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Gov’t aims to quantify the social impact of COVID-19 in BVI

Premier Andrew Fahie has said his government is getting ready to quantify the social impact of COVID-19 in the BVI.

The Premier said a special committee will be set up to carry out this study which will help the government to better aid residents who continue to reel from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With this pandemic and its effect on the social situation in our society, I intend, through the Cabinet, to ask the Minister for Social Development to set up a special committee to inform on the social impact of COVID-19 in the BVI and to make recommendations on how to reach affected persons so that they can get the support they need,” Premier Fahie said.

When COVID-19 first hit the BVI in 2020 and forced a territory-wide shutdown, the government gave food supplies to households across the territory. Thereafter, each district representative was given $300,000 to assist vulnerable constituents.

Additionally, the BVI recently received approval for a grant of just more than $350,000 from the United Nation’s (UN) COVID-19 Response & Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

Premier Andrew Fahie said these funds will contribute to the Government’s Income Support Programme established for those vulnerable persons financially impacted by COVID-19.

With the partial reopening of the territory’s borders, tourism remains on life support; causing hardships for many residents who rely on the industry. Many have also lost jobs as businesses had to scale down their operations to survive the pandemic.

Family life is also being impacted as laid-off parents struggle to find jobs while juggling work and at-home schooling for their children.

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  1. Special Study?? says:

    How dumb are you? You need a special study on social impact of Covid-19? It mash up the BVI just like Irma did!
    Put your stupid mask back on and carry on please!

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    • Fact says:

      This is the worst Premier ever. His a** done blow $300,000 and more. People still hungry, jobless and homeless. Only his croonies benefited.

      Fire yourself Andrew Fahie!

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    • Doh says:


      What’s it going to take for us to say enough? It’s time for the people to rise up and take the territory into new waters. We need a vote of no confidence. Now.

      But carry on

    • @Special Study?? says:

      So true! Committee to pay out more money for something civil servants can do?

    • Three says:

      Why does the photo show an enormous 1st World War mine in Road Harbour? Someone needs to deal with that. We’ve got the virus and corruption in government, now there is a huge mine. It’s too much for this little place to handle.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Simply provide a list of who got the money Mr Fahie. If you have nothing to hide, what is the problem with that?

  2. Really says:

    Foy here is the information from your study. You took money from the SSB and allegedly handed out to your family and cronies. The people who needed it the least got the most. The ordinary people got nothing and are nearly starving to death with you dictator management of the Territory. That’s the social impact of YOU on Covid.

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  3. Duh says:

    You still haven’t paid us our business stimulus amd you want to be taken seriously?

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  4. Waste of time. says:

    This should have been the ongoing work of the Social Development ministry. Get the staff in that ministry working and there will be no need for a special committee.

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    • Agree says:

      Instead of giving each politician $300,000 you should have given Social Development Department the monies to distribute. The Department already have the tools in place to assess applications.

      But no, you want to micromanage, be vindictive and breakdown your own Department now the UK got you under investigation. If you had given them the monies to manage you wouldn’t be in this predicament now.

      God don’t sleep.

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    • Shorty says:

      He first has to want to Department to work as they are supposed to. The premier doesn’t thus he choose to give himself and all government ministers 300,000 each to distribute unchecked with no criteria. The BVI has all the required systems in place but because we are so vindictive and don’t want anyone following the law that the politicians enacted they prefer to just give people money with no required checks that they are in need. The premier feels that social services “asks too much questions to give people money”. There is no social service agency worldwide that doesn’t require vetting checks. The BVI social services actually ask far less for applicants compared to other parts of the world. Our politicians don’t want to answer to anyone and just give money to anyone of their supporters who say I need a wall, my house fix, a car. Not those who are actually sleeping in their cars, have no food, job nothing. But according to Hon. Smith the BVI has no poor people. SMH

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  5. What in the dark always comes to light says:

    Shouldn’t that have been accessed months ago..after d fact is when u scrambling to do all sorts of BS to cover your tracks..
    People who needed help the most never got it..was all kinds of stories and runaround..
    Now your deeds are catching up with you

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  6. So.... says:

    Yes, please investigate because people without jobs struggle financially and people with jobs struggling to balance work and family with child/ren going to school online on some days. Some businesses are not giving any more work from home to help employees cope with this stress and to be frank from what I observed they on the phone with their children all day and printing out school work and dont really do much of their actual work.

    On the other hand people without jobs stress about putting a meal on the table and stretching every scent.

    What a life!

    Fix it Jesus

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  7. informed says:

    The basic reality is that the Government does not know how the tourism industry works and the damage they have done in not opening the Ports when they said they were going to as they were unprepared. They ignored the industry sectors like the Hotel industry and the Charter Yacht society. All had vested interests in keeping the country safe and had a plan.
    Getting on a cell ventilated boat from the USVI to the BVI or Fly in on a plane in an enclosed space. The risk is higher catching Ovid on the plane. They have travelled many miles and that last leg will add $3000 to a charter for an 8pac
    The business and workers are struggling to make ends meet. I head some people still have no stimulus checks which they were written to and confirmed they were successful.
    The USVI is having the best season yet as tourists flock to the island, So many that they are increasing prices to keep them away the demand is so high.
    Please form a committee and see the damage you have done to the country tourism sector.
    Perhaps the study should be on how the government response to the pandemic was poor and lacking in direction or a plan.
    Ok we get the vaccines what them, Open the borders and back to normal. what’s the PLAN. Let us know and show some leadership.

  8. Musa says:

    People in the bvi reaching hard time but still all the ship load of vehicles selling and most cell phones owner have the latest 1 and we say we have it hard ,,,,,bull,, ,, .

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  9. pathetic says:

    The boarders are open? Not really- tourism killed by the current protocols and getting other ports open is clearly not a priority. 2020 was a struggle and without income for 2021 a lot will not survive till 2022.

    Special committee? How much will that cost?

    District funds as well as SSB funds spent on COVID relieve? So a larger pool of money that has not helped the people. Great.

    Sincerely hope Commissioner of Inquiries puts an end to this crap.

  10. Fake? says:

    According to V*** covid doesnt exist and the vaccine is evil

  11. REALLY says:

    You got to have a study on this! OPEN your eyes and look at something besides $$$$$. Such a sad state of things in the BVI.

  12. WEW says:

    The impact ? More people are dealing large amounts of drugs and shooting each other more.

  13. Joy says:

    This is not the forum for this but I don’t know where else to turn. For over six years I have tried to get my money fro the Tortola Credit Union and all I have got is excuses after excuses. Does anyone out there know who in government I can talk to? With COVID-19 and not employed at the present moment I need my money and I’m sure many members of Torola Credit Union need their money too.


    • Advice says:

      My advice is don’t talk to anyone in government since they probably have your money. Talk to the commision of inquiry.

  14. Sigh* says:

    Another consultant contract for CSC

  15. Joy says:

    Thanks, I will reach out to the commission of inquiry.

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