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Gov’t plans to make Self-Governance Assessment Report public

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has indicated plans to bring the territory’s recently conducted Self-Governance Assessment Report before the House of Assembly so residents can understand the options to achieve political independence from the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, the BVI hired an international expert on governance, Dr Carlyle Corbin, to conduct an independent self-governance assessment and in a summary of his findings, he argued that the territory has all the tools it needs to become sufficient in self-governance.

Dr Corbin also noted the only thing currently lacking in the BVI’s quest for self-determination or self-governance is the actual transfer of power from the United Kingdom.

Premier Wheatley, speaking at a recent press conference, argued that the report is very good and relevant, especially with all the conversation ongoing about the partial suspension of the Virgin Islands’ constitution.

He said any move to suspend the constitution would take the territory backwards.

“If we go based on international laws and what the United Nation charters have required — which the United Kingdom and all nations are signed on to — we will see that really our democracy is something that should be maintained and we will see that we have to continue along with our development towards the number of options which have been presented by the United Kingdom for us,” Dr Wheatley said.

“Our status right now is a temporary status. And that is not me speaking that, it is the United Nations speaking, And of course, we must move towards one of those options. We want to be able to continue our development and of course, it is the people of the Virgin Islands’ choice which option they want to choose and how they want their government to look,” the Premier added.

Meanwhile, the BVI’s status as a British Overseas Territory was something Dr Corbin examined. He said it ought not to be deemed acceptable or permanent.

The international expert noted in the report’s summary that the current overseas territory status remains preparatory to the full measure of self-government, according to international law.

He continued that the current democratic status cannot be accepted if political inequality and unilateral authority remain its overarching feature – regardless of how modernised the dependency arrangement with the UK may be projected to be.

It is for this reason the Premier wants the report to be made public and for the people of the territory to be familiarised with the findings by Dr Corbin.

“Of course, we are going to constitutional review as well, so, I think it is important for people to read that report and educate themselves on the political status. It gives us a history of our political status going back to slavery up until now and I think it will give us a firm grounding as we go into constitutional review and any discussion on the future status on the BVI,” Premier Wheatley said.


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  1. SMH says:

    Rolling Eyes!

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    • Ikr says:

      Same here.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        What democracy is he talking about?

        BVI is an oligarchy where a minority elite runs the government. Two thirds of the adult population doesn’t have a vote.

        That’s not democracy Wheatley and much of the reason why we end up with crooks in charge.

    • Busy Bee says:

      Ouch! I think I sprained an eye it rolled back so far!

  2. Pandora says:

    Words escape me!

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      What a wonderful place the BVI would be if run entirely by Queen Patsy , Fahies Poodle and the 40 thieves with no one to constrain them. How long would even the current pretense at democracy last?

      Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Please says:

    Put this to a referendum. The people have a right to speak their collective mind andd not have extremists on both sides of the subject hijack the discussion/argument.

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  4. Resident says:

    Did Corbin consider that being a narco state with rampant corruption in government, civil service, customs and the ports, was relevant?

    It seems relevant to me. We don’t get enough supervision from UK as it is. Think what we’d be like with none at all!

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    • Fat Albert …. says:

      Paid some third rate nobody who he knew would say exactly what he wanted him to say.

      Fat Albert wanted independence so he he could run the Colombian Parcel Service without interference from outside.

      Corbin is just another sucker on the teat.

  5. WTF says:

    so from wanting to work with the UK to get rid of the corruption to now wanting to get rid of the UK so the corruption can continue. Time for the UK to clean house and then let new leaders show us the way to independence

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  6. Clean House says:

    UK to put the crooks in jail and then lets have a re election

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  7. The Commissioner says:

    I would be much more interested in seeing the proposal that you sent to the Uk on our behalf WITHOUT our input to abvoid UK rule. When will you make that public?

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  8. Dead head says:

    In charge now. Hopefully the Governor will inform head in the sand Premier that the BVI is waaaay past that issue now since the smuggling scandal broke in late April and direct rule by the UK is the new issue on the table NOT self-government!

