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Gov’t gives Skelton Cline $98K consultancy contract

Skelton Cline

A staunch supporter of the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party administration Claude Skelton-Cline has inked a consultancy contract with the government for close to $100,000.

The six-month contract was awarded to his company – Grace Consultants – to the tune of $98,000.

Skelton-Cline’s company will be tasked to provide advice on how to create a climate resilient and renewable energy unit and similar projects.

“The consultancy will monitor the planning and execution that would ensure the delivery of a programme to provide business development and advise on the development and implementation of initiatives designed to empower youth,” a government release said.


In the meantime, Grace Consultants will also lead negotiations with stakeholders in the telecommunications sector.

The negotiations will be centred around new terms of service.

The company will also be tasked to lead discussions on the current status and the future of Prospect Reef.

The release added: “Responsibilities of this consultancy include formalising and leading the strategic planning process, focusing on short- and long-term initiatives, translating strategies into actionable and quantitative plans; facilitating the execution of the strategy by working collaboratively with ministerial leadership, special committees, private sector, regional and international bodies, and consultants to support execution of key initiatives.”


Skelton-Cline was also made Chair of Cruise Tourism Committee.

His company will be expected to head negotiations for new Cruise Line Berthing Agreements as well as to identify and facilitate a seaplane tour excursion initiative.

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  1. Change says:

    They were glad to get rid of the NDP, but the more things change, it is the more they remain the same!

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    • Do the Maths... says:

      Six months Contract for $98,000
      Computed for 1 year total $196,000
      Computed for enter VIP term $784,000

      This is madness.

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    • Albion says:

      Honestly speaking, Andrew Fahie and his colleagues are starting to find out how much ‘free publicity’ is going to cost them. First V**O, now this.

      Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

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      • To Albion says:

        This matter was a government press release and not a leak. Which means that the VIP did not hide what they are doing with the tax payers money unlike the NDP who hid everything.

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        • Please says:

          this is your defense of this madness?
          seriously? if said NDP government had done this whether leaked information or not….you would have vilified their behind until you couldnt see the stick… what exactly is your rationalization, that because they announced it themselves, they are not doing dumb c**p with with the money?!

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    • Anonymous says:

      The African just can’t keep it honest. Doesn’t matter who is in charge nor where the location is on the planet. The same stealing from the public coffers to fill the pockets of the rulers and their buddies. Best kept secret…lmfao

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      • That says:

        “African can’t keep it honest” is so stereotypically racist its benign.

        It is equivalent to spouting through the filth hole, that European caucasian just can’t keep it honest, even though there is much more truth to that than there is the former.

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        • Last Stronghold says:

          The OTs where blacks are a majority are the last reminaing strongholds of racism and segregation and it ending soon – much as they hate that idea

      • appalled says:

        I am appalled at the number of likes on this incredibly racist comment.

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        • Likes from Whites says:

          There are a number of whites in the BVI who believed it was a part of apartheid South Africa when they moved here- only to find tht Negros had rights- that is where the likes are coming from

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      • HYPOCRISY says:

        —— hate being called out for their clear prejudices and racism- but are quick to accuse others of racism and bigotry- I wonder why—-

    • Anonymous says:

      With regards to Skelton Cline, looks and smells like the funk the then opposition, now ruling party and government, were daily extrapolation upon in the HOA and media.

      It is apparent, then, that the more the electorate vote for and expect change, as in life in general, but especially in politics and big money, the more they stay the same, it appears.

      Meanwhile, the only difference now is, there a seemingly acceptance of the smell of cronyism and other, while the barrage of attacks on a particular “bald head” has all but subsided.

      Hence, the symptoms have subsided, but the core cause may not have been cured?

      Expecting any significant in the governance of the government and its financial apparatuses is in deed a futile expectation, it may appear.

      Nonetheless, success for and upward financial mobility for this country, this government and its people is our only desire.

      Because, if they fail, we all fail!. If their belly empty, our belly will be empty. If their roof leaks, ours will pour!

