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Gov’t proposes 3 months to host public meetings about Labour, Immigration reform

Government will be tackling the Labour and Immigration reform policies by using a three-month timeframe to gain more feedback from the public before moving forward.

This is according to Premier Andrew Fahie who was speaking in the House of Assembly recently. He said this measure will seek to get the public more involved in assisting with creating a modified Labour and Immigration policy.

“I am asking all Virgin Islanders to come out to the public meetings which we will now divorce ourselves as elected officials for them for a little while, so that people can be free to dialogue and come up with what will help to shape the new Immigration and Labour policy and we are going to give a window of three months for this dialogue to take place,” the Premier said.

He continued: “After we’ve done that, we are going to bring that all together and also reshape the new policy for Immigration and Labour and also the necessary amendments for the Act.”

The Premier had said the proposed and drafted Labour and Immigration reform policies will be made readily available for the public to review online.

The Premier’s approach to this Labour and Immigration reform policies is said to contrast that of the recently-passed Immigration and Passport Amendment 2019 Bill, which was only brought to residents for discussion after receiving major public backlash.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    I would say that them have to go after 10 years

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    • Resident says:

      I would say the same thing, let’s send the nurses, teachers, doctors, the construction workers, etc…. packing!!!

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      • @ Resident says:

        The aim is to replace the nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, etc.. with our own. Is there anything wrong with that?

        Afterall, so it is done evrywhere else, for the north to the south, and from the east to the west. Each country looks out for its citizens.

        Why is it a problem for some if the BVI wants to do the same for its people?

        There was a time when there was a need for foriegn labour and expertise. And indeed, previous governments from the sixties onward did not place enough emphasis on taking care of the local population to the extent they should have.

        Thus, the increase in foriegners continued, followed by the exodus of a significant local population.

        They went away seeking opportunity while other people came here seeking oportunity.

        That has always been the migratory patterns of the human being from the day they left their place of origin to explore and live.

        Today, we fall prey to the divisive tactics of politicians, regional, country, state, cultural and race base haters, while seeing the obvious denying the truths.

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        • Resident says:

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking out for your own. But let’s look at the facts, did you review the list of persons recently graduated from HLSCC, how many were in the medical field? So you will replace the current expat nurse with another expat nurse? Where do we stand if that will be the case in other fields?

          • Facts says:

            Your first two years of college is essentially a general education. That does not stop anyone from pursuing any field of their choosing. You do not study medicine in a community college. But no doubt students of that leaning can take biology or chemistry and even physics.

      • Chosen says:

        Son of the soil and others who think alike is u all comments that outsiders are reading don’t worry y’all will be doomed and in darkness soon.

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        • son of the soil says:

          Ayo here because we made our country successful. Ayo could go because we were living quite happy before ayo came wid ayo dutty ways

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          • Andrea says:

            And that is why there is so much cuz @###ng cuz ……in this place need fresh blood different genes,dam it!

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          • Rubber Duck says:

            The country was made successful by immigrants.

            BVIslanders did not create the finance, yacht charter and resort hotel businesses.

            We should be grateful for immigrants and immigrant investors.

          • @rubber duck says:

            This holds true throughout the Caribbean. Many major states and countries as welll. Don’t mix our investors.

        • son of the soil says:

          Read this also “WE DONT NEED AYO !!!”

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    • Daminion says:

      You serious? Wow!, so this mean we could let the US jail you for lying that you live here when you try to come Rock again?

  2. Andrea says:

    And that is why there is so much cuz @###ng cuz ……in this place need fresh blood different genes,dam it!

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    • The truth says:

      You came here so you can eat bread. You didn’t have any food in that God forsaken country of yours. Remember no one sent for you.

  3. aplus says:

    When you send everybody home then y’all can go back to marry y’all cousin and bunning coal….while the rest of the Island’s forget bout y’all like some ole rusty car that…kinda had it’s best days.. carry on.

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  4. what says:

    rascist crap . Go ahead and watch your country die

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  5. Immigration reform says:

    It is our successive governments over the last forty years that have brought us to the current situation. It is hard to imagine what the thinking was, when they introduced naturalization in the Virgin Islands. It seems there has been no vision in all that time. Let us hope that with this immigration reform, clearer eyes will prevail and that we will not perish.

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