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Gov’t gifts local centenarian with $5,000

Mrs Edna Flax

Living to see 100 years old is not something very many persons get to experience.

Virgin Gorda resident Eda Flax Varlack is one of the few local who reached that milestone and was gifted with $5,000 grant as a result.

Cabinet approved for the centenarian to receive the grant during a previous meeting this month.

Mrs Flax Varlack turned 100 on November 29.

Her birthday was also marked with a special church ceremony in the Valley, Virgin Gorda and with visits from officials such as Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr. The centenarian also received a personal message from Her Majesty the Queen.


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  1. WTF says:

    This is a wonderful gesture by government to our centenarians. The only problem that I have is that the program should be for Virgin Islanders who stayed here, lived and worked all their lives. There are Virgin Islanders who moved away, never paid taxes or made any contribution to this territory. But those that live to be a 100 years which they lived in another jurisdiction, come here for this benefit under the guise that they were born here. Government needs to change the policy so that this reward go to people who lived, worked and contributed to the development of this territory. Congratulations Mrs. Flax
    May God continue to bless you.

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    • BLACK says:

      Just so you know she born in east end and move to VG after getting married and been here ever since. never lived no place else and worked at LDB hotel for many years till retirement.

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    • tola gyal says:

      Who do you refer to?

    • Out of order says:

      Make your comment on an article where this is relevant. You know nothing of Mrs Flax or else you would not say that. Where were you when her and her husband’s home was the VG post office? Where were you when she was baking tarts for the community? Where were you when she was at church every Sunday?
      If your words don’t leave a positive note then don’t say anything at all.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You should have just congratulated Mrs Flax on living to be 100 years, and close your mouth after. All this other dribble you wrote is nothing but plain divisive non-sense. For God sake we are speaking of a 100 year old woman! Something is wrong with you.

    Congrats to Mrs. Falx. You have been blessed with 100 years of life, a milestone most of us would not achieve. God Bless. May you live many more years. If I were close by, I would throw in an extra hundred.


  3. Quit Right says:

    What’s with the thumbs down? WTF is on the button. Too much time people take when they did not contribute. Let’s hope someone will heed the advice. And b4 we get in a twist and hit dislike or thumbs down reflect on the truth of the matter. Congrats Mrs. Flax.

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    • QUIT says:

      “Too much people take”….Quit Right you are a “&*%$” fool. If the government or whomever wants to honour a centurion, what the rice are you say what you said. Did the person(s) honoured ask for anything or handouts? It’s sort of given an individual a token of gift for reaching such a milestone. Greed is killing our societies. It should not matter anyway where someone live or came from, if they achieve anything in life be it bursting their hips off paving the way for people like all you, or simple living humbly enough that our God could spare them to live to see 100 years, let’s us bless them man. Turning such an honourable gesture into foolishness. Wish the lady well and let her be in peace with her birthday gift!

  4. Excellent says:

    Congratulations Mrs EDA Flax!

  5. Proud family member says:

    To WTF – first of all the letters used as your name are crude and do not belong in an article celebrating the life of a 100 year old lady. Second, she is not one who went away and came back to collect money from the government. She was born in East End and moved to Virgin Gorda as a teenager, living there ever since. She was the wife of a dedicated government employee, Malvin Flax, who served Virgin Gorda with distinction for 55 years. He was recognized by Her Majesty the Queen for his outstanding service. Mrs. EDA Flax stood by him for all of those years and more. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE for your comments about people who leave and return to collect money. If you have nothing kind to say – SHUT UP!!!!

    • Wow says:

      Firstly; let me congratulate Mrs Flax on this milestone as not many persons get to live to be 100 years plus. Congratulations and God’s blessings upon her life.

      I have read the words uttered by the blogger named WTF and frankly; I did not read anything that the poster said relating to the centenarian as negative. Whomever, I believe was just giving a general opinion on the matter. Who knows maybe WTF is aware of such situation that he/she wants to bring awareness.

      We must learn to decipher through other’s writings and not take everything personal. Lastly, again WTF could simple be the persons initials to their name but here this blogger took offence to the name “wtf”. Do you see how we look at things in life as always something “negative”? My gosh; for me sometimes reading the blogs does be a task other times hilarious. We all need to “think” outside the box as not everything is what it seem.

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    • WTF says:

      @proud family member
      Those are my initials to the name that I was given. Sorry if they offend you.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Flax, may God continue to richly bless you to see many more years to come. We also had another centenarian over the weekend in the name of Mrs. Enel Snith. Happy Birthday ladies.

  7. Just so you know says:

    This should be common sense, but common sense is uncommon, so I will spell it out. If WTF or anyone else has a problem with the government policy on presenting $5000 to people who reach the amazing age of 100 years, he/she should take it up with government. Negativity has no place on an article that celebrating someone’s 100th birthday. We don’t care what you think about the policy.
    Find your own forum!

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  8. Concern says:

    Congratulations MrsFlax. The Lord promised only three scores and Ten give him thanks. WTF has a right to their comment. I look at it, the persons that move away might not have done it on there own accord. They could have made there contributions, live a good life but circumstances dictates. But in there heart of hearts they are still Virgin Islanders no matter where they are.

  9. GWEN says:

    life is too short for all the negativity.

    YOU are only remembered by what you have done.

    Congratulations, Ms. Flax.

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