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Gov’t gave all district reps roughly $325K yearly, Walwyn tells D1 residents

Walwyn (left) and Fahie

Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Myron Walwyn has issued what could be described as a bold rebuttal to district representatives — particularly those who sat in the parliamentary opposition for the last two terms — who have been claiming that the NDP government did not provide them with funding to represent their respective constituencies.

Speaking in the First Electoral District — a constituency that VIP leader Andrew Fahie has held since 1999 — Walwyn claimed each district representative receives at least $325,000 annually to improve their district.

“Over the last eight years, we have worked to ensure from a governance perspective that each district [receives] equal financial support to improve the physical structure or infrastructure of the districts, the development of the social programmes for young and old, and to improve the overall quality of life for residents. To do this end, each representative now receives $125,000 per year in their district allocations,” Walwyn said.

The NDP leader claimed each district also receives an addition annually budget of approximately $200,000 for district projects. This additional sum is budgeted through the Ministry of Communications & Works and does not include major capital projects, Walwyn said.

“Those funds are spent through consultation with the district representatives on which project to work on and who should receive those contracts to complete the work,” Walwyn explained.

He continued: “I have been hearing that some representatives have been saying that over the past eight years they haven’t gotten any money to support their districts. Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you tonight. That is false. Each one of them received in total at least $325,000 at their disposal.”

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  1. To me says:

    I do not believe a thing Walwyn says

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    • Backward< says:

      Fahie played the people for 20 years and he have nothing to show for it. How is it possible Frasier went in the same time with him and got so much done? He knows how to play with people’s emotions.

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      • hog city says:

        Fraser is a doer while the other one is a talker

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      • Cut them loose says:

        And how much does it give territorial reps Mr Walwyn? What did you do with yours? How much did you put into the first district? Or the third? or any of the others?

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      • sense says:

        BVI people are really some of the smartest and dumbest people in the caribbean. people, they are articles and house of assembly sittings where Hon. Fahie spoke aloud and asked them why they not giving him his money for his people and that they (com. and works.) reallocate his money and spend else where and they never give him an answer they just ignore. so if it wasn’t true why didn’t the ndp say he was lying in the HoA.

    • Fact check says:

      You do not have to believe Mr. Walwyn. You can fact check it for your self. And if it is so, I wonder how this money is spent because the districts look despicable and are in a total disrepair.

      Do they have to account for how these funds are spent? They need a tighter rein on the spending because only a few benefit. It is not spent on the overall benefit for any district.

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    • Biggie says:

      Walwyn why didn’t you and your party release the audits?
      Why won’t you support whistleblower laws? Whatcha hiding?

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    • The Hooded Claw says:

      $325K X 20 years = 7.5 Million. Did Fahie outspend NDP airline investment with nothing to show??? Hmmm..

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  2. Joke! says:

    Stop the talk and show us facts. However, $325,000 per year is chicken feed for the operation of any district. One party holding down another party because they represent another district is not right for our country as a whole.

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  3. Zone 6 says:

    So Alvera what you did with yours? You mean to tell me you was in a position to help the people in purcell? now talking p**s buh you do all that you could.

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  4. Why? says:

    Why does Myron always have a beef with Fahie? The guy is too petty.

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  5. i wonder says:

    Who is telling us the truth?

    • Chicken feed says:

      It may be chicken feed to you, but it is a lot. I do not see even $20.00 worth of rehabilitation to these districts. It is a crying shame!

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      • Weir D. Playne says:

        How is it a lot when a simple wall cost more than 4 full years of district money. I guarantee if he just built a wall nobody would be pleased and would feel like the money got stolen because nobody would believe that a wall is the value of 4 years of district money.

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    Myron we will not fall for your distraction tactics anymore. You full well know that you and the NDP did not fund any significant government projects in the 1st District. The West End port, Isabella Morris School, Fire station, Community Centers and the list goes on and on of what all your NDP did not fix nor fund in the 1st district. You full well know that the money you speak of cannot fix them and is not assigned to do such work. Stop taking us for FOOLS!!!

