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Gov’t minister projects COVID-19 vaccine two months earlier than expert’s projection

While at least one government legislator projects a much sooner timeline, British-Swedish pharmaceutical giants AstraZeneca has said that a COVID-19 vaccine could be made available for limited use by December 2020.

A BBC article dated April 30 said that AstraZeneca has partnered with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, which is currently conducting testing and developing the vaccine.

In their agreement, AstraZenca will manufacture and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine to produce tens of millions of doses by the end of the year, if the treatment is effective.

“The firm is partnering with the university’s vaccine research team at the Jenner Institute, and data from testing could be available as early as mid-June” the article stated. 

It added: “The plan is to submit the vaccine for fast track regulatory approval in the fourth quarter of 2020, and for it to be ready for limited use by the end of this year.”

Immigration Minister projects a vaccine will come before year-end

Citing to his own sources, Labour & Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley said he expects to see an effective vaccine at least two months earlier than AstraZeneca predicts.

Speaking during a contract signing ceremony on Friday, May 1, Wheatley said: “We expect, based on the news and the forecast, that by September, or October of this year, there will be a vaccine available.”

Minister Wheatley said with this expectation in mind, residents will not have to worry as much about persons bringing COVID-19 to the BVI when the border reopens.


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  1. Ha! says:

    And who will be taking these experimental nonsense? SMFH!

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    • Really says:

      Where do you people dig up this nonsense. There is nothing that is going to be available by December.

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  2. Just remember says:

    They can’t sell us vaccines if we are unafraid or already immune.

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  3. Nick says:

    It is very good to be optimistic, but even,if somebody come out with a vaccin in october,it will not be avalaible for small country like the bvi before who know when.

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  4. Cuse says:

    Will the minister produce the vaccine in Virgin Gorda for his own personal use?

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  5. Anonymous says:


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  6. Wondering says:

    Why haven’t I heard of this vaxxine? Surely there has to be a period of testing to see that it actually works… Don’t forget vaccines are huge money making items. It is all about the money. Personally I don’t want it, until it is properly proven. The BVI maybe small, but we are not stupid people and be sure most people will research this.

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  7. Eu citizen says:

    BVI is not a country.

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    • hm says:

      I hate to say it but Mr or Ms Eu here is correct. A country has to be independent. has to print its money among other characteristics. Its a Territory, hence the territorial song.It’s British Land and until severed it cannot be considered a country.

  8. Disinterested says:

    Hon Vincent Wheatley(R9), MNRLI, leave medical decisions and prognostication to medical doctors and scientists. This is a Trumpian move. Not good.

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  9. Concerned says:

    It is a good idea if a reliable vaccine is found to solve or prevent a disease.I will suggest medical personnel should be part of decision on vaccine and medication to be administered to citizens.This place should not be a dumping ground for untested vaccine that is not adequately proven to be safe or effective for COVID-19. The vaccine should be tested on people where the vaccine was made. There was a time recently someone was suggesting that a vaccine should be tested on blacks.Why blacks? Do they want to use blacks as guinea pigs?
    They should not be in a haste to import inadequately tested vaccine on drugs .

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  10. Rubber Duck says:

    A vaccine is being tested on people in the UK right now. It was developed at Oxford. There are at least three other vaccines under test in other places in the world. If the Oxford vaccine works the UK govt has said that the UK will be the first to get it.
    The BVI govt should be pressing for the OTs and the BVI in particular to be included amongst the early recipients.

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    • Hmm says:

      They willing to give vaccine but not willing to assist with bailout.

      I am pretty certain they will send the vaccines for FREE but the loan guarantee is worth future generations.

      Sad world.

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      • vg resident says:

        Why should the UK give the BVI a bailout?? After the governor is harassed. Uk has their own problems.

  11. COVID-20 says:

    We need a vaccine to immunise us from the *B.S this Government has been contaminating our minds with. They are spewing nonsense and sugar coating nonsense.

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  12. Quiet Rebel says:

    Is this out of character for the Hon V. Wheatley? Was he caught in a weak and disoriented state? Is he suffering from cabin fever and his losing his discipline and craving for attention? Disappointed in this Trumpian-style musing.

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  13. aye corona says:

    BVI way ahead of the curve. Another victory

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    • WOW says:

      Thank you so much @Wake up!! This is an amazing and shocking scandal. I have heard about this but never read such an informative article. Thanks again.

    • Lodger says:

      I dont get this. Vaccines are meant to protect lives not kill you off. Are you sure he wasnt talking about birth control as a means of reducing population. The idea of knowingly taking a vaccine to kill you off is preposterous.

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      • @ Lodger says:

        Research bill and Melinda vaccine philosophy. Look at their history of deaths, drformities, paralyzations barreness they have caused in india and Africa alone. Do some indepth study on researched facts and you will see why the inform world no longer trust vaccines and the Gates.

    • OMG says:

      For those getting super-excited about this article linked above, do your own fact-checking. The author is “”Frederick William Engdahl – an American writer and conspiracy theorist based in Germany. He identifies himself as a “economic researcher, historian and freelance journalist.””

      This is NOT a good sign of credibility even his own wiki page talks about ‘identifying himself as…’ This means he is not widely respected or peer-reviewed by professionals.

      As for his article:
      1. Monsanto is a questionable firm, agreed.

      2. All chemical-based fertilisers and pesticides tend to have negative characteristics in terms of toxins and poisons.

      3. The main point about vaccines and birth control is that if parents know their kids will survive, they are far more likely to have less of them. This will help control, yes control, the global population.

      4. There are other mechanisms also required to help that process (e.g. wage rises and food security through economic development)

      5. The thought that any one of the billionaires mentioned in the article want to actively see a global population of 250-300 million, or even 2 billion is highly improbable given how they have made their money. Without consumers of whatever product you make, you get nothing.

      6. Finally, the Gates Foundation. The author makes a pointed statement about the Gates Foundation being tax exempt. This is how USA Government chooses to incentivise people to invest money in charitable causes. There is nothing special (or sinister) about the Gates Foundation in this respect. In addition, the Gates Foundation has been one of the most committed organisations to promoting global health, spending more than some countries each year. With this money and influence should come high levels of scrutiny, so being cautious of methods and demanding transparency is essential (something the GF does not always do well). But, the shared article relies on hysteria, not measured analysis.

  14. Zagred Smith says:

    Keep your vaccine I will take my chances

  15. Yow yow says:

    Been telling ayo to smoke marihuana but noooo u say its a drug…well go ahead and take yall vaccines then….a fool is always the last to know.

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