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      We can only hope they get rid of him never to return in 6 months. Ah hope that is what we had when NDP got rid of VIP and that is what we had when VIP got rid of NDP until Willock and now this. Oh Dear. Better if they let him keep the 98,000 and get rid of him now and get a real consultant. If that is what it costs get rid and not waste 6 months of informed development as well.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Blatant corruption.

      Come on Governor

      Do something.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      This is our money being spent on this talent free individual.

      How long can these things go on?

  2. Crazy! says:

    So many different areas, absolutely non of which this man is an authority. I shame for the VIP

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  3. Backward< says:

    OMG WELL,WELL,WELL Isn’t this why we replaced the NDP in the last election? What’s wrong with these people? Don’t the VIP understand we the people got fedup with the NDP for wasting our money and now they are doing the same? Keep it up.

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    • every dog has his day says:

      Only 45 more months of this b**l schit

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      • SMH says:

        Then what? Put back in NDP??? Strupes

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        • @SMH says:

          Nope, there is a new party forming in secret. VIP,done.NDP,done. I know because my daughter is one of the young bloods that meet at my residence every week to discuss the new Party they are putting together. A big change is comming very soon for the BVI.

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          • yellow says:

            I hope so.
            This nonsense is just more of the same.
            Of course I wasn’t expecting anything else from Fahie. He like to preach but he been desperate to get his chubby hands on the cookie jar for a long time

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  4. Reply says:


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    • Reply says:

      Let me expand on my post because I find this reported consultancy quite interesting and lends to some questions and observations.

      Is this consultancy a prime example of cronyism?

      Here you have a guy that is the former director of ports under the NDP government, a job for which many thought he was not qualified.

      His contract for that job was not renewed after its expiration. Consequently, he took the government to court, a matter that is still pending.

      In the interim, he appeared to have engaged in a war against the same government that offered him that job relative to his contract non-renewal, while simultaneously lending support in words and deeds to the Opposition, who now leads the government.

      Now, it looks like he is apparently being rewarded for that effort.

      If this is not the text book definition of cronyism, then I don’t know what that definition is.

      When the VIP was in the Opposition, they railed against alleged cronyism and corruption within the NDP government, yet it appears they are following in their footsteps, and doing the exact same things they railed against.

      Now, I am not against anyone making a dollar to feed themselves and their families, but let’s call this what it is: cronyism.

      If it walks and talks like a crony, it is a crony.

      I find it fascinating that this individual in question somehow managed to position themselves at the trough of both the NDP and now VIP government’s to suck on either nipples. I give him credit. He outsmarted them both.

      Someone once said to me, “If you find an @ss, ride it”. Looks like this guy found two, and having the ride of his life.

      BVInews selected the right pic of him for this article. He has $98,000 reasons to smile. Nice smile I might add.

      The VIP bets not cross him. He has demonstrated that he has no fear of the courthouse. He may have a second case before the courts if they do….and more cases could potentially lead to more money.

      You know, if you going to start suckling on the government nipples, you gotta know how to keep suckling even after the cow dies.

      Now, I am not hating the player, just hating the game and calling it the way I see it: Cronyism at its best.

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      • E Scott says:

        And left the port authority before many arrested for bribery and scams to extort money from people

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      • Neutral says:

        @rReply: Cronyism is and will always be in politics. Lets face it. It happens worldwide so the BVI is no exception. It will never change. The NDP would have given the contract to one of its supporters. The VIP has given it to one of theirs. So regardless of which party is in power it will happen. Enjoy life and stop sweating about the small stuff. Its all tax payers money at the end of the day and we all pay taxes. Some just pay more than others…Bless

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        • fair says:

          Agreed, however at lease reward a supporter who is competent in these areas. Perhaps a consultancy contract related to brown nosing would of been more appropriate for this person.

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        • Reply says:

          @Neutral. Surely cronyism is not unique to the BVI, but that fact does not make it right or justifiable.

          Cronyism diminishes faith in our government and the services it renders. That’s not a good thing.

          Furthermore, this specific case makes the VIP looks like hypocrites. They were elected in part after promising to be transparent, and certainly not as an agent of corruption or cronyism.

          IMO, this consultancy flies in the face of their promises.

