron… are you Q?

    • Jacko says:

      What’s the point in vaccinating the entire population when many of them are babies and infacnts.

      • @Jacko says:

        If they want to be reelected, they better stop listening to those racist, genocidal UK clowns. They better stick to their word that no one would be forced to take that poison.

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        • Yoyo says:

          The UK isn’t forcing anyone to take the vacine. Neither in Britain nor here. Calm down and use logic rather than your racist impulses. You are like some of our brothers in England. We die at greater rates than whites from Covid because we tend to be obese and have shit diets. Yet our brothers are only 50% as likely to have the vaccine. You can’t cure stupid.

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    • Not So Fast says:

      A small clinical trial in South Africa found that AstraZeneca PLC’s Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t appear to protect recipients against mild and moderate illness from a fast-spreading new strain of the virus first detected in the country, according to limited results released Sunday.

      The trial, which enrolled around 2,000 volunteers with a median age of 31, was too small and its participants too young to draw broad conclusions on the vaccine’s overall efficacy in protecting against the disease caused by the coronavirus, especially when it comes to hospitalizations or death. However, its findings contribute to concerns that a mutating virus is rendering existing Covid-19 vaccines less effective and that shots will need to be updated to protect against new virus strains.

  2. Clowns says:

    These weren’t the same ones saying that the UK gave no assistance? Isn’t that Carvin walking away with the big box? I just have to laugh at these clowns. The UK gave them nothing but every minute they collecting something and then showing the pictures. Can anyone believe that these are the people we elected to run our country for 4 years?

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  3. Just Wrong says:

    Anyone want to talk about “Independence” now ??

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    • Yes says:

      Yes all the dummies that won’t take the vaccine and listen to the idiot from Tanzania still want Independence. They are also the ones that are deeply racist, uneducated and thrive on criminal behavior

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      • @Yes says:

        Such a phathetic nothing you are.

        Yu have even a nano fraction of te itelligence of the president of Tanzania But here you are trying to cast disparagement upon a man and nation that is making great strides into the future.

        Pitiful how one hopeless Black people hating racist have enough intelligene to call other people racist.

        Poor ole dummy.

      • @ Yes says:

        OK Hitler, you obviously know what death is like… I guess you’re OK because you were resurrected from h**l.

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  4. Set of dummies says:

    Why everything has to be a photo op. He sure was holding that box tight. But the UK don’t assist is right?

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  5. Informed says:

    Mr Malone,
    According to The WHO 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This will achieve herd immunity.
    Whats the BVI plan once this has been reached. As this economy is suffering and many business hanging on from a fingertip.

    Please can you let us know this plan as lots of businesses need to make decisions based on this decision. We can not be locked down forever.

    If people don’t want the vaccine or are on the fence these decisions will make allow them to make informed decisions.

    Please release the plan as there is very little transparity on this and looks like no plan is in place as we have seen with the ports not reopening

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    • @Informed says:

      Well then pack up and go home with your businesses, because not any of you Europeans, nor the government will be getting many of us to trust you enough to place our lives in jeopardy. You all are already trying to take over our government. Take your businesses and those boxes of poison back home with you. You couldn’t find food for us to eat in 2020 during the covid epidemic but now you all are finding money to finance any side effects from your poison? You all are a virus of a different kind!

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      • Really? says:

        @informed: have you or anyone in your family ever been sick or seriously injured? Did you go see a doctor or nurse? Were they only trained in the BVIs? Did they prescribe medication that was manufactured in the BVIs that you got in a BVislander owned pharmacy dispensed by a BVI trained pharmacist?

  6. The Truth says:

    Nah bro, I’m good.

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  7. WATCH says:


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  8. FEO Gomez says:

    YOU ALL READING THIS CHIT!? So after the 1st dose you basically GAURANTEED TO GET SICK OR WORST!? Then by the second dose you will be ok or maybe alive?! GEEEEET THE ENTIRE PHUKS OUT OF HERE BIGMAN!

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  9. Gypsy says:

    Maybe we should wait for the first 8000 volunteers what happens to them after they take the vaccine then we can make a decision. These vaccines are experimental remember

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  10. SB says:

    Wait wait so I’m healthy. Navigating this BS plandemic using my own common sense. Haven’t been ill in years since hurricanes. You telling me I must go get vaccinated? Probably end up in ICU after 1st shot? Then hopefully I’m functioning and alive to receive second those about 2 months later? Then and only then I will feel well and know that it is working? MAAN WHERE IS THE JAMAICAN GOVERNMENT HEALTH MINISTER meson.

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  11. ..... says:


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  12. Nope says:

    Yall better miss me with yall BS! People have a right to not take the vaccine.

  13. Resident says:

    I will donate my dose to someone else, I won’t be a Guinea pig for big pharma

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  14. Vaccine Recipient says:

    I received my first vaccination and had no issues. I am set to receive the second (final) dose next week. Get the vaccine and live! I am waiting for the BVI to open back up. Otherwise your tourism dollars go elsewhere.

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    • @ vaccine recipient says:

      good for you you take it and you still will get the virus read the professional concerns the vaccine wont save you 100% you will still catch the virus. when you all like to be in things. lol “show pony”.so you took the shot to make money.

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  15. Mussy mad says:

    Mr Carvin Malone that won’t be happening Sir. Wake TF! Coz definitely you’re sleeping!

  16. Mussy mad says:

    Mr Carvin Malone that won’t be happening Sir. Wake TF UP! Coz definitely you’re sleeping!

  17. @ vaccine recipient says:

    good for you you take it and you still will get the virus read the professional concerns the vaccine wont save you 100% you will still catch the virus. when you all like to be in things. lol “show pony”.so you took the shot to make money. especially the UK put aside money to help the lab rats dumb enough to take their death shot.

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  18. Not Right. says:

    On the vial it is printed, not for distribution in Canada, US or EU.

    Now. why is that.

    Seems quite suspicious indeed.

  19. tom says:

    No one will be forced to take it. the plan is to ensure that the entire population will be able to get it. Imagine if the plan was only for 10K people? you would have said racist, only for rich people blah, blah …

    Having said that… the moment everyone who wanted to get the vaccine got it and it will be ~70% of the population… the Gov will open up the BVI, those who will choose to die, will die ….

  20. COVAX? says:

    Made in India – no history. no thanks.

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