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Gov’t allocates $2.8M to HEOC for food delivery and garbage collection during curfew

Premier Andrew Fahie (BVI News photo)

The Andrew Fahie administration has allocated $2.8 million to the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) to fund government’s food supply and garbage collection initiatives during the lockdown period.

Premier Andrew Fahie made that announcement via a social media briefing on Sunday, April 19, while addressing residents on the latest decisions made by Cabinet in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.

He said Cabinet approved the allocation of $2 million to the HEOC for the purpose of food provisioning. He said the money came from the Consolidated Fund and was transferred to the COVID-19 Fund.

“Simply put, your government has decided to ensure that they finance the food supplies of basic food packages to be delivered to you, the people. Those in terms of seniors and those who are really in need will be the targeted group, and anyone else who have generally run out of food,” the Premier stated.

Delivery cost handled/No one to be left out

Fahie further said a portion of the $2 million will also be used to cover the financial cost to have the food packages delivered to the doors of residents who qualify.

He said: “I have instructed that we spare no efforts to ensure that for all those who are needy or in need of the food supply, that systems have been put in place to get it to you, starting very aggressively from tomorrow (Monday, April 20).”

“During the extended curfew period, no one under my watch as Premier and Minister of Finance in this territory will go hungry,” he said.

Public officers reallocated to assist

Governor Augustus Jaspert, in the meantime, urged residents to only use the service if absolutely necessary.

He said Cabinet decided to access support from members of the public service, who will assist with the supplying and delivery of food items across the BVI.

“The Deputy Governor is taking forward plans with the HEOC for public officers to be reallocated to support our food need helpline and to support deliveries to those in need as required,” Governor Jaspert said.

Persons in need of food supplies are asked to call the Essential Supplies Hotline at 284-852-7688 between 7 am and 11 am.

$800,000 to garbage initiative

Meanwhile, Premier Fahie said Cabinet had also approved the allocation of an additional $800,000 to the HEOC.

He said the monies also came from the Consolidated Fund and is geared towards financing the Department of Waste Management’s house-to-house garbage collection and recycling initiative.

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  1. Belmont says:

    Trash piling up. Have never seen anyone

  2. Nope says:

    Government people been out of food since Saturday now you have to be qualified and approve it’s so quite clear nuff will go hungry under VIP watch 7 days will up and some at home loyal to y’all program starving. I’m upset for the concerns of my neighbors and fellow BVI residents
    Are the # to call a toll free # because how many folks have credit on they phones. You open 2 shops to cater to over 30,000 people Bobby is not in with y’all program
    Don’t let down the masses government

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  3. Mari says:

    and what garbage will they pick up if there is no food.

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  4. What!?! says:

    Local home grown Bobby’s is not in the probram, but white and expartiate owned, who have total monoply and control of food in the territoey are? Now that’s is saying something serious.

    My god, we are truly a people totally against our own.

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  5. ? says:

    800.000$ of 2.8 mil that about 29% go forward garbage ?
    That dont make any sense at all.
    Let do a simple math here

    3000 per truck
    30 truck
    90,000 x 7 days = still only $630,000
    This is a very generous figure And we only have 5 days remaining.that still only come up to 450,000.
    This is alot of money go into GARBAGE. Angry

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    • Hmm says:

      I’m only happy you saw the scams and kick back from this even in the hardship of times I guess you still need your lil personal allowance smh it’s the same with the food how many people can and would be able to get this food package
      From week one stimulus package to be rolled out put with the hype that got sweept up under the mat .Its damn near the government and the highlighted health department got going up to about 19,000,000$ and if you only comment and say it gone into test kits ha then I know your head up yo Aaaa. Governments is getting theirs and setting up to get there’s now and after and will forever be in placed.
      I behalf of the other half
      The streets support this message

  6. San Peter says:

    Are there any bilingual staff answering the phone?? one of the complain is that other language speakers can’t give a proper description of where they live or what they need.

    Who to call???

  7. At ? says:

    You forgot to include under the table expenses and payoffs

  8. Charnele says:

    Mr. Premier you said that no family will go hungry under your watch. But that’s not true. I’m a single mother from Virgin Gorda and I called the number that was given so I can get help and was told that I can call Bucks Supermarket and place my order but when they deliver I will have to pay. What will I pay with. Since I went back to work after the 2017 hurricane I was only working 3 days per week. You say no family will go hungry my family are hungry.

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    • Nelle says:

      I don’t understand. If all the sases were reported on Tortola, why is there a territory wide curfew. The other Islands should be allowed to carry on with their business as usual while practising social distancing and sanitation measures. The lockdown is doing more harm that good.

  9. Just my two cents says:

    Government is leaving its people to stave.

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  10. They said there are no poor people living here says:

    So,with that being said I guess we all have money laying around willy nilly around our homes and can afford to order groceries AND pay the high delivery fees SMH ….Yeah Ministers, we are ALL rich here in the BVI

  11. Nelle says:

    Money allocated and people still paying for delivery.

  12. Upset says:

    Even the people who have money can’t get no food can’t get in touch with no grocery store all orders are on hold

  13. Apollo says:

    Worst government in the history of the Virgin Islands! And it’s only going to get worse. Band yo back and brace yo belly!

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