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          • @Reply says:

            I don’t support cronyism. Neither do I condone it. So answer this. Would you have preferred the contract going to an outsider? If yes. who is to say that Mr. Cline will not seek the knowledge and advice of climate change scientists etc. Le see that he does. What would be the difference between giving it to the outsider who is competent in the field and giving it to him and have him seek the guidance and expertise of someone who is competent? Look at this way. If you have a matter where you need the best legal advice and decide that you should give it to Law firm A. Don’t you think law firm A will seek the advice or assistance from Law Firm B which is outside the BVI if it believe that Law firm B is more competent in that particular area of law? The point I am trying to make is that the BVI is a small place and there are really no experts in the BVI. What there are are people and businesses with experience. Judge the man if he doesn’t produce what he is being paid to produce.

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          • Reply says:


            “Would you have preferred the contract going to an outsider?”

            It would have been preferable if the contract was given to someone…anyone qualified to do the job period irregardless of where they were from. If the government had decided that qualified person was to come from the outside, so be it.

            You appear to have an issue with outsider vs insider. I don’t. There is nothing wrong in my view in hiring an outside consultant if there is none locally available and the need arises. We have to do what is best for the country, and don’t get stuck in this outsider vs insider rift.

            I do not buy your argument about the BVI being too small without experts. As small as our country is, there are people within the BVI right now who have sufficient knowledge and skills to do what this man is supposedly consulted to do…by the way, something that is so vague, it hardly makes any sense.

            The BVI cannot advance to it’s fullest potential if people who are unqualified for jobs are given them as political favors. You get what you pay for, and if you pay for an unqualified person to do a job, one cannot expect much.

            Would you hire a plumber to work on your brain if you had a brain tumor? I don’t think you will unless you wish to die.

            As far as I can see, this guy does not have the prerequisite knowledge or skills to do any of the vague things he is tasked with this consultancy.

            IMO. He is being paid for his support of the VIP . As I said previously, if it walks and talks like a crony, it is a crony.

            Consultants should know what they are doing and versed in an area of expertise. They should not have to consult others to do their consultations. If they do, that in my mind is fraudulent.

            I serve as a consultant in my area of expertise quite often, and I cannot imagine even presenting myself to anyone to work in an area I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, or asking for a job and saying to the person that may hire me, that while I don’t have all the knowledge I need, I will get someone to tell me what to do. Ridiculous. I will be branded a fraud, and shown the door.

            You are trying to defend the indefensible. Cronyism is wrong and not good for our country. Now, despite you claim that you do not support cronyism nor condone it, you are trying to rationalize it here, and that’s not good ether my friend.

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        • Like You says:

          We need to beware of people like you. If most people do it, its alright. I hope when they start to empty the treasury, you say it happens worldwide and accept it. Stupid to the max!

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      • huh says:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head SPOT ON!

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      • Live says:

        Your blog is on point. Well written!! We can safely conclude that the VIP does not know the definition of the word “cronyism” and at some point “nepotism.”
        The people elected the government they deserve, that’s all I can say. The hands will be outstretched in every area.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        If it looks like a scam and smalls like a scam it’s probably a scam.


  5. E Scott says:

    WTF this man has no qualifications no morals and is a sl**e b**l . This is total madness

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  6. TTS says:

    Short memories BVI I cant bel this news da man is a c***k and those who emply him c***k too

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  7. L says:

    Why him???

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    • vip heckler says:

      Because he is THE CHIEF OF STAFF for the premier

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      • Noooo says:

        HE is the deputy premier!!! Look what our country come too LORD HAVE MERCY ON US!!!

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      • Another VIP Heckler says:

        Every last one in this cabinet Political Career is going to be over very soon. Heard about some new Party forming in secret to unseat VIP in the next four years. I would love to know who this group is.

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  8. Huh? says:


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  9. Rasta says:

    I wish to be like this man!! Every party get een he eat big lol

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  10. vip heckler says:

    With he and the premier connection all i got to say is WOW!!! This reminds me of the after school program along with the drag race study. “AND THE BEAT GOES ON”

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  11. Just my two cents says:

    Let me get this right. Andrew took care of the people who couldnt vote for him and his questionable friends all the while ignoring the cries of the people who actually voted for him? WOW just WOW.

