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Gov’t plans new approach to process Residency, Belonger status

Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

The government said it intends to take a new approach in processing the status of Residency and Belongership in the territory.

This was revealed during the Speech from the Throne given by Governor John Rankin in the House of Assembly (HOA) moments ago.

In order to do this, the government said it will repeal and replace the Immigration and Passport Regulations of 2014.

The new Act will allow the Department of Immigration to update its fee structure and provide additional services.

The change is said to include, “effectively managing the territory’s border” while mitigating illegal migration through legislation, the governor said.

Governor Rankin further noted that once the legislation has been passed, “the public can benefit from a more streamlined and technologically enhanced way of processing the issuance of residency and Belonger status, along with the introduction of fillable forms of the department’s different services.”

The government’s method for issuing Residence and Belonger status came under heavy scrutiny during the Commission of Inquiry (COI) when it was shown that the government’s policy only allowed persons to apply for Belonger status after living in the BVI for more than 20 years.

However, the current law stipulates that persons can apply for this status after residing in the territory for more than 10 years.

The government’s efforts to revise the existing immigration law will also be brought with several other legislative changes in the coming months.


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  1. Hmmmm says:

    The Governor making way for non-Caribbean expats of his kind to flood the place to aid in their plot to take over.

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  2. WOW says:

    I smell a rat here and it is smells Britishish.

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  3. @Hmmmm says:

    Go sit down.

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  4. NDP Supporter says:

    The speech from the throne needs to address the real issues of the people like the bank laws from raping the people especially during vulnerable times. It needs to allow for human rights because we have rights as a people. It needs to modernize that Commission of Inquiry Act to allow for transparency, balance, and protection of rights to defend oneself like the courts allow and not be the end all and be all by one person.

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  5. Expensive says:

    Apparently you have no idea how expensive it is to live here.

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  6. What a plan says:

    Here comes Global Britain. Bye bye Virgin Islands as we know it. Both locals and Caribbean expats will now become extinct.

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  7. lol says:

    Please educate yourselves. This is read by the Governor but it is from the premier and what his government will be doing in the next session so please stop with the nonsense posts about global Britain

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  8. Tish says:

    I cant afford the high prices of food and rent here now so I can never afford to retire in the BVI with no pension so I will not be applying to be a Belonger. Plus I would rather be somewhere that appreciates the money earnt, and the work that non belongers do here, for the good of the community.

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  9. Shovel. says:

    They need to do something with these employers deducting social security tax and nhi and not paying in.

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  10. Finding says:

    The Law needs to be changed so that the qualifying periods are 15 years for Residency and 25 years for Belonger Status under normal circumstances. Residence status can be granted based on a certain level of investment but Belonger Status must remain guarded as we are a very small Territory. No issue with persons living here freely, free to work etc. without need for immigration time, but everyone cannot be granted Belonger/Local status just like that.

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  11. Tan I Am says:

    VI unfortunately,has become extinct with the massive immigrant Keaton of the upper Caribbean folks,their culture and and their morals
    or lack thereof. The ovecrowded newly built prison, subpar education, the ovrrburdened social services, never ending expansion if the police force an overall degraded quality of life are s partial list of evidence .
    There has been zero contribution to this catastrophy by Uk Nationals residing in the VI.

    “Global Britain” would be a positive change and a breath of fresh air to the polluted presence of the current dominant immigrant population and the zero to none positive contributions and initiatives.

    Also,likely increase in real estate value cannot be overlooked by BVIlanders the primary landowners.

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  12. stop giving away the country says:

    Lets use the 7 year rule….Leave after 7 years and reapply…Simple!

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  13. Clear up the Back log first.. says:

    My Father here now for forty years still waiting on an answer from his belonger application..Not as much as a status update we can get..the disrespect..But one day every one will have to answer, you see the God that sits high looks low and sees everything and he hates injustice and unjust people…We aint stressing, when God ready for them they will say people working obeah on them, they will not take responsibility for the wrong they did to people..

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  14. Dem always borrowing money to put on them account so them could look good says:

    Make sure they have in excess of $50,000.00 US n an account here

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  15. So says:

    I bought my land and built my house in 1980-81 on Tortola. As a land owning ex-pat I applied to the Immigration Dept. for belonger status in 1992. Since then this dept. has never replied to any of my requests concerning the status of my belonger application submitted in 1992. Why???

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  16. Forbidden Truth says:

    @so.. why hide behind a call name… your @$$ is lying through your teeth.

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  17. Road Town Rebel says:

    The current immigration laws have the requirements.

  18. nutshell says:

    whats the approach?

  19. Yourfault says:

    The Monaco Mode is the ideal system for these VI.

  20. Sorry for Poor People.. says:

    Now when you come to this country be smart Join Rotary club meet all the influential people that will ensure you get your status quickly ahead of all those who are been waiting in line for years, some here more that 4oyrs, but someone just make 20yrs but because they have connection they being call to the front..God is watching. Sad no one in the system that sees the wrong thats going on have enough God in them to stand up for what is right.

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  21. Truth says:

    No taxation without representation

  22. Tears for Usain says:

    Do not come to this country to be dead weight and a nuisance with parasitic leanings.
    Come with something to give A couple millions to invest is a start.
    The VI is a fraction the size of wherever you originate. You have resources…gold great soil for food growing and oil to name a few.

    Learn civility and develop your resource filled country.

    Tears for USAIN!!!

