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Gov’t ministers not being truthful with answers in HOA — Turnbull

Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull (left) and Premier Andrew Fahie.

Second District Representative, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull has accused members of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government of equivocating their responses to questions in the House of Assembly.

Turnbull made those suggestions while speaking on ZBVI radio Thursday afternoon, April 22.

“When you come to the House of Assembly you are supposed to be able to ask a question to the relevant minister, as per the Standing Orders (the rules that govern the House), and they receive, as best as possible, the truthful answer. But what you see continuing to happen now is when you ask a question, you get hit with a 10 to 15-minute answer but it does not directly answer the question that is asked,” Turnbull stated.

“When you do get the answers to the question, it is not the accurate answer. It is one that is beating around the bush. And when you ask for the number and figures, you hear that they cannot disclose this information,” he added.

The questions

During Thursday’s sitting of the House, Turnbull had fielded a number of questions to ministers about prolonged issues affecting his district.

They range from social housing problems to issues relating to public infrastructure such as the Jost Van Dyke Primary School which his need of urgent repairs.

“In 2020, the number budgeted for the Jost Van Dyke Primary school was $500,000. In 2021 — a school that has that has gone through the design phase and the architectural designs and contact awards — I understand that now there is a $350,000 pledge from the government. So what I’m trying to understand is how you have a school that has been destroyed since 2017 and remains structurally unsound — children and students and principals still operating there — and you’re telling me this school does not have a completion or full-budgeted date until 2023. It is unacceptable,” Turnbull said on radio.

Gov’t accused of shifting blame

The Opposition legislator further accused government minister of trying to shift blame when he asks questions about projects concerning his constituency.

He said the VIP government often reminds the Opposition that these are issues that existed under the previous NDP administration.

“Whether they want to blame the last administration or not, that is not my concern because I left the last administration. We’re here two years in (since the VIP government took office) and the people of the BVI need attention. Persons within my community have direct concerns that they hold me to account for. And when I come to the honourable House and ask a question, I believe it should be answered truthfully,” Turnbull argued.

Premier responds questioning legislator’s credibility

Premier Andrew Fahie responded to the accusation in the House Thursday night and questioned Turnbull’s credibility.

While not calling the Second District Representative by name, Premier Fahie said: “There are persons who trying to go to the media and say that as Premier I’m not being truthful. [But] them same persons call the last Premier (Dr D Orlando Smith) not truthful also. So every Premier come ain’t truthful? The only person telling the truth is them?”

He further described Turnbull’s statement as disrespectful.


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  1. Lil Man says:

    This dude really calling his colleagues liars? So what the h**l is he?

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  2. Truth says:

    Don’t worry Mitch they only have a few months left, whether by COI or next election we sending them packing.

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  3. JUAN PING says:

    This is the kind of nonsense you hearing from Mitch.

    Mitch, how in God’s name can you ask a question and then you are given the answer by the Minister and then you going turn around and say it is untrue and Ministers are beating around the bush??????????

    That goes to show you are asking questions and you already know the answer and but you want to hear it to your liking or it is not a correct response.

    Mitch it is you who are messing with the minds of the public.

    You are the one who is taking us for fools.

    You suppose to say I ask a question and I received an answer and a 15 minutes statement to clarify the answer but I am still not satisfied with the response. Just don’t say what the Minister is saying is not true.

    Remember it is not the Minister who is out there dealing with the public directly. It is the Public servants and the PS answer questions pose by you who request them and the Minister on behalf of the Ministry bring it forward in the HOA.

    Gheeeess man Mitch!

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  4. What a ting says:

    Somebody need to play the tapes for our Honourable Premier. The only thing he didn’t do was pull down the last Premier’s pants and beat him on his bare bottom. The disrespect was overwhelming and consistent. And not only during his time in the Opposition, but on the campaign trail the disrespect and lies were flying left right and center. I don’t know if it is thought that our memories are short too, but I can assure him that they are not.

    The prancing and carrying on when someone blogs or someone challenges him is laughable after what he did to the last administration. I remember the first time that he called them the most corrupt Government in the history of the Virgin Islands and the Hon. Dr. Smith’s response was priceless. He didn’t prance. He didn’t curse and carry on and offer to put down his Premier hat. But he can carry on. We just have to remember in life that the Word says “whatsoever we sow, that we shall reap”. So I beg him, please, it is never too late. “Sow good seeds”. The world is soon at an end, and we all have to answer. Where do we all want to spend eternity. Conquering this little piece of the world will not get you into Heaven. Being the loudest and the baddest and making others tremble and be afraid will not get you into Heaven. God is always watching and he can bring us all to our knees. The last Premier was treated abominably by our present Premier and he handled it all with respect, humility in proper Parliamentarian style. Why? Because that is where he was. He was not on the street where you can offer a bust mouth to those who call you out of your name. Whatsoever we sow, so shall we reap.

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  5. Well..... says:

    If ya lie, ya lie….. At least he got balls to point out the truth.

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  6. NDP supporter says:

    Mitch disrespected Orlando and now Fahie. He wants respect but does not show respect to no one.

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  7. My take says:

    I heard the questions and answers and Mitch is wrong. He wants the questions answer how he wants. He is a rude guy who is the one who does not tell the truth.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      Mitch was not wrong.

      Same as when Marlon asked his questions, most times it was answered in the follow up.

      To much time wasted in explanations without answering the questions.

      This was also the case with the last administration.

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  8. bvi islander says:

    mitch cant run his district must less he here talking bout being truthful , practice what you preach for running your mouth , live with it vip another 4 years and more . something about this young man i cant get understand .

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  9. heckler says:

    We all know that fahie and his gang have a problem with the truth…Only 22 more months of this

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  10. Thinker says:

    The number of things the Premier has said that were untruthful is long, apparently longer than his memory.

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  11. 2nd district says:

    Mitch don’t mind he because we got your back. He is planning to bring dr carl dawson to run against you but we got news for both he and dawson.

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    • To 2nd district says:

      Is Mitch the only person that is not truthful? He tries to retain his seat through *** and *** actions. His time is up.

  12. surely sounds like it says:


  13. yolo says:

    but ndp was doing the same thing … all the way….covid mess up the whole world….but you guys want to blame the vip……if you want to blame them blame them for keeping u alive…..if you got fire from job or lay off it had a system in place to help….and the country going to open up wright now……you had your chance to take the jab…..when your get infected don’t go blame then now…..

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  14. omg says:

    That tape surely doesn’t sounds like BVILOVE

  15. What!!! says:

    Yes need them gone but what is the alternative?

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  16. Just Wondering says:

    Replace them with….

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  17. I know one thing says:


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  18. Lies and Deception says:

    Well If you tell the truth nobody will call them out for telling lies. some of them in a Authority tell so much lies it becomes the truth for them.
    and when anybody call them out they say you are disrespectful… they don’t remember mama say don’t tell lies

  19. Brewer's Bay woman says:

    We do not want to hear from Mitch. The same government who he is always bad talking helps him all the time and all he shows is ungratefulness. He got $400,000 last year from the same government but none of us in the 2nd District can’t see what he did with it. He needs to speak the truth and stop the show.

  20. @ nothing but the truth says:

    And it will set you free and avoiding it is very suspicious ( trump used it very often until it finally caught up with him

  21. @ juan ping says:

    If he already know what went down and the so called minister cannot respect the honorable house with the truth then the person who asked the Question , has to make it their duty to call a spade a spade • bboth you and ( 2 ping ) need 2 bull pissle along with the other 2 clines to get the truth out of you all

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