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  12. vip heckler says:


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  13. Take that says:

    ayo vote them in!

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  14. Rest Haven for H**S says:

    So this BLOW HARD with a education in THEOLOGY gets 100K to talk about and prevent CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!? You freaking serious LOLOLOL!! Just tell us you paying this j**k o** for his media platform and campaining for VIP. We will accept that cause we know he have bout 4 A***’s and a monstrous castle to maintain. Stop peddling BS c**p and tell us the truth. Peddling BS c**p is what doomed NDP!

    Well he definately will be a rest haven for you know what when that check clear. The SWAMP life continues….

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  15. Good says:

    That’s what you all voted for, don’t complain now.

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  16. LOL says:

    First it was wi*cock who got rewarded now its fr*wd turn

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  17. time longer than twine says:

    The country broke the premier said but he been travelling ever since and now turned around and rewarded his cronys with whats left, no wonder they took care of frazer project first. Thats to keep him quiet

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  18. Nuff said says:

    This is why they will go to all lengths to keep Mark out.
    Even Stevie Wonder saw this coming.

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  19. Wow says:

    98k for 6 months that’s 196k for the year
    Multiply that by 4 years you get an easy 784k.

    A little over 1/2 a million. Well one job done found. 999 more to go to reac the 1000 jobs in 1000 days.

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    • No says:

      That’s two jobs. The Speaker got his first

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    • And says:

      the people who truly deserve to to get a raise, and an increment after eight years of none, and who are truly struggling, have gotten nothing.

      But he who does not need gets a vault full. Not fair to the poor worker who voted with hope for change.

      One can only look at this, scratch one’s head and say, “well sah!” We been had!”

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      • But of course says:

        You all got dupped big time.LOL. you all got played. You all elected JW and Claude to be your leader for four years. LOL.

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      • Just watching says:

        I can understand if it went towards the government housing project that they campaign but I haven’t heard anything again from and don’t forget the taxpayers money being spent on JW c**p which could of gone towards funding for something more important . Y’all get played well….y’all concerns are the last thing on the agenda

  20. well sah says:

    We need more talk shows because we wont hear about this on dug weet lee show

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  21. Neutral says:

    Lets ask ourselves this question. Would we be just as critical if the contract was given to a foreign consultant? Lets be honest about this. I don’t know about you but I prefer the money stay and circulate in the BVI. One more thing. We as BVIslanders need to stop fighting among ourselves and tearing each other down. Its like we prefer to see outsiders prosper rather than oour own. Less we forget, the strategy is divide and conquer.

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    • POMPEI MAGNUS says:

      True but be qualified or some experience. Find a better consultant field that is believable. But like I said Tortola peopl are the easiest to CON that is why all type of people come here. The BVI officials are cheap wh***s not expensive at all.

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      • Yep says:

        Tortola people is not very smart people. LOL,that is why they are always getting conned and end up looking bad.Cheap Wh***s, is exactly what they are.

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    • The rocj says:

      You are midding the whole picture, the vip created this job for him, it wss not needed!

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  22. lol says:


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  23. well meh boi says:

    I thought we drained the swamp of alligators forgetting about the crocodiles

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  24. 1st district come on says:

    1000 jobs—-willock got the first and claude got the second

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  25. missing in action says:


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  26. sam the man says:

    “The consultancy will monitor the planning and execution that would ensure the delivery of a programme to provide business development and advise on the development and implementation of initiatives designed to empower youth,” a government release said….say what? – a very loose, lazily written scope of works with no actual delivery aspects apart from “monitoring”….crazy – just madness….

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  27. good to great says:

    and we the government workers cant get our increments

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  28. You all were warned! says:

    I warned you all! Don’t vote party! Put in a Coalition Government so these bullsh*t don’t happen!

    Under a coalition government this would have gone out to tender and the person with the most qualification wins the contract.

    Now pure cronyism will happen under VIP! More to come!