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    • May be so says:

      But having nothing done with all that money is a shame. Look around the district and be honest with yourself. The point is Andrew got the money. Where did it go?

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      • West side says:

        He paid to carry your kids to college, he paid to improve the education level of our youths, he assisted the elderly in defraying their daily costs and much more. Of course these hold value that cannot be seen but must be measured. Its not just about what you can see before your eyes, but this is just how far some can far as their noses, especially when you di not want to give credit where it is due.

  7. Hmmm says:

    Every time I listen to this man he is after Fahie and the VIP. Clearly he is concern. He never mentions the other parties and their leaders.

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    • Think! says:

      Fahie focuses on NDP, that’s why. Plus, the other Parties are not in the running for government. Why focus on your weaker/weakest links?

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    • Clam says:

      Concern about who? The person who fahie has on his team to take over from Walwyn as Education Minister is a young lady who ran from our public school system when it became challenging. A young lady who started the ‘word on the street’ movement to fool the young people to vote for her last election and the ‘voice’ disappeared after elections, only to reappear now claiming to care. Concern? the only concern is for the people of the BVI to be fooled by that lightweight VIP team. Be careful with your votes.

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      • Vip says:

        Vincent Wheatley can hold the post of education minister he teaches for many years

      • Yep says:

        Promises of posts. The girl mother is who pushing her and if The Head know what good for he he need to leave that girl way she is. We still waiting to hear what otterbox promised for all this funding the green machine receiving from him. Those eat ups at the west restaurant have to be real good mey boy. We want to know who our new FS and DFS will be. They came out swinging defending that they were not responsible for Myron wife thing and the ones before that dilemma they are not responding to.

    • Wel Sah says:

      @Hmmm and every time I listen to Andrew, Claude and John. They after Myron only..Hardly NDP.

  8. To the media says:

    Why do you all always promote a war like atmosphere with these two? It makes no sense.

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  9. Not again says:

    You gone down in the 1st district and try to find an excuse why the NDP have not done a thing in the 1st District for 4 years. You should be shame of yourself.

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  10. Shade light says:

    Let us say Fahie didn’t do anything for the district then why Myron who At Large and a Minister of the NDP government and his other three At-Large members did not step in and do? Stop taking us for idiots.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow, wow, wow! where did and does it go?

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  12. trb says:

    if this is so why when it had that march one of fahie’s questions to the goverment was why they stop ditrict budgets??….

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  13. Good morning says:

    All should’ve stopped him he and his voters are doing this memes and turns around and say it’s the VIP he’s trying to turn district One against Fahie

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  14. Weir D. Playne says:

    I believe Myron so based on that the High School wall cost more than what district representatives received in 4 full years and that supposed to make sense.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    This need to be changed. We can’t be this backward. Too many consultants are receiving more than what the district get for multiple years. The wall cost a full term. RDA manager gets the same as a district. The missing plane could have fund a district for over 20 years.

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  16. Rich Honeycutt says:

    Yaaaaawn. Next

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  17. 4th District says:

    Myrum the wall, the wall, the wall.

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  18. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Hon Myron Walwyn, leader of the NDP, is being fast and loose with the facts. True, each district rep may have direct control of the $125K annual allocation. However, he is throwing shade and creating the impression that district reps have direct control over the supposed $200K allocated for special projects in each district annually. In fact, the MCW controls the supposed $200K. It is also an open secret that residents of opposition held districts get punished and starved for needed services based on how a majority exercised their constitutional right. This behaviour is immoral and despicable.

    Moreover, the MCW role and responsibility is to allocate services to districts based on needs, not politics. In a well executed public works programme, that supposed $1.8M that is earmarked for special projects in equal allocations per district should be part of public works budget to be expended on districts based on the greatest need. Public works should maintain a current listing of districts needs and should plan, programme, budget…..etc to meet these needs based available funding, priority…….etc. Let’s stop the Trumpism!

