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Govt entering development agreement for 5-star resort on VG

Another resort is being developed in the British Virgin Islands.

According to a report from Cabinet, a five-star luxury resort is to be developed at Blunder Bay, North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

Cabinet also reported that it has decided, in principle, for government to finalise negotiations to enter into a development agreement with the developers of the project, Blunder Bay Development Corporation Limited.

These negotiations will include a termination clause and what Cabinet described as a ‘performance bond’.

This clause and bond are conditions of the agreement that will be applied before government grants a lease to the developers.

News of this development follows an agreement between government and Audubon Holdings Limited to build a major resort on the privately-owned Norman Island.

The cost of that development is projected to exceed $200 million.

The funds will be pumped into three potential 20 to 30-room hotels and 75 to 100 residences.

Development will also include the addition of another restaurant on the island, a floating pool, a beach bar, a water sports centre, as well as a spa, an observatory, and boat slips for day visitors and residents.


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  1. Good says:

    news. A clear demonstration, like or hate them, of a group of human beings doing the future bidding for country, and despite the personal and group politic struggles.

    The following will be further away, but it is hoped that the same old exploitative wages will be negotiated upwards.

    As, exploitative wages for highly productive and profit gaining labour should be relegated to the dump heap.

    The investor and the product user must be happy, but so to should those who ensure the happiness of the investor and user with their labour.

    • Mmm says:

      What a bunch of tripe. Are you by chance “anonymous”posting under another name? Please stop lay on the beach and get am a sunshine.

  2. BIG QUESTION says:


  3. Sam the man says:

    The No Direction Party sure moves fast to do the things it wants to! Never mind about boring stuff like repairing the Islands roads,infrastructure,schools, sewage works, waste disposal facilities, ferry terminals etc no sir …but a few last chances to get some nice large back handlers for more developments yes sir “show me the money” no doubt soon the Not needed airport runway expansion will be resurrected yet again – sigh so predictable, bet they will all turn up on time to sign the development agreement and swiftly cash their cheques !!! HOA is secondary to our ministers self aggrandisement and greed….

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  4. What Time Is It? says:

    With BVI being a mere 60 Sq miles, with an exploding population of a projected 50,000 in just a few years, and perhaps 100,000 and more in time to come,Visionary government/s would have/should have explore/embark on the creation of a Land Bank. This visionary/creative idea has long been voiced by leader of the United Party, Conrad Maduro a past leader of the Opposition. Regretfully government of the day, though aggressively encouraged to purchase Norman Island when it was being sold back in the 70s or 80s didn’t. Also regretful was government’s lack of vision/interest to purchase Mosquito Island, though encouraged by leader of the opposition, R.T O’neal when it was being sold a few years ago ( 4 or 5). Richard Branson bought it for about 15-mil. Oil Nut Bay, a 300 acre block was acquired for some 20 mill. Meanwhile we found 7+ mill to give away to a one-plane airline, millions more for consultancy for the airport extension and 40 mill over-run on the pier extension. Visionary Leadership matters. 2019 might just be our last chance to get the leadership we need. Lets leave our Emotions out of the Voting Booth this time around.

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    • Be real! says:

      The whole land bank notion is complete nonsense. Until the mentalities change, nothing will. All of the prime properties were owned by local families and most of them sold out for high life overseas. Why do we love to blame the Government for our short-sighted ways and ignorance? Voting persons into Government will NOT change what is happening in the BVI! Our mentalities need to change, WE NEED TO BE THE CHANGE WE SEEK! Keep palming off the responsibilities on government and see if anything changes. The roads, waste, etc. we all mess up things and just blame Government for it.

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      • What Time Is It? says:

        @ Be Real, I’d like to mention a couple things that were impossible to accomplish. Circumnavigating the globe, putting men on the moon.
        Right here at home Stoutt Community College wasn’t supposed to happen or seen as an impossible task.
        If anyone wants anything badly enough they will get it. We will wake up not long from now and see the true situation we are in, in several areas. BVI might be perceived to be this big country like other parts and many folks are not seeing or think it a big problem selling their islands and lands. Driving from Road Town to West End or to Beef Island takes only 15 or 20 minuets before you drive into the sea. On Virgin Gorda it takes only 10 minutes to drive from the Valley to Gun Creek, North Sound. Meanwhile the population is growing significantly and BVI are already outnumbered. Only a few weeks ago our population was estimated to expand to about 50,000 over the next few years; so if creating a land bank is such a useless idea, then lets not worry about it and keep on moving in the direction we are heading.