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  29. Sam says:

    Is he chair of tourist board and negotiating the cruise port deals? lol STOP this now it’s totally mad . What is wrong with you people this guy has no qualification what so over . BVI news please ask the government for the tender invite and what tenders were submitted . Do this before any public contract signed .please also confirm that he tender document also asked for and has checked for cometant people to undertake the contract.

    I still can’t catch my breath at this and in plain sight !

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  30. Be proud says:

    Leopards never change their spots. People allowed the VIP to come to their home and tell their usual lies and they believe it. Look at the terms of the contact, no one can practically fulfill all those obligations in 6 months and they know it. Claude will get a second 6month contract at the same 98k again to finish the work (The same Claude and Andrew who did the neighborhood project with no accountability for the money and the work was not done). The figure is kept at 98k so that it doesn’t have to be tendered and it doesn’t have to go to cabinet. The Premier has the power to just sign it off. I remember the NDP saying that these people were bot just frothing at the mouth for nothing. Willock is speaker and now Claude will be richer by the time the VIP leaves office.
    Well don’t BVI. Cindy, Sam, Picko and all the other goons. You all have done well. Hope you’re proud.

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    • @Be proud says:

      H*ll to the yessss,Claude is going to be one H*ll of a rich man when this is all over. That money wasted on someone who has no qualification for the job should have been spent on fixing up D1.Cindy,Sam and Picko don’t know their A” from elbow, waste of D**n space.

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  31. i wonder says:

    is he laughing at us or all the way to the bank? the vip should be shame

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    • I wonder says:

      His bank account is getting fatter off the people’s back. You get a easy 98k,you would be laughing also.

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  32. Lol says:

    That’s why I voted Coalition. Many said a Coalition would be bad because nothing would get done. I know one thing though, a contract like this would be one of the nothings that got done. Oh well, he campaigned hard and he got his reward. This man of the cloth is deep in paper once again…

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  33. Stay Awake BVI says:

    Stay Awake BVI ?? The Black and Yellow g*****p site has a different heading Government Engages consultant for crucial development goals.Bias g****p site like usual,Where is parrot Sam and loud mouth Picko same old characters in govt nothing changes here BVI. This guy is opportunist best of him living off of taxes payers in BVI and run from the US. I dont usually comment plus, l ain’t with no particular party either so BVI you guys got what you voted for. God plus nature’s secret.

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  34. Moses says:

    C*****d man behind a collar

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  35. who the cap fit says:

    The 1st district need to teach foy a lesson

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    • @who the cap fit says:

      The people in the First will be getting the same thing Cline got, free taxpayers money with anything to show in return. You may get some too if you ask. The Hon. Premier is good at one thing, giving taxpayers money away and piloting that gravy train, well that”s two things. But everyone knew that but the majority put them back in. Me, I voted PVIM and would do it again because Hon. Skelton for sure wouldn’t have us dealing with Willock and Cline. Proof was right there for who had eyes to see. Family but Cline stayed far away from PVIM, why? The leader is a no nonsense man, a doer and believe in value for money. Now we have to accept the outcome of this election, pray and hold on tight.

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      • Thanks Buddy says:

        Mr.Skeleton would have never throw the people of the BVI under the bus wheels like the not to smart boy from Carrot Bay. Hogs know what part of the mud to slide in.He knew from day one he could not take the drama no way near PVIM. Soo, he slide up in the weak VIP sauce.

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  36. Honestly Speaking says:

    Not looking good.

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  37. TurtleDove says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. The government needs to create a Project management office that will take care of project tenders and oversee them. This is shameful. What the hell he knows about renewable energy, I thought his higher education was in theology? Believe it or not I have nothing personal against this brother. But little stevie can see this one.

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  38. Real life says:

    What are the qualifications for this position please?
    Does mr. Skelton meet the standard?

    Reading through this article it appears that Mr. Fahie has dumped all of his stated responsibilities upon someone of questionable moral principles.

    Has anyone really looked into why he’s residing in the BVI and no longer in Detroit? After p********g the bvi gov’t where, my friend, will you run to?

    Mr. Fahie you seem to be doing so well – why you give away the country like this? Oh! The pain of it all. Why mr. Fahie, why mr. Fahie?????????

