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Gov’t considering lifting curfews indefinitely

With the COVID-19 vaccination programme now underway in the BVI, local health authorities are currently exploring the possibility of lifting curfew orders indefinitely.

Health Minister Carvin Malone made this revelation on the April 6 airing of the governing Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) Let’s Talk radio show.

“We are going to accentuate the positives. We are going to look at how quickly we can lift the curfews. In fact, that curfew order expires next week, I don’t think we’ll have need for any more curfews but we must keep pushing in terms of what is going to be best to keep us safe,” Minister Malone explained.

The current daily curfew runs from 2:01 am to 4:59 am. There are also earlier curfews in place for maritime vessels.

But Malone said as more people continue to take the AstraZeneca jabs, health officials will continue to look at best practice around the world to see which protocols can be relaxed to restore normalcy in the BVI.

“We’ve asked the team here to go and look at the elimination of quarantine time, whether we can require one PCR test and look at whether we can get all curfews removed,” Minister Malone explained.

So far, more than 8,000 persons have taken the COVID-19 vaccinations in the BVI.

The government continues to encourage persons to take the available vaccines, as it continues to link vaccination to the successful reopening of the BVI’ economy.

During an April 5 national broadcast, Minister Malone said although children will be prioritized later this year, they only make up 20 percent of the BVI’s population and have a smaller role to play in achieving herd immunity and revitalizing the economy.

The greater responsibility is therefore placed on the adults who make up 80 percent of the BVI’s population and who are at a greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

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  1. come next election says:

    I want the whole VIP government gone instead

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    • Yawn says:

      Are you running for election? Every election time it’s mostly the same 2 parties all the time or former disgruntled members of the 2 parties see PVIM and PU. Unless we plan on giving the same 2 parties a 4 year term on a rotation basis we will need new people to run if you want a change. Then again it’s people like yourself and many others that says all politicians are the same so the whole point is senseless if no matter who we elect will get us the same results.

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  2. Vaccinated visitors says:

    Please remove quarantine and have one PCR test before travel. IF we can have this in place by 1 May we might have 3 months of business left before summer.

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    • Concur says:

      I am set to visit the BVI next week. Please lift the quarantine measures for those who are fully vaccinated, like me and my whole charter crew. It is ridiculous that I have to get a COVID test before arriving to the BVI, one when I arrive, one four days later and one before I leave to go back to the US. The cost to do this is $250 (in the BVI) as well as $100 in the US before I get to the BVI. Multiply this by 6 people and that is a lot of $$$ that could be going to bars and restaurants. It just does not make any scientific sense to quarantine fully vaccinated people.

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      • Visitor in May says:

        We also are visiting in May – 8 people in a charter with everyone being vaccinated. We would love to spend our money in the businesses (restaurants, bars, and retail) rather than to COVID tests.

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        • Wake up BVI says:

          There is no reason for a vaccinated person to be tested more than one time prior to entry. All you are doing is hurting the people that depend on a vibrant tourist season. They have suffered enough!

      • Covid Tests says:

        …are free in the USA whether you have insurance or not.

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    • AND says:


  3. Frustrated says:

    More insignificant gestures from this lame administration. This curfew should have been lifted long ago. Are that many infections happening between 2 and 5 AM. Give me a break! Quit playing games and open up the borders already!!! We’re tired of starving!

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    As mentioned elsewhere , why does the UK have a 14 day quarantine period when other European countries have far higher infection rates. The UK is our second biggest tourist market.

    The governments pathetic attempts to avoid the COI and seek revenge are the only possible reason.

    Latest stats

    Italy new cases 13,700. New deaths 625

    UK new cases 2700. New deaths. 45.

    Other European countries, Spain, France etc,are similar to Italy.

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    • @Rubber Sk**t says:

      The only difference in the UK is what they choose to report. Do you expect them to report anything else with Astrazeneca originating there and being pushed heavily? The level of testing and reporting is down hence the so called numbers are down. People are not stupid.

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  5. Won't visit BVI says:

    Until the crazy entry and quarantine requirements are lifted, won’t go. I have been following the plight of the BVI people for a few months. The government has gone above what is needed to keep people safe. They have gone to far. Many potential travelers have either been fully vaccinated, or know how to take the property saftey proticals to keep themselves and others safe. We have all been living with this for some time and the BVI has to move in the right direction, immidiatly, if they have any hope of a short recovery. If not, I fear the damage will take years to recover from.

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  6. 2cents says:

    First of all if you believe that covid is only active during the lockdown period …then what can I say. This was clearly a way to clamp down and help the police manage the increase in crime which in turn was caused by all the ridiculous restrictions put in place because of the “flu” which has a survival rate of 98%. Lift the onerous restrictions. I just told a potential guest not to come for a 5 night stay because it would be impossible to meet all the protocols. Many more have cancelled or not booking at all, after finding out all the hoops they need to jump through. PS. You can’t find a room on St. John.
    Enough already!

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  7. Open up says:

    May 1. Open up to all fully vaccinated people with no quarentine. Lets stop hiding.

  8. Tim says:

    I have been planning almost for two years to come to the BVI for a charter.
    I am deeply vested (emotionally not just $$) in making it happen but today was the first time me and the crew decided (based on advice from the charter company) to investigate the possibility of moving to the USVI… cant believe we got there.

    I am not familiar with the USVI so I need to think about it more but the fact we got to this point is a testimony of the failure of the BVI to make progress.

    These protocols are extremely hard to follow, the BVI got the proof of that by simply looking at the incoming traffic.

    But I will agree with the Minster on one thing …
    The Gov have screwed it badly (my opinion not his) but the Gov did get the vaccinations (even if bit late). At this point, its up to the people of the BVI .. take the vaccine.

    The fact they need to beg people to come in and take those vaccines before they will be thrown away is mind boggling.

    the way out of it is in the hands of the people …

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  9. Played out says:

    Curfew needs to be history from now

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  10. vip says:

    health over wealth

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  11. Cruise ships says:

    If the government will be letting fully vaccinated cruise ship passengers enter the BVI in June, what is with all the mixed messages regarding the possibility of lifting the quarantine restrictions and the “possibility” of one test??? Hasnt this been decided? What is with all the games the BVI government keeps playing?

  12. hmmm says:

    i think a better solution would be to impose max operating hours on bars and clubs.

  13. Sea Guy says:

    I’ve planned a charter in the BVI for over a year with 8 of my friends beginning on May 15. Our drop dead date is May 1. If the quarantine and other entry restrictions are still on, I’ll have to cancel. We’ll miss out on the good times and beauty and The BVI will miss out on the revenue. We’re all vaccinated – let us in!

  14. Mike Payne says:

    Please relax your quarantine rules. A vaccinated person should not be put through 4 days of quarantine.

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