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Gov’t hoping to create over 100 jobs this festive season

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

Premier Natalio Wheatley said the government is hoping to create several dozens of jobs this festive season, through the new Registration Apprenticeship Training Employment and Development (RATED) Programme, which was launched recently.

“I’m hopeful that we can create over 100 jobs during this season alone but persons have to sign up for the programme for this to be a reality,” Premier Wheatley stated today on Tola Radio’s Morning Braff radio show.

The RATED Programme is open to Virgin Islanders and Belongers. It seeks to provide short-term employment and training opportunities for persons between the ages of 18 and 65 who are unemployed or under-employed. 

While speaking about the programme this morning, Premier Wheatley said interested persons may get in touch with their district representatives who can provide them with information to sign up.

Temp jobs could be created to clear any Labour backlogs

The Premier said the RATED programme will be looking to employ many bush cutters and persons for beautification works through the Public Works Department. But he reminded people that the programme will provide job opportunities in other businesses and government departments as well.

“There will be employment opportunities in the public service which are temporary. If there are opportunities for data entry or to clear a backlog of work permits, for example; we also want to use the RATED programme to create opportunities for things like that,” Premier Wheatley explained.

He added that the RATED programme will not pay stipends according to the current pay scales used by the public service. He said the programme has a special rate for participants that organisers believe is fair for the jobs opportunities that are being advertised.


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  1. We know says:

    CSC is praying 4 yaALL , HALLELUIAH

  2. Ñot nice says:

    This is puré bulls**t

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  3. Weed says:

    Pure talk his waste if time slow ra** will not do a thing

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  4. Please says:

    The people are fed up with you they can’t wait for the new year come around and start counting down to May for elections. We want a new premier who will resend the BS you and Fahie has done. What an ugly part of our history can’t wait to turn the page and see you as an ordinary citizen who can’t hurt the people no more.

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    1000 jobs in 1000 days.

    Unfortunately most were in the white powder shipping business.

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  6. musa says:

    do you mean government job

  7. Lodger says:

    What happened to 1000 jobs in 1000 days?

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  8. Shameful says:

    Absolute F**KING RUBBISH!!!!! Hon Wheatley I am sorry but you have NO F**KING SHAME! As Minister of Education you and the then Premier joined forces to DESTROY any and everything that had Walwyn on it whether it was good or not. You met a well youth training and employment program in place called YES when you took office in 2019. You dismantled it right away leaving the young people on their own. Now you are here with your RATED bulls**t 3yrs later and with election around the corner. You have no f**king shame and it’s best we re-elect the old guard because these young power hungry rookies will destroy this place!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    UK got these men like @$$#$$….We need fresh blood who are willing to represent us

  10. They are waste ah times says:

    UK got these men like @$$#$$….We need fresh blood who are willing to represent us

  11. Nice guy says:

    Hoping people need help and this Jackass talking about hoping can’t wait for elections

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  12. Jobs everywhere says:

    There are loads of jobs available already, just no willing workforce. I’ve been advertising multiple positions for months and only get foreigners or unqualified BVIslanders applying.

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  13. Why are they afraid? says:

    Why are they afraid of Myron? Is it because he is good for the country and he SHOULD NOT be because he not ‘indigenous’ enough? Imagine, they want people to hate on who good for the country but to tolerate who selling it out because of one misunderstood word called ‘indigenous’. But look at who running the place right now and see the pure shtt show. Let a fact be a fact. Myron did more for the youths and for education but the people there right now KILL IT DEAD. They DO NOT care! The youths and the education system was making a lot of progress under Myron. So what happening now? They cannot do any better than Myron. This country cannot complain for the shtt show leadership it under right now if it going to continue to be about a presumed title and not about who is actually QUALIFIED to carry the mantle and lead.

    NEWSFLASH! NOBODY in this place is indigenous unless you descended from the very Caribs and Arawaks themselves. It is about who have the know-how and the balls to stand up against the evils against this country, if we have any chance of hope for a better tomorrow for EVERYONE. I looking at the so-called leaders that are there right now. They get a chance but could not even do the work! They got the country looking so weak to the outside world it not funny. Listen to the language coming from USVI to a PREMIER???. No man! Who going to look at Myron and talk to him like that? Ha, these people know who weak from who not weak. You telling me that the shtt show we seeing now is ok because the characters are so call indigenous? They failing us as the people yet calling themselves indigenous? So what is the benefit to the people? The benefit is only to THEM but I not blind to their games and to the truth. They dont care about the country. They need a job and free plane ride. They never run a business, how they running a country? Outside of politics
    they do not have anything to rely on. They looking a salary at the public’s expense. That’s it. Just stating the obvious. I seeing their daily performance. They not serving any sensible purpose whatsoever. I do not see what the debate is all about, when it is so blatantly obvious. Steuupes.

    The powers even afraid of Myron to the point where they got the DPP under their control doing their dirty work. That ALONE speaks volumes. Imagine, all of that for one man? Something must be RIGHT about that man, that’s all I know. They can fool some people sometimes, but they cant fool ALL the people all the time. Ok then.

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  14. Wow says:

    @why are they afraid.
    Mi wish I could like this 1000 times

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  15. Gimme a break says:

    The NDP had a good youth employment program that Walwyn had put together. It helped a lot of young people. After election Andrew and Slowande dismantled it only because Walwyn did it and they try to re-create it under their branding but they didn’t have the ability to pull it off. Slowande now expect us to believe what he saying will work?

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  16. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    … Bully businesses to hiring ppl the government doesn’t want isn’t a policy

  17. Show and Talk says:

    Allyou do not have a thing to show cause allyou do is talk. Sick of the pure nonsense.

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