    Like 34
    • @Real Life says:

      Now youre getting the picture. I was wondering who would figure this out, so your blog made me smile. Andrew only knows how to criticize, and he has no idea how to lead. Claude is the brightest of that whole VIP gang so they will look to him as their Savior for the next 4 years by any means necessary. Why?? Because they haven’t a real clue! The people got just what they voted for. More news to follow.

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      • Understand says:

        Claude was in the USA for a while. He knows how to play the game. Please,he know exactly how the game is suppose to be played,he could and knows how to run circles around the not to smart Premier.

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        • $$$$$$ says:

          He develop the art of the game from living in the USA. If you truly want to know how to play the game,live in the USA for a while. The man is slick,he knows how to play the game. Poor Mr.Premier. LMAO.

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      • Sooo Agree says:

        As much as you love to hate Claude, he is the one running VIP. Andrew is not that smart. Claude is the one calling the shots from behind the scene. Don’t care for him but I have to agree he is the smartest one in the group.

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        • Anonymous says:

          No, not the smartest one in the group. The slickest most c********y minded of the bunch.

          Someone, please tell us about his company’s background and experience for the assigned task.

          This fella is a nemise to our country- a thorn in the flesh of the gov’t of the bvi. Together with buddy w*****k we will all witness the fall of a no-confidence gov’t.
          Mr. Fahie you’re on notice.

  39. Fought the good fight says:

    Now that takes COURAGE! He earned a job. Not sure it’s the right one but he earned it. What do you think all that froth for NORTH . Congratulations!

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  40. All I will say says:

    Food for thought, no matter how good the player think he is, the player always get played back. FOUR YEARS IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY. ENJOY BUDDY.

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  41. Well Sah says:

    Government engages consultant for crucial development goals

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  42. Weir D. Playne says:

    I’m not a fan of this move at all. Why does this guy keep getting rewarded by government? 3 governments and at least a half a million dollars in consultancies and political rewards. Not a good look at all.

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  43. duck1951 says:

    What experience does this group have re climate resiliancy ? The more things chamnge the more they remain the same .

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  44. Poor People Problems says:

    Will eventually get sick of the political w*****g and RUN UP IN AYO HOUSE! Kidnap you and you have 3 days to deliver money no negotiation. After 3 days no money we buss that melon open then on to the next c***k cause the REAL c****s going to jail and not benefitting.

  45. Quiet Warrior says:

    The swamp may have been drained but alligators can live in marshes. Alligators linger even when the swamp is drained. Further, cronyism is inherent is politics, though many of us may despise it. It may not contribute to good governance but it is real. Most of the people working on a campaign(s) are not there for the public goods. It is a quid pro quo situation, ie, something for something. Cronyism will be in this government, in the next, the next one……… Election has consequences; to the victor goes the spoils. Every government has cronyism, nepotism………etc. In a small locale, it is more noticeable. The electorate can put pressure on government to minimize cronyism, nepotism…….etc.

    Ok. Cronyism is a reality. Nonetheless, government should ensure that jobs, consultants……etc given to cronies should at least pass the smell test. Normally, consultancy contract(s) are awarded to consultant(s) who has at least some expertise in the subject matter area. This consultancy is an example of the Peter Principle, ie, promoting to a level of incompetence. Giving contracts to people with little to no experience, expertise…….etc is not a winning strategy. However, it is strategic to do it early, for 2023 is a long time away.

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  46. Sitting pretty says:

    Skello is sitting pretty on the tax payers dime.Thanks to the. Biting Premier.

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  47. Bunk says:

    “The consultancy will monitor the planning and execution that would ensure the delivery of a programme to provide business development and advise on the development and implementation of initiatives designed to empower youth,”

    I must be stupid, because I read this 3 times and still don’t understand what the $98K of our money is paying for.

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  48. C o r r u p t i o n says:

    This is a red flag to the FIA and the Governor. Does this person have qualifications at all to deliver expertise for which he is being paid?

