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Gov’t developing beach policy | Takes aim at excessive music, noise

Natural Resouces MInister Vinccent Wheatley.

A policy specifically aimed at tackling the various issues such as excessive music and noise at local beaches is being developed.

Minister for Natural Resources Vincent Wheatley told BVI News on Saturday that work has already started on the policy.

His remarks follow complaints by residents on social media that some beachgoers are inconsiderate of others who reside within close proximity to the coastline.

Loudspeakers blaring music for extended periods become a nuisance to those seeking a to rest, particularly on weekends, they argued.

“Noise falls under the Noise Control and Abatement Act, which is being enforced by the police. [But] apart from that, we are currently working on a beach policy which is going to govern our beaches in the BVI,” Wheatley told BVI News.

He continued: “Hopefully it is going to be finished in the next eight to 15 weeks, and that policy would also cover noise.”

He said more information will be forthcoming in the near future.

Excessive noise has been a long-standing issue in the territory.


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  1. Yeess says:

    About time.

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    • Huh says:

      I am a black belonger and think we need to stop the loud music being played at the beach, from cars and from peoples houses. Play your music so you can hear it but it does. It disturb anybody else.
      Either the posts below are written by very ignorant persons or somebody is making a stereotypical joke at our expense.

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    • Albion says:

      I worry that it won’t really matter. Government has no will to enforce basic laws. This is destined to be yet another law which is passed but never enforced.

      If Government was serious about improving the peace and tranquility of the islands, they would start by enforcing the laws about scooter riders without helmets weaving in and out of traffic.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      And the MOTORBIKES.

      A 24 hour noise nuisance everywhere.

  2. It's about time says:

    Thank Youuuuu. Love it.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    This has long been a contention of the white expatriate.

    They are always trying to implement there way of life on others where ever they go.

    And now, unfortunately, we have elected a few who are symphatic to their cunning, and their control without being elected.

    It sad that our elected do not understand the cunningness of that man. Or maybe he does and is bouth out by him.

    Soon, they will asking them to impose on us legislation as when, where and what beach we can attend, since they can no longer chain, fence off and put up no trespassing signs, as they =tied to do in the 80’s, 90’s and before.

    Say one, say two, uncle Ralph never allowed that kind of usurpation of his people’s rights.

    And now my God the young ones have come along and is giving and maybe even selling away our last remaining rights to the white man.

    It is hoped that that piece of legislation is placed where it belongs, in the furnace.

    Lastly, brother Wheatley, think long and hard before you cretate legislation that will foever alter your children and grand children future as BVI citizens.

    Learn the ways and motivations of the beast. You are just a conduit for their personal agenda, which is to take and control all lands, resources and people to their benefit.

    See we can’t even go on a beach and play a little music now, because some white folks who lives in segregated communities up on the hill thinks we should not do what we have been doing for ever.

    Please do npot sell out our rights to freedom and to live s we so damn well chose!!

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    • Expat says:

      There certainly needs to be some law and order and consideration!

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    • Concerned Citizens Brigade says:

      Blasting deafening music from portable speakers (which have only existed since the 80s at the most) is not something anyone has been “doing forever,” and it’s annoying to people of all races who are just trying to enjoy the beach. Nice try.

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    • Reply says:

      I fail to see how this matter has becomes a race issue for you, specifically, one that will be “selling away our last remaining rights to the white man.”

      Are you suggesting that blacks have a right to play their music and make all the noise they want even if it affect others living in the area?

      That’s ridiculous and some ignorant racist bs. Excessive music and noise at local beaches affects everyone in close proximity to it.

      Seems to me any conscientious and respectful person regardless of race would consider the impact of the loudness of the music they play or the noise they make on others regardless of race.

      It’s called being considerate of others. It’s a shame the government even has to even consider legislation to address this issue. You will think people would be considerate of others on their own, and such legislation would not even be necessary, but apparently they are not.

      Please proceed Mr. Wheatley. Do what needs to be done.

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      • CGB says:

        At reply i agree that the noise can be loud at times…i know exactly who is being targeted. So because a few expats complain you want to run and put legislation in place. Mr. Wheatley the livelihood of some of these workers depend on people patronizing an if you froggy and jump because another establishment is complaining go ahead and see what will happen….QG have a worker who is a pain in the rear and always complaining about something down the beach. Long run for meager horse.