    On another note, another candidate for D-5 is suggesting that the $125K allocated annually to district reps should be abolished. If the political environment were diffrent, I would agree. As noted earlier, opposition districts get punished and starved for services solely based on not voting for the incumbent government candidate. Take away the allocation and these districts would experienced even greater pain and starvation. Further, public works and other service providers should be delivering services to districts equitably based on the most critical need. But this is not currently the case. At large candidates should be representing the whole territory but it seems like opposition areas get less attention.

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  19. ThinkTank says:

    See why you can’t believe ANYTHING THE NDP SAYS and Myron. You’re saying each district gets 125000 along with another 200000 but yet Hon Alvera came on these forums and even made a video along with Mark stating her hands were tied. I drive through the 6th district and know it very well. For the past 8 years where has the money been going then? The guts are still a mess and no major projects have been done in the 6th district for years so you tell me how you could be pointing fingers.I saw that she hired a few of her f***** to do work painting the schools in Baughers Bay, trucking jobs and other bush cutting work….mmmmh the list can go on. Listen if you people keep listening to these people argue and pointing fingers when they look in the mirror every single problem we face it’s from the man in the mirror not Progressive United, Not Virgin Islands Party it’s all on them. They had their chance and like a bad relationship, you have to let them go.

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  20. ??? says:

    Where is the Money? District 6 needs help.

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  21. $325K says:

    I would ask if the $325K included in the bushing cutting money????

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  22. Haha says:

    Thank you Myron! Now you making your party look like fools. Delores, Alvera and Hubert have all complained in the past about having to beg or not receiving the help that was requested. Mark himself has acknowledged how some of them were harassed him for help. So what is really going on? Is the money not enough to accomplish anything significant and why aren’t the ministers distributing help where needed so that all districts are adequately covered. Before I go I’ll leave you all with an excerpt by Hon Marlon Penn aspriring Deputy Premier, “Eight million dollars was taken from the money that was borrowed to get sewerage done Madame Speaker and shifted elsewhere and now the people of my community still have to suffer with sewerage running in the streets because we lack the discipline to do the things that we need to,” Hon. Penn stated. Marlon is not saying that PVIM, PU or VIP lacked discipline he is condemning his own NDP.

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  23. Really says:

    Who was holding down the 9th under VIP? for all those long years?

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  24. RealPol says:

    Like the Walwyn has written off Fraser and Skelton and going after Fahie hard with half-truths, untruths…….etc. Walwyn knows that District Reps don’t control this mystical $200,000 for special projects, especially if you are D-1 and D-3 reps. Yet he is creating the impression that Fahie gets an additional $200,000, along with the standard $125,000, totaling $325,000. Walwyn is an At Large Rep so how much of his At Large Rep allocation does he spend in D-1? This reeks of deceit, plots, treachery, vice……etc. This is a Machiavellian tactics, ie, by any means necessary. Win on ideas, plans, programmes, policies, record, performance………etc. Stop being a snake oil salesman and stop peddling fake news. Let’s keep it real.

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  25. hmmm says:

    ok good to know but you should tell that to the other districts tooooo why district 1 alone, let the people know your party leaders had the same amount for their districts too.

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  26. smh says:

    What’s Alvera’s excuse, again?

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  27. Heekup says:

    Then what you spend your money on why mich have to cry so hstd to het something dun in his district, i dont think you talking any trough here.

  28. Mufasa says:


  29. I see says:

    The consultant working real hard for the green machine… we are not releasing Alvera nor Marlon…. the only change will be in the 9th and 5th. We will not have an outright NDP, VIP, PVIM or PU Government. We want real change. Right now from what we see only the PVIM, PU and independents don’t have any big financial givers behind them. Coalition is an order. Trust the process. The consultant can do all they want geeen machine we ain’t biting.

  30. Leadership says:

    How many have noticed that NDP replaced their big sign in Road Town saying ‘Proven Leadership’.

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