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  49. Don't understand says:

    Why everyone seems so surprised. This was evident from the campaign that he along with others will be rewarded via “consultancy”. There is more to come and some already done. When you hear the dressmaker talking about he getting government contact you should know. Wait until you hear the one for the former Mrs. “Nature’s Little Secret.” Act like you know what’s going on.
    Never forget few days before elections an elderly lady said to a group of us that a vote for the VIP is a vote for Willock and Claude, those two we don’t n**d. Didn’t understand what she meant, went and voted VIP, until Willock was appointed SOTH the I understood. Now this

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  50. Ha ha ha says:

    He smiling all the way to the bank.!

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  51. Blah says:

    Fahie we rooting for you but this is not a good move for less than 3 months in power. I know the man have mortgage to pay and was a soldier but you making every sensible supporter look silly right now. This isn’t any better than when NDP gave him a consultancy contract then a job as head of the Ports right after running under the NDP banner. How can anybody defend this? The naysayers out in full affect rubbing it in and having a field day with this news and they have every right to because this man eating out of every plate and often.

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  52. smh says:

    What a huge disappointment to the people of the BVI. First, Willock now Cline…I had so much hope and faith that the VIP would be our saviour. All blown to the wind now.

    Like 17
    • @SMH says:

      Naww, don’t ever put your hope and faith in anyone especially a MAN. You will end up setting your self up for many disappointments.

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  53. Another VIP Heckler says:

    Every last one in this cabinet Political Career is going to be over very soon. Heard about some new Party forming in secret to unseat VIP in the next four years. I would love to know who this group is.

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  54. Haw,Haww says:


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  55. THE TRUTH says:

    BVI..BVI What a set of jack Donkeys. Turn it over to Jesus now. What a set of hopeless idiots. This is why why so much effort is made in keeping this brainwash alive and well. What is going to become of these CANNIBALS.Don’t you think the youth have passed this point of disgust when they kill at the drop of a dime….you are the reason….hopeless idiots.

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  56. Morons says:

    For the climate resilience thing, ayou ain’t paying the RDA man $350,000 a year? What other consultant you need in that area? For the youth thing, now Fahie I know you know better people than that. For prospect reef, did he submit a plan to you? Were persons invited to submit a plan for prospect reef? On what basis was he selected?

    You all talking bout transparency, I demand transparency on this transaction right now! You were doing so well and now, you just mess the whole thing up for yourself. Shame on you!

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  57. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    I’ll bet Andrew will get a k**k b**k. That’s his nature.

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  58. Dark says:

    Nature’s dirty little secret , BVI living up to form

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  59. Untangled Web says:

    Say Whatt well well well this is it The Thing Start Now but look out people there’s more surprises in this Magical Hat but I think the Wand Man really don’t know how to use this Wand but I will tell u Remember too many wrong Portions Gonna Cause a Dam Chaos

  60. Taking every eat says:

    Think about how the REAL renewable energy professionals feel that this church man is getting their spot & will take all the credit.

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  61. Ashamed says:

    I can’t believe Andrew did the people who voted him in office this unjust. He knew the people were desperate for help and he played on the people with the lies.Poor people was so caught up in the lies they didnot realize they were voteing for Claude and JW to run the Country. I love my mother but she didnot listen when I told her not to vote VIP, now she crying. I voted for Mr.Skelton team because they would have never slapped the people of the BVI in their face like Andrew did. Andrew, I have no respect for you. You made my mother cry and you have bought shame to your Country.

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  62. Armchair Activist says:

    I voted for people who I felt had the capability to move this country along, not willy nilly, and certainly not along party lines. It is my firm belief that the Territory would have been better off with a coalition government made up of people who would be watching each other like hawks.

    The new government started off with a bang, and I see trouble in the horizon with what appears to be two serious blunders. The road ahead now looks cloudy.

    The strong rumours of corruption, lack of transparency and past governments killing the goose that laid the golden egg have been overwhelming. Hope this does not prove to be same ole, same ole.

    I personally feel that the leader of the blue wave would have done a terrific job leading the BVI to higher heights. We missed out, my people. Like the spent arrow, lost opportunities never return.

    We only have ourselves to blame. ?

