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Gov’t buys small fleet of electric shuttle buses for Park & Ride

Not any of the actual electric shuttle buses the government purchased.

The government has purchased a small fleet of new electric buses for the Park & Ride initiative established roughly a year ago.

Premier Andrew Fahie said the electric vehicles are part of his government’s overall mission to ‘go green’ with environmentally friendly practises in Road Town and other areas of the territory.

He announced news of the buses recently while moving a motion in the House of Assembly to add new items to the list of renewable goods to be exempted from Custom duties.

“We are going to launch the Park & Ride with electric shuttles … When COVID came on heavy, we went into the taxi operators. But we invested, as a government, in electric shuttles for the town so that the town can have less emission of fossil fuels,” Premier Fahie said.

“We have roughly about five or six electric vehicles that are supposed to be on island in the Virgin Islands very shortly within the next two to three weeks,” he told the House on August 26.

“I know when people see these electric shuttles they will be very happy about them. They reflect the colours of the Virgin Islands with the ‘BVI Love’ logo,” the Premier added.

The leader of government business said the buses will be equipped to protect passengers from the rain.

Shuttle success! Nearly 150 taxis transporting over 200 people daily


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  1. Ok says:

    “We have roughly about five or six electric vehicles” – does this mean more island wide electrical power outages when these vehicles need to charge. Will the government finally be settling their mounting bill that they been owing the electricity corporation for years, in a timely fashion.

    “.. the buses will be equipped to protect passengers from the rain.” Does this mean another contract to a government supporter or family member or employee at business to have the buses so equipped.

    Everything need questioning at this point.

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    • Lmfao says:

      How do you produce electricity on third world Tortola. You burn diesel fuel to get electricity to power the electric vehicles. F*t Albert please explain how this is going green. Going green mean removing the need for fossil fuel and provide solar and wind generated power. You are a** trying to look smart. Not working.

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  2. ... says:

    can I bring in an electric buggy will it be approves for street use

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  3. $$$ & % says:


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  4. Earl says:

    Spend spend spend.
    Waste waste waste.

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    Roughly 5 or 6???? Does he buy egg like that by the 5 or half dozen? He doesn’t know if he bought 5 or 6. Maybe one is broken in the carton?? What does that mean roughly 5 or 6? five and a quarter?

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  6. C*C says:

    Was awarded with another contract!

  7. wow says:

    taxi man dem dead now

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  8. Kick Back says:

    Anything for a few grand kick Back

  9. question/facts says:

    why is there money for this purpose presently, when we the parents have to supply tissues and sanitizer for the student to wipe down the table and chair after each use. money doesn’t grow on trees. I feel this should have been funded by the Ministry of Education.

    after all, the government keeps giving themselves raises.

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  10. Jokes says:

    Tesla vehicles are electric, and plenty of other auto makers sell electric cars. If you can afford them, there is nothing stopping you from importing.

  11. TruDat! says:

    Who supplied them? What did they cost? better have that price per unit because you don’t seem to know if you bought 5 or 6. Did that go to tender? And which of your friends, family members or cronies got the contract? Asking for the whole territory. Hey Hey Hey.

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  12. Taximan says:

    Boss, u putting me outta wuk.

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  13. WTF says:

    Over 150 taxis transporting 200 persons daily? That is a success?????

  14. Help the needy says:

    You have businesses & families in the territory that are struggling in the territory and you find it necessary to spend on this? Businesses and homeowners going into foreclosure. We need help government! We don’t need more taxis on the island!

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  15. Help the people says:

    We have businesses & families in the territory that are struggling in the territory and you find it necessary to spend on this? Businesses and homeowners going into foreclosure. We need help government! We don’t need more taxis on the island! Help!

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  16. HMMM says:

    Hon. Kyle Rhymer need to address the water bill woes on this island. The Water bill has sky rocketed since they installed the new meters. This is robbery in the highest level.

  17. Park and Ride says:

    Park and Ride initiatives are common across the developed world, what is ground breaking about the BVI initiative is that they didn’t bother building the carparks first

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  18. SC says:

    Three years from now these things will be broken and sitting in a lot growing weeds.

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  19. anegadians says:

    They will come in handy on anegada for lobster fest

  20. KIOSK says:


  21. Ya awl says:

    Green initiative, burn diesel to create electricity, burn waste and create toxic fumes. Sort Pockwood first. What a waste of money.

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  22. lol says:

    who did they buy them from

  23. OUTRAGE says:

    Why can’t you spend a little $$ on fixing or building a new state of the art incineration system at Pockwood Pond. Governments have been poisoning people for decades. Yet in 2021 we buy electric buses, palm trees, consultants, and tons of $$ wasted on MANY things.

    • @outrage says:

      Don’t mention the High School which is right in their face in Town. For some reason educational facilities are not a priority for this government! What the [email protected] do we need these for when you can walk to everywhere in Town!!!

  24. Asking says:

    5 to 6
    5 and a 1/4
    5 & a 1/3
    Which is it?
    Oh God ah yo gone kill us. Lamo.

  25. Tell the Truth says:

    Lake / Romney bought them stop lie…that’s why duty will be waived only those criminals will benefit

  26. Jah Know says:

    These man have money for everything except the schools 🤦🏾‍♂️. The teachers and students need AC, furniture and so on but you guys find money to buy other things quick quick.

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