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Gov’t minister blasts motorcyclists, enablers for terrorising BVI

Government minister Carvin Malone has lashed out at motorcyclists for what he described as their continued disrespect and disregard for the laws of the territory.

In a Facebook post made yesterday, the minister said the bikers terrorised residents in the wee hours of the morning and expressed surprise that they continued to get away with their lawless actions for so long.

“Why was the territory terrorised by the loud unnecessary sound of motorbikes yesterday and up to 4 am this morning? It was deliberate and unnecessary! We must do better than this in 2022,” Minister Malone said in his Facebook post.

Shame on the enablers

But Malone did not reserve his ire for the lawbreaking motorcyclists alone and insisted that their relatives and enablers also needed to do something about the situation.

“Knowing what laws are already on the books, I remain amazed. Truly amazed! I do question why must the bikers, parents, families and enablers choose all or none? Then again, how many lawless riders are we truly talking about?”

The post received dozens of comments from residents, some of whom argued that it was the minister’s government that needed to take charge of the situation and restore law and order while others expressed frustration and singled out the police as being lazy and averse to doing their job and enforcing local traffic laws.

Minister Malone refuted any suggestion that the government was indicating any sign of helplessness on the matter and questioned whether the issue only warranted a solution from the government and the courts.

The police are lazy and could care less

Meanwhile, former first lady Lorna Smith also chimed in about the issue, noting that the police were called but did not respond.

“We called the police at midnight. They did not move a muscle! No attempt was made to stop the noise! I have to conclude that your officers are lazy and could care less,” Smith said in response to a comment from a senior police officer that the response required more than just a police intervention.

This is not the first time Smith has voiced concern about the matter. Back in December 2019, she called on authorities to intervene in what she referred to as an ‘unbearable’ nuisance brought on by unemployed drag racers during the night-time hours.

Dr Smith says altering mufflers on motorbikes can cause ‘serious hearing loss’


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  1. Belonger says:

    The good old BVI – where indiscipline reigns supreme.

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    and hypocrisy is company / when the police do their job , you all fighting them down / leave the youths alone because they are ENTITLED, and even a hero like you want to bring in bigger bikes ??

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  3. BuzzBvi says:

    More important to chase marine operators with out of date paperwork. Leave these innocent scooter riders alone to go about their legal business!!!!!!! Enact more laws and have much greater fines to threaten and chase away our holiday makers.

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  4. night noise says:

    Yes..and what about the tied up dogs crying and barking all night and the owner could care less?

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  5. Chitty chitty bang bang says:

    And don’t even attempt to have a peaceful drive to the beach on a holiday…it’s like the movie Mad Max

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  6. Observer says:

    I feel your pain Hon. Malone but it seems as though the chicken has gone home to the roost. Has anyone noticed how these guys ride with confidence? Do some research and you will realize that they are the Smith’s, the Malone’s, the Fahie”s, the Wheatley’s, the Frazer”s etc and these are the same names that sits in the HOA. We better wake up.

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  7. voter says:

    This Government campaigned on allowing bigger motor-cycles, now want to condem the noise, make up your mind and stop lobbying for votes.

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  8. Joker says:

    Mr. Malone, you and your VIP party during election promised the bikers that they would be able to bring in bigger bikes and now you are complaining about bikes? You are in power now if there is an issue with bikes that bother you tackle it now. Oh right, you might lose votes if you do. I understand. Set ah jokers!

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  9. KLM says:

    Carvin Malone, Most of these guys break just about every law as a motorcycle rider, why are the police letting this happen? To the Police please don’t talk any crap about families your jobs are to serve and protect. About 10 years ago the police brought in two 650cc motorcycles they said it was to chase the 125cc scooters I don’t think that lasted 2 years. Once in a while, Kye Rymer comes with his crap about cracking down on them but he never does anything. These riders are lawless because they know that they can get away with all the crap they are doing. BOTTOM LINE THE POLICE NEED TO DO THEIR JOB AND START WRITING TICKETS AND TAKING THE BIKES OF THE LAW BRAKES OFF THE ROAD NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.
    There is nothing wrong with bigger Cycles if the laws were enforced.

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  10. citizen says:

    Music goin on til late in Duff Bottom. Scooters running too and from until nearly 5 in morning. Just crazy what it becoming.

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  11. AReminder says:

    Biggest enabler is the current Emperor. These law breakers are emboldened by his ascension. Recall that he has always been on the side of these lifethreatening lawbreakers. The lower end of the spectrum in decency and mentality is and has always been his supporters and to whom he caters. To the extent tha he doles out status by the thousands to them, guaranteeing their future pickneys and the continued deterioration of quality of life in the VI,These are his type of voters and specifically to this demographic that is largely responsible for the residencies at Balsum Ghut and importation of their native policing from their diabolical countries. Promises being KEPT is the present state of this dot on the globe. The Great God of the Universe is not pleased. We were not given these pearls for them to be tossed to pigs.

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  12. X plora says:

    There are 4 digit numbers of nationalitiesin the VI, The majority of these nationalities have nor are they inclined to give positivity to the VI. Not because of maliciousness,but due to who they are with no knowledge of civil living. They are from a place where modern cannibalism is and has always been the norm.
    Why the VI would continue to install this element in what once was their sterling way of life,is evident. Selfish and personal greed with no regard for country.

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  13. tax payer. says:

    I think it time for Police to be reinforced by young Recruits from the UK, its done elsewhere in the Caribbean with success. the local thugs have no respect for the police as no laws are enforced.
    motorcycles, quads trucks with no mufflers or licence. unlicensed drivers. its mayhem. Enforce the law, no matter what your name is or where you are from. confiscate motor bikes, cars, trucks and boats that are illegal.

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  14. Hmmn says:

    What about community policing.Why wait on the police? If they live in your neighborhood go talk to them. It’s tine for people in the communities to look out for your community. You all allow all manner of evil to happen in your community then expect the police who also turn a blind eye to solve the problem.

  15. Windy says:

    Don’t want to hear it when one slides under an on coming car and they get killed.

  16. Hmmm well says:

    A lot of you here saying leave them leave them alone. Its either you all are living way behind god back or you are one of those riders to say this because if at 3am this noise is in your head you would blog the opposite of what u said. Young adults can have bikes and ride without altering the muffler i can live and sleep peaceful with that.

  17. Curfew says:

    Put bvi on a curfew now

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  18. Pissed Mama! says:

    Well Well Well…I thought I was the only one bothered by this. I live close to the road in East End and Lord have mercy….where do these bikers have to go every night at 3am and 4am? What business is so crucial to conduct at these hours to have you wake young babies with your noise? Every time like this?

    I keep wondering what the deal is with the police because they are not very far from us and surely they can hear the bikes go by.

    Don’t talk about the loud music from those crazy drivers with speakers facing out the windows. I mean seriously something is definitely wrong somewhere. These things must not be illegal. No way they are.

    And one more thing, Everytime the bikes are active in East End, there is a boat on the water. God knows what they are up to. And don’t tell me the authorities don’t hear this…

    Time will tell!


  19. @pissed mama says:

    The thing is they are passing right by east end police station everytime

  20. Keeping it real says:

    What does Paradise mean to you? A land where no law is being prosecuted, do what we want and live large. THATS THE BVI DREAM.

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