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    • @Armchair. Activist says:

      Thank You so much for that wonderful comment. I liked the Blue Wave Party.I came over the day before elections from ST.Thomas to vote with my parents who resides in Tortola.We voted for Blue Wave because we felt that they were the ones to make the Country great again. A whole lot of you is going to wish you had given the Blue Wave a chance. VIP is a huge disappointment.

  63. Well well says:

    The people of this country know Andrew. Leopards do not change their spots. But we got blinded by prejudice about who is island man from who is not. Andrew is just starting. We knew of him before, did we expect him to do any different? Don’t start bawling yet. It’s too early.

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  64. Shut the h**l up! says:

    I don’t understand why all these bloggers complaining. Most of you voted for them. You knew who andrew was. You know of Claude Cline and his checkered past. You know about the esteemed speaker. You know about Carvin Malone and their addiction to the government breasts. You know of Bevis. You know. You know. You know. Why complain. You knew about these people and you still consciously voted for them. Take your licks and shut up!

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    • Wow says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!! Plain and simple. We knew! So none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. It was only a matter of time before Cline was taken care of and I am sure this one contract here is just the tip of the iceberg. The way it is put together….figure just under the threshold, short term duration, the substance (or lack thereof) of the scope of the work making it difficult to measure in any meaningful way what value he is adding. I can envision them around the table approving the deal knowing full well they had no choice.. When this 6 months is up he will get an extension and another and another. BVInews picked the best headshot though. It’s priceless! The man is literally laughing all the way to the bank. It is what it is. Quit complaining BVI massive and deal with it. It is what the majority of us voted for. That’s the reality.

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  65. FREEBEE says:


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  66. @freebee says:

    The VIP is going down for sure.The Preimer is selling out his people to the highest bidder.

  67. Wow says:

    So let me get this straight, he got a contract from Andrew before for the neighborhood project which I understand the audit report said that money was unaccounted for and he gave f***e reports even misrepresenting that he gave money to the churches when he did not? He was not made to account for the almost 600k he got. No investigation no nothing.
    Now here goes Claude and Andrew again with the same things and no action taken.
    So we go after who want to go after in this place? His reward for the neighborhood project is another big contract. Wow!

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  68. SMH says:

    You guys giving this man all the attention that he craves. 128 comments and you think it bothers him? When our athletes and others go abroad and perform great you don’t see 1 comment, but we have over 100 here.

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  69. yank says:

    aint this the hack under crooked detroit mayor? Y’all are death by a thousand cuts as you keep voting in politrix and allowing this graft. sad a** bush ppl. reap wa u sow. folk with money and brain going elsewhere . go back to sellin stt beef and give queen some more salt . . .

    Who wears the uniform of the shyster, false prophet, tv evangelist . . .?

  70. F@hie says:

    if you ever dealt with Fah!e on a personal level , You will KNOW that he is shady .. MORE to come

  71. E Scott says:

    Govnor need to take action

    • @E Scott says:

      I have no doubt that the British are coming. We leave them little choice.

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      • @@ EScott says:

        The British do not belong here technically or legally.

        Indeed, their only connection to here is through gun boat and confiscation diplomacy, neither of which make one legal owners..

        Therefore, Neocolonialism shall no longer be accepted by anyone or any nation.

        And, If they insist on imposing such upon a free minded and free willed people, alternative governing mechanisms will be pursued.

  72. GOVERNOR STEP IN says:

    The Governor has the power to step in and annul this contract- but I guess he won’t for peace sake

  73. Inequity says:

    Which one of you who left a comment cab step in and complete the tasks here, not one! One thing I have admired about this young man is that he rises above and gives support to who like him and who doesn’t. Stop the noise because it does not move him. His conscience is clear and he does what he does well. Because he has something to say, people hate him. He is blessed and anointed.

  74. Rob Peter to Pay Paul says:

    The only people upset with this are those who can only earn in excess of $30k to $40k pa. Lay people in the private sector (trust Companies) making this kind of money easily.

  75. my my my says:

    SMH, Here we go with the same S..T, could have told you all so, I saw it coming.. CSC will nhot do anything for love of Country, its all money

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