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Gov’t extends curfew for 7 more days!

A section of Tortola

Government has extended the current ‘8 pm to 5 am’ curfew for another seven days.

According to a September 30 publication in government’s official newsletter, the Gazette, the curfew will run from Thursday, October 1, to Thursday, October 8.

Under this latest curfew order, most businesses including spas, salons, hairdressers, and barbershops are permitted to operate between 5 am and 8 pm provided that they have been inspected and approved by the Social Distancing Monitoring Task Force and certified by the Environmental Health Division.

These businesses are also required to comply with all COVID-19 health protocols.

Businesses prohibited from operating

However, the following businesses and establishments are still NOT permitted to operate: cinemas, public pools; bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment services.

As for vessel operators, persons are prohibited from operating vessels in BVI waters between 6 pm and 5 am daily; except for ferry operators who may travel between 5 am and 8 pm.

The curfew order further said persons are prohibited from operating a vessel within the territory’s maritime exclusion zones, except where authorised by the Joint Task Force.

It added: “A person operating a domestic air travel service may be permitted to operate such service, provided that such service is operated in accordance with existing social distancing protocols.” 

“A person operating a freight courier or a charter travelling traveling between the territory and the US Virgin Islands may be permitted to operate such couriers or companies subject to strict adherence to the requirements … and fortnightly testing,” the order further read.

COVID-19 Stats
Confirmed cases – 71
Active cases – 3
Recoveries – 67
Deaths – 1
Number of Persons Tested – Over 4,800

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  1. VEX says:

    dem fulla phuck

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  2. How says:

    How exactly is the Foy opening for tourists Dec 1 when he’s keeping the curfew going another week. This is ridiculous. Want to do something? Enforce people to wear masks. Keeping people home locked up so that Foy and his cronies are out at night b***ging in d***s and c********s. Only reason to have a nighttime curfew and not want the Brits patrolling the waters. He’s up to no good and he needs to be sent out of the Territory for t*****n and d******tion of duty.

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  3. Lodger says:



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    • MP says:

      For your own good, stay home because we still at a high level threat with the virus.

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    • Answer says:


      A) people are putting up with it like children.

      B) the so called pandemic can latter be used as an excuse to justify the government’s ineptitude.

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  4. Mitch Plan says:

    Here we go again with no plan. I don’t have a plan either but leh we plan to make a plan so we can plan to come up with a plan for plan sake.

    Oh s**t I forget I ain’t mice like I Christ like and I have to plan to not return to the HOA or my district will plan to vote me out.


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  5. Anonymous says:

    Every bar should with hold paying all taxes and fees. Can’t pay what yo didn;t make. Churches and others making theirs while others sucking salt, and RONA in there like every where else, Not fair to those business people at all.

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  6. Jane says:

    I am an adult and I am getting very annoyed having my freedom curtailed in this way. Keep nightclubs closed, keep bars closed. But seriously, why the heck should I have to be kept at home after 8pm? My 6 year old goes to bed later than that for goodness sake.

    This virus is not more virulent after dark. There is no good reason for this restriction and it needs to stop now.

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  7. come on ! says:


  8. hmmmm says:

    if everyone keeping there mouth shut , he will continue to do whatever wants , until people rise up , dont expect no change , and as for december 1st, thats just a date to keep everyone quiet

  9. Boo says:

    What is the basis of this curfew. Is there some crime or nefarious activities in the night that the Police need to handle? It certainly isn’t Covid

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