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        • Reply says:

          My understanding about what is being proposed here is that the Minister is attempting to address the issue of “excessive music and noise” about the beach. The operative word here is “excessive”.

          Are you suggesting that all levels of noise without restriction or consideration of others should be tolerated without question, and those who may be affected by it should just shut up and stop complaining?

          Where is the compromise? I think people can have fun and play their music, but it should not be to the point whereby it affects other people’s daily lives. Thus the need for a “policy” that outlines some rules that will hopefully be fair to both sides.

          Now, the word “excessive” is a relative term. What is excessive to me may not be to another person, but whatever definition is used, why can’t there be some compromise between business establishments or those who wish to play their music and those who live in the surrounding area?

          I think something can be worked out whereby either side of this issue can be happy and peacefully co-exist, but it cannot be a one way road imo.

          We all live on a tiny little island with limited space. We have a choice to either get along with each other peacefully or to be at each others throat for every little thing that occurs in our daily lives.

          I think there should be a compromise that all aggrieved parties can shake hand on and live with.

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    • Anonymous says:

      The Belonger crap needs to go. The Belongers are squatters. They are not indigenous to the land. Everyone should have the same rights. Stop the apartheid and racist rule in the Territory

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      • What!!!! says:

        Anonymous plz check out the meaning of indigenous people in our Virgin Islands . There aren’t any alive. Black, white , yellow , green we are all what you call “squatters”.

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        • Hmm says:

          No if you believe the narrative given to us yes you would believed that blacks were not indigenous to these land or that the names many of us carry are in fact or names that we brought from Europe and not our slave masters names. Black people read and research and stop blackening the lies.

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          • What!!! says:

            The only indigenous people of our Islands were the Arawak and Cibony Indians . Look it up and stop you racist crap.

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    • BVI says:

      this racist person need locking up.

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    • true says:

      That includes all the church music that blares away to ungodly(pun intended) hours!

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      • @true says:

        They will not touch . that.

        As long as they/we are closing our eyes and imagining a white jesus and a white god, and we are praying to that white sky wizardry, they will be comfortable and tolerable with that and will not seek to stop it..

        They will not touch sky wizadry instituions.

        It is really sad that this whole idea is comming from the white community, who feels that their psuedo priviledge give them the right to agitate to change our ways.

        Indeed, we have always used music in our celebrations and dance.

        Lastly, we do not play loud music at the beaxhes everyday, but they spend every waking . moment of their life tryying to scre us and change our ways to suit theirs.

        That shiggidy is so racist, as usual.

        Could there be some compromise? If any, very little. Like how many deciels are allowed on the beach, on the street, in the church and in the carnival village.

        And will we now be employing decibel policemen?

        What are farce. Can’t they just get along? Muust every thing have to be according to their liking?

        Maybe they should just leave and go back to their neck of the woods.

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    • Hmmmm says:

      You sound like the ratchet type who have no future and bitter of themselves but love to blame others. #checkyourself

    • what says:

      Racist ignorance in full bloom . Sad

    • Jamal says:

      You could start a casino with the
      amount of chips on your shoulder.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Iam going to come round to your house with my mega speakers and play Mozart at you.

  4. Devon says:

    What about the excessive loud dog barking all day and night here ? Surrounded by chained up yard dogs who’s owners don’t give a damm about their neighbours!

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  5. ok says:

    The noise is not ONLY at the beaches.

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  6. Dman says:

    Need to have quiet places and beaches for everyones’ benefit not just tourists.

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  7. Ausar says:

    How about revisiting the laws on the books, to ensure that ALL beaches in the territory, to include ALL of the outer islands, are accessible to all Belongers!!!

    This is where we need to see the focus for our beaching laws!

    Call a meeting among the owners of these outer islands-Necker, Scrub, Moskito,and the others-to inform them of impending upgrades to the laws.

    This should be the only focus with regards to beach. All else dicussed is superficial, and not worthy of the time of day!

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    • @Ausar says:

      Why are you going to Necker or Moskito to go to the beach? Why would you want to go there, over all the other beaches frequented by the public. This is not a trick question, being serious here.

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      • Ausar says:

        Because, Dodo, the laws on the books are that ALL beaches in the territory- which includes all islands,to include those that are privately owned- are for public access.

        What about THAT don’t you understand?