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  23. @Clear up the Back log first.. says:

    The sooner you people understand that getting residency, or the rights to belong is a privilege, the better the BVI will become. Stop behaving entitled because of the number of years you or your family have been here. You came here for a better life; we did not send for you. Yes, you are living and working here for years and contributing to our economy, but you are not doing this for free. You are collecting USD and living comfortably, if you weren’t then why are you still here? Exactly. Belongers is a Privilege not mandatory! Siccccccccccccccccck of you all!

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  24. So again says:

    In 1992 I submitted my paper application to become a belonger and had the Immigration Officer sign a paper ‘record of service’ form similar to the form that all the lawyers use when serving legal documents in the BVI. Additionally I made a certified paper copy of the completed belonger application form and copies of all my correspondence with the Immi. Dept in regard to my 1992 application. In those days 30 years ago everything was done on paper either by mail, fax or in person. Facts are fact supported by evidence. Lies are just the devil at play!

  25. @Hmmmm says:

    Oh, right, like you and your ilk are throwing out the welcome mat for Caribbean expats?

    Of course you aren’t. You hate all foreigners no matter their origin or color, so go siddung.

  26. @Clear up says:

    Living here is a privilege, but it’s also a privilege to treat expats like cr*p. A privilege you don’t deserve.

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  27. Common sense says:

    Really, well, it was not that many years ago where the UK Parliament was advised to completely scrap Belongership on the grounds it was highly discriminatory to have one set of British subjects having privileges over another. You might recall that the previous Premier currently a guest of the US government rushed through circa 1,600 fast track Belongerships in the hope it would stave off the UK threat. You merely prove the UK advisors were 100% correct.

  28. oof says:

    surely UK cannot assent to anything trying to jack it up more than ten years. having a better process surely has to be welcomed by all.

    anyone applying now has dug deep for BVI in the last ten years against hurricanes, COVID, storms and financial services headwinds. they are the fabric of the VI now. Settling the status is only likely to give them the certainty to invest here further. Not all will want it as they cannot imagine affording the cost of living in retirement so any fear mongering is just mischief

  29. Rush More& says:

    Iam of the opinion that the former Premier currently an INVOLUNTARY guest of the US did the fast track as a means of securing votes for himself in order to maintain a longterm future seating on his then throne.

  30. Rush More says:

    Gratitude and thanks are not identifiable qualities in the character of the current dominant immigrant population in the VI.
    Many of them claim that they are of Christian Faith but deliberately overlook the teachings as written in their Bible regarding Gratitude and giving. Instead, they have as viewed through their minds eye,
    an Epistle deeming their entitlement to all and everything Tolian by hook or by crook regardless to the muck up their presence have created to this once not too long ago Caribbean jewel.
    I jus does ask for Deliverance from this set and keep out dem way.

  31. Rush More says:

    Gratitude and thanks are not identifiable qualities in the character of the current dominant immigrant population in the VI.
    Many of them claim that they are of Christian Faith but deliberately overlook the teachings as written in their Bible regarding Gratitude and giving. Instead, they have as viewed through their minds eye,
    an Epistle deeming their entitlement to all and everything Tolian by hook or by crook regardless to the muck up their presence have created to this once not too long ago Caribbean jewel.
    I jus does ask for Deliverance from this set and keep out dem way.
    Because, for starters yearly they have murder roster in the thousands,,Black on Black homicides creating their corner of God’s World a living Hell. Scary folks,wired differently yesirree!

  32. Livermore says:

    Just scale back status like Bermuda. Expats are do dam ungrateful

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  33. Mestizo says:

    there are international laws regarding this matter, yes the people want to come to the BVI for better life, but you also need the labour. if you need labour that comes with a precondition.

  34. Timeless says:

    Such an ancient story going on here now.
    Just like everywhere, always through history – small longer term community feels threatened by incoming different peoples. Older community benefits in ways they don’t even notice, but sees its power to control the lands becoming weaker by the “other” being there.
    So they tell stories about how bad the outsiders are. They teach their children and each other to develop the thing universally known as Hate.
    Hate becomes good, because to the old-time resident it is their way of defending their family and fellow old-timers.
    To them, Hate is a signal of their virtue. “Look at me, I love my people so much I will turn outside humans into animals. The more I abuse them, the more it shows my love for this community!”

    It is an ancient cycle that through history most usually ended in bloodshed. Decent people kiledl decent people because their Wi**ocks and C**nes have eaten wormholes into their otherwise decent souls and fooled them into thinking that some people are not human, that God only resides in their souls and not those of the “other”.

    This Christian BVI population now thinks it is so threatened by these soulless, animal outsiders that it can step far beyond the teachings of Christianity. They have no interest in the good things the outsider might have brought them, the wealth that puts BVIslanders among the richest people on earth. All they see is their own ‘loss’, their old-time control threatened by an Other. So they welcome in the Hate.

    And down we slide, to a place where no one ever wins.

  35. Rex FeRaL says:

    Bottom line if expats do not like it here….Just leave. Non one twisted your arm to come here to work, get children, get married, get sick,get effed over, eff over people including expats who look like you. You all expats have options.

  36. BVI says:

    I don’t agree with the 10 years eligibility for be longer. I love all people but the BVI is to small and we BVIslanders are already in the majority. The law need to change. We simply cannot continue to give belonged status with little or no regard for BVIslanders. Who want to be a minority in their own country? The things we BavIslanders allow will not be allowed in no independent Caribbean country.

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