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    • Hot Child In The City says:

      He is out Slow Wande

    • Strategy says:

      Your comment is true. However, this is a strategy to shift the minds of the people. The people are disheartened and believe that the territory is so far from being able to govern itself not only due to corruption but other matters such as self sufficiency as it relates to it’s lack of an army defense that cause some to believe we are not ready. The release of this report is to encourage the people letting them know that the BVI is in fact techically capable based on assessment done by a qualified independent source. If people can see the idea is not so far fetched and is in fact possible with a trust worthy government then this gives the people hope and something (no direct rule) to fight for. It is then the threat of the UK’s direct rule will be seen as a step backward.

  9. no way says:

    sowande we aint going independent under you so dont come with that. no way in h**l. go freedom fight for andrew if you want something to do. you licked his backside for the last 3 years after all.

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  10. the watcher says:

    did the Premier say who paid for this “indpendent” report?

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  11. Patriotic bvi says:

    you are so right.not with him.let’s vote him out.he is a c** artist.

  12. WW3 confused says:

    After all that talk about good governance from Wheatley, he still found people’s money to waste on Corbin, talking p**s.

    Somebody, please come for your family off the BVI news, this man is not settling in his direction at all, one time he is all about working with the UK now it’s Corbin’s way about going, Independent.

    Wheatley just shows his true color, he is undecided as to which way is best for the BVI.

    Step down and yes walk with your newfound party members.

    that is best for this BVI

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  13. thing to talk says:

    It’s alleged that they had to chase this man out the * club the other night

  14. WEW says:

    haven’t these dummies fiqured it out yet ? It’s over, done, they’re going to jail or fleeing to Venezuela with Claude

  15. E. Leonard says:

    All people have the right to self- determination, ie, independence, free association, integration and so on. In any event, whether the Virgin Islands (British) is under the UK’s umbrella as it has since 1672, it must embrace and address its governing challenges. The issue of self-determination must be brought to people in a referendum for a majority of voters to decide on their political status sooner than later. Bermuda, a sister and the oldest OT, put an independent referendum before its people in 1995; the majority of voters voting decided against independence.

    Moreover, advanced, developing, and emerging countries alike in ancient times and in the modern era have had/have governing challenges, ie, the corruption cancer —UK, US, countries in Oceania, South America, North America, Asia, regional Caribbean countries, etc. This universality of governing challenges does not and should not excuse the alleged behaviors of the VI (British) governing officials. The alleged actions if true is a betrayal, treachery, and the broad daylight hijacking of the VI name and the trust and confidence of its people. Nevertheless, in the US, UK and VI, the rule of law is the hallmark of their being civilized and democratic jurisdictions.

    As such, every resident is entitled to due process and if fairly judge guilty by a jury of one’s peers, one should face the music, the consequences. Consequently, the VI constitution should not be suspended to punish the many for the bad behaviour of an alleged few.

    Moreover, the VI does have governing challenges. In my view, the VI failed because of its success, ie, the success of of individuals and the governing institution, transitioning from subsistence agriculture to services, ie, tourism and financial services.

    It paid little attention as to why it was successful. It focused on failure after it failed. However, failing is not a strange phenomenon; it is common place. More focus is paid to avoid failing, the stigma of failing, than on winning. Nonetheless, failure is not all bad. Individuals, institutions, organizations, etc, can learn from failure. The VI can and must learn and develop from its failure(s). It must capitalize on the return on its failures. It also must focus on why it is successful.

    Looking forward, the VI needs “Skunkwork” and creative destruction project.

  16. Hot Child In the City says:

    This disclosure is a day late and an Andrew short. This so called Leader is very slow, he should change his name back to Slow-wande for real.

  17. BVI lander says:

    We the ppl don’t warn No independence. Go away Ms Crabbe an other with a you nonsense.

  18. @ Roger Burnett says:

    Spot on this is the absolute truth which no one wants to recognize. The love of money….root of all evil.

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