        So, Virgin Islanders should have the right to traverse any beach on any island that comprises these Virgin Islands!!

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  8. Expat from US R Bryan says:

    There certainly needs to be some law and order and consideration!

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  9. Just my two cents says:

    Once again the government is bending to the will of the people who did not elect them.

    Vincent you are looking at laws about the noise on the beaches without looking at the beaches that is close off to the public?

    You trying to please the white man while once again ignoring the voice of the people. Here I was think that VIP was for the people but they are just as bad as the NDP. SELL OUT.

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  10. No says:

    Compromise should be given, because the expat of UK, America amd Europe only and always want to change things to suit there interest at the expense of “others.,” who just happen to be us.

    This is not the first time they have tried this. They have been plugging away other governments, especially VIP ones in getting such legislation through. But up to now, there were minds there that saw tgrough this bull shiggidy and refused to enact such draconian semi-arparthied laws.

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  11. Hmph says:

    White people like to come down here and complain about our culture and customs and we always change to accommodate them.

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  12. dude says:

    Well as long as it’s understood the beach is also for partying and there has to be somewhere in the community that ppl can make noise every now & then.

    • Oh please says:

      When I go to the beach It is to relax, not to be hearing all the loud booming. If you want to listen to loud music on the beach, invest in some ear buds.

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      • New says:

        Or better yet, invest in some Air Pods.

      • Cant says:

        yo self to another beach. What’s wrong with doing that.

        Stop trying to have everyone live the way you think they should live.

        Lastly, to the segrgationist and culture changers, shut your doors and windows and put on ear muffs for a few minutes.

        If that is inconvinient, pack your bags and leave. Stop trying to change people whever you go.

        Put up, shut up or leave!!

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  13. ? says:

    What about the noise the scooters make at any hour at the night what about that

  14. Great says:

    Would that mean that the Puerto Rico festival ( Christmas in July) will have to discontinue.

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  15. Near the Beach says:

    I reside close to the beach and sometimes I feel like going down to the beach and doing some serious damage to those loud boom boxes. I don’t have a problem with people playing their music but please have some consideration.

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  16. Please says:

    It is so darn ghetto when some of these people go on the beach with these loud noises especially on a sacred day like Sunday.

    The police on the northside have been very weak they dont enforce the laws when you call them always an excuse.

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    • ###### says:

      The problem is people don’t respect the beach, they want to come on the beach with the loud music and they leave their garbage behind. I have picked up plenty of garbage that they have left behind on the sand.

  17. Amen says:

    Music to my ears!!! Finally we getting the place back to civilization. The irresponsible and selfish revellers are spoiling every beach, one by one. Glad to see that some action is being taken.

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  18. Home owner says:

    The only complaints are from the white beach front owners . Mr minister plz dont let these people take away what’s left of our culture

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  19. Oh Booyy!! says:

    Look at all those segregated vikage idiots. They just do not have the capacity to accept truth when it is not in their intrest.

    Sad bunch.

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  20. @What says:

    The only racist here are those that live in segregated communities, but want to dictate how we live.

    Everyone knows their nature and their vile hatred for us.

    What’s racist about those of us who speak truth buddy?

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  21. @just my two cents says:

    We love the brother as we should, but your mention is and was of paramounr concern of the brother getting in and winning in politics.

    You mention was and will remain some of us major concern.

    Some believe that the brother is to symphatic to them 1) and that he has a heart that is to soft to deal with their cunning 2).

  22. Home Boy says:

    Here we go about Black and White as it relates to this noise issue. I am a born Virgin Islander born and lived here all my life. We are out of control in most things we do and this noise not only on the beach is out of control far to long. The other noise that is out of control is the noisy motor scooters. Putting laws and not enforcing them is useless. Hope we get serious and act and not just lip service, time for us to get serious and take back the Virgin Islands from those who want to do as they please without consideration for others. We all live here and should enjoy peace and quiet when that time permits.

  23. LCS says:

    Consideration to other people should have nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. There are people who go to the beach to relax and they have the right to enjoy this. On weekends by Brandywine Bay beach there are remote controlled boats making loud noise for many hours. When are the residents going to relax, rest and enjoy their homes? It’s insane just sitting there with these boats going around in circles and being so loud! There must be something better to do with their time without being a nuisance to the neighbourhood.

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