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    • Facts says:

      RB paid $ 25 million, DJ paid $ 50 million

    • BuzzBvi says:

      Giving land away and buying fictional planes is where the VI is at.
      Some local people with power gain from these transactions while everyone else loses and pays the price.
      It is only OK if you are the one in power getting the prize.
      They will not care about YOU!

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  5. He Own No Land Is................ says:

    He who gives his away is a fool!

    “Visionary Leadership matters,” Agreed! Also, thanks for sharing those important facts.

    However, having visionary Leadership is akin to a double edge sword, when if the voting populace is not equally proficient in recognising ” Visionary Leadership,” and continue to exercise voting rights solely on emotions and or personal likes, hatreds or dislikes.

    Secondly, Visionary Leadership, which some claim we had back then, would not have allowed Mosquito Island, Norman Island and Oil nut Bay, to name few, and gone forever treasures,to be given away for pennies.

    While, such gems such as Spring Bay was literally stolen from the Vanterpool’s for some Sunday food. There were leaders there then that could’ve stopped that thievery of one of our gems, but did nothing to.

    Visionary leadership also represents respecting views that are not agreed upon by all, and regardless of who the messenger might be.

    Visionary Leadership should know of past mistakes and create legislation not only to fix them, but to ensure they never happen as a nesting spot is established for the future generations, least they become landless peons in their own land.

    As, unless corrected immediately, the BVI is fast becoming another South Africa, where the majority people are totally landless and forced to live in shanty ghettos.

    A visionary leader would recognise this and place the securing what is left of our lands for future generations on his her campaign manifesto to elected office..

    Anyone seeking elected office that does not see land reserves as a critical issue facing VIslanders should not be running, period!

    Because those who do not are the ones that will continue to sell our remaining square inches to the highest bidding European, a man who knows, understands, acquires and keeps permanently the land and its value.

    It’s time to [put common sense, national land interest and local survive ability first.

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  6. BuzzBvi says:

    Does no one in the BVI ever question why these are getting signed now. Who is benefitting? Who gets the kick backs? What controls are in place? Are the people ever asked if it is right for them?
    What is the incentive for the present Government to suddenly enter into these agreements.
    There will be a huge price to pay by everyone else for the short term gain of a few politically powerful people who stand to gain from these deals.
    Please start to ask questions.
    Ask them of the people who are now jumping parties about their opinion.
    Everyone one stays quiet because they all want to do the same on their watch should they get elected. No one seems to want to stand out and do what is right for the people that live day to day lives in the British Virgin Islands.
    Some will do well. The rest will pay the price.
    That is the way of the Virgin Islands.
    Maybe vote for the candidates that say they will reverse these “agreements”.

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  7. Reporter says:

    This Blunder Bay deal talk being presented at this time is deceptive and Doctor Smith is being disingenuous. The land acquisition transaction was done at least 10 years ago. Villa lots were surveyed demarcated and numbered during 2014. Electricity and water 2014. The lots were originally going to be sold individually. However that might have changed whereby a single company or group might have been formed to do the the entire 10 villa look alike development. Again, its deceptive for government to pretend it to be a totally new development at this time as a last minute attempt to promote the NDP as hard at work; thus garner votes and perhaps a chance for a 4th term at the wheel of government; and perhaps a last-minute chance to create a legacy. But legacies in politics are created by representing, empowering, act transparent, accountable, by being a government in the sunshine, abide by protocols in place, manage taxpayers moneys and resources wisely. You don’t shipwreck the country, do a couple photo opts signing developmental deals that were in the works eons ago. Its Sun set time on the NDP government Doc.

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  8. love says:

    I am happy because the owners are local

  9. What Time Is It? says:

    Love, the owners of Blunder Bay are not locals. government owns the land; or used to (I certainly don’t understand how any one can still own land that was leased for 99 years or like Nail Bay that is holding a 198-years lease. The acquirer of the lease is a Virgin Gordian, living on Tortola. The developer of the land is the owner of a certain insurance company on Tortola. If you are a Tolian, I don’t know what this information is worth to you unless the company sold shares in the development.

    The Bible: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding”. KJV Proverbs 4.7

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