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Gov’t proposes partnership with private businesses; help pay salaries

“We are proposing to partner with private business to employ our youth, for which we will cover 10 percent of the salary for the first year” — Premier Andrew Fahie

One in every two unemployed young locals in the British Virgin Islands will soon receive job opportunities.

Premier Andrew Fahie said this is one of his administration’s soon-to-be-implemented initiatives for the territory’s youth. It will be done over the next five years.

“As a means of facilitating youth employment, we are proposing to partner with private business to employ our youth, for which we will cover 10 percent of the salary for the first year,” said Premier Fahie who is also Minister of Finance.

“This initiative is one of many ways that we will significantly assist with your government’s commitment of 1,000 jobs in 1,000 days.”

Premier Fahie said a more detailed outline of the programme will be forthcoming in the next 30 days. The initiative, in the meantime, will also have a training component.

The leader of government business said funds have already been allocated for training of these persons at various levels in the marine sector.

“Between 18 and 35 years are some of the most productive time in anybody’s lives. We cannot continue to waste our most powerful resource if we have to build an economy in which people can reach their full potential.”

During the 2019 election campaign season, Fahie said his party — the VIP — would have target unemployment territory-wide. He said the party would find means to encourage and facilitate small business development.

“We hope to influence the establishment of a minimum of 20 small businesses each employing a minimum of five people,” Fahie said at the time.

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  1. Ausar says:

    Thank you, Premier Fahie for such an initiative in putting our people FIRST!

    My God, my God, this is what our people have been crying about; our leader’s interest in our young people, the FUTURE of this country!

    Continue to impress us, Premier Fahie!

    Leadership at it’s best!

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    • please says:

      Just a repeat of an old NDP programme, i have employed 2 youths in this, we paid half the salary and the government paid half.

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      • please says:

        you a hater…lol NDP couldn’t get sh-t off the grown even thou is a repeat… real people do real thing…

        VIP VIP VIP VIP!!!!!…..

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        • Ok says:

          This was done already by NDP, we employed 3 people already. I don’t know where you were but it is facts. It is nice that this Government is revisiting that Idea to carry it on.

    • just stop says:

      its not a new thing because somebody call it a new thing….its an initiative that has been in place before the saviour of us all VIP got back in power… just stop.

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  2. Smh says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t this the same youth employment services model that the former government under the ministry of education was using? The government paid half the salary and the employer paid the other half. I remember Mr. Albert Wheatley and Ms. Rochelle Lawrence were the ones running this program. This is nothing new. Hon. Premier is his old un—–ful self again. Smh

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    • @Smh says:

      Hush your tired backside. Who gives a rats ass who was doing what first. Our youths need work. The Elections campaign is finished, the Government has been formed, so let us move on with the people’s business in a positive manner rather than stirring up piss

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      • SAME SHIT I BEEN SAYING!! says:

        people of the BVI some just full of sh-t… who TF really cares about who do what first….strupz… smh… just get sh-t done for the people from being just all talk (NDP) and promise-makers (NDP) fulfill them nah! sh-t!!!!….

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    • @Smh says:

      Nice try but this is not the same. Also this one will be about the people and not a one man that caused us the government

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    • LookingOn says:

      Yep! Already in place, but leave them, acting like they have arrived to save the day!

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    • smh says:

      You mean a very wack program. They give jobs to who they want!

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    • This is how I see it says:

      In our house we call A****w.the biting Premier. He is always biting off people work and ideas and then call It his own.

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    • @hmmm says:

      U mean the program where only a handfull was cherry picked and most barely even could hold onto the job past 3 months.

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  3. Deja Vu says:

    Isn’t this the same programme Myron started and successfully ran for YEARS?

    Trying to hope the best for this VIP gov, but they are the same set of people they were years ago.

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  4. Quiet Warrior says:

    This is a commended short-term plan of action. However, government must have a long-term plan that creates the environment and framework for sustainable job creation. Is the 10/90 split between government and private employers based on new jobs created or on existing jobs? Typically, government(s) is not a major employer. Nonetheless, they are more so by necessity in small island nations. The BVI government employs 3,000+ employees, approx 1/3 of the workforce.

    Moreover, currently tourism and financial services, two fragile/highly vulnerable sectors, are the twin pillars of the economy. Financial services contributes approx 60% of government revenue but tourism delivers more employment. A diversified economy must be part of the central long-term plan.

  5. Hold One Second says:

    Huh ? This is old news! NDP have this program running all now. SMH

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  6. @Smh says:

    Thank You whoever You are. I remember the exact thing and you beat me to the comment. I’m like Wowww, the D**** H**d is back. LOL.

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  7. @SHM says:

    You are so correct. I bet a whole lot of people remember that including myself. Naw Bo, you are sooo correct.

  8. hmmm says:

    Also, why partner with private businesses instead of trying to get the youths into the government as its time for the elderly to retire. It would also be nice if applying for a government job and atleast getting a response to see application received would be a start because not even that they do.. But good going so far

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    • @Hmmm says:

      Why the heck would you continue to overload Government with belongers – the Government has been having financial problems for some years now…look at all the loans…the Government is already the majority employer of belongers…so if you put all your eggs in one basket that will be problems…the Government need to encourage its populace to move out into the private sector and not only to seek jobs there but to also build the private sector by starting and running profitable, well managed businesses… it is the private sector that really GROWS the economy.

    • why says:

      because your country broke from TOO many government jobs!

  9. Totally says:

    Retire out the older ones and hire the younger ones so they can get a chance. Most of the older workers need to just retire and enjoy their retirement.

  10. Blah says:

    While there are not many details for this proposal by government it should be noted that NDP’s Youth Empowerment Services Apprenticeship Program that many are comparing this to was only for a period of 6 months that means that most of the participants were back on the unemployed list not too long after they entered. They couldn’t reenter the program for a period of one year after completing the 6 month trial. This one mentions that government will cover some of the salary for the first year which suggest that participants will be employed for much longer and gain more experience and reduce unemployment for a longer period of time. We should wait for more details before getting carried away.

  11. Question of the day says:

    Why is the men in this Administration so darn unatractive.

  12. For the Expats.. says:

    “Between 18 and 35 years are some of the most productive time in anybody’s lives. We cannot continue to waste our most powerful resource if we have to build an economy in which people can reach their full potential.”

    … then if that is the case why would you let a law abiding man and woman who living in this country have to wait 20 and 30 and 40 years for citizenship. The system is designed to waste away the expat populace and you know what…WE ALL SUFFER…not just the expat…because our economy could have been stronger than it is now. I applaud Hon Fahie for taking the initiative to revisit with policy with Caribbean Expats who share a similar background, culture and history. #ONEBVI

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