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Gov’t purchases three fire trucks for $230K

Three fire trucks valuing an approximate total of a quarter million dollars are on their way to the British Virgin Islands and should arrive in three months.

The Ministry of Communications and Works said they placed the purchase order last week; days before the parliamentary opposition criticised government for the insufficient amount of equipment available to the local fire department.

The ministry said the trucks will be distributed to stations on Tortola as well as Virgin Gorda.

“These equipment were actually in train since the last quarter of last year but, of course, we had delays with all the disasters. It’s been a while but we were just able to identify the funding again and place the order … For the three of them, there is a total cost of about $230,000, ” said Deputy Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Jeremy Hodge.

He said the ministry will also be opening a tendering process for restoration works to be done to the hurricane-battered fire station headquarters in Road Town.

Roughly half-million worth of repairs is projected to be carried out on the building.

“They will be getting more equipment but we are supposed to get a list of needs from the fire service,” Hodge told BVI News.

Fresh discussions about the insufficient equipment surfaced after the major fire at VI Motors gas station in Duff’s Bottom. As a precaution, the fire unit based at the TB Lettsome International Airport was dispatched to the scene; rendering the airport temporarily closed.

The airport’s fire truck was deployed to the location because of its capability to pump foam as a flame retardant.

While commenting on the fire department’s equipment status, Works Minister Mark Vanterpool said: “We need a lot of equipment for many things and it’s a high priority … It was something that we identified earlier so we have been moving towards that. Fire engines are things that get older and they break down and you have to keep repurchasing.”

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  1. Typo says:

    Having been involved in the acquisition of fire equipment for many years, I would venture a guess of 230,000 EACH considering the chassis alone is 50/60,000

  2. Across the pond says:

    Hi guys.

    We suspect you received the quote a long time ago?

    You said you placed the purchase order last week. You mean on Saturday night? Hmmmmm……


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  3. Kiss says:

    He is the worst Minster for fire but when he want his business pump out he knows us

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      and what about their station in Road Town..they are neglected and they are the first responder to us all..

  4. Anonymous says:

    he don’t tell truth – them not order yet tell the Minster stop – three months where you first have to order it n hive the people their money and then the bvi mechanic and two other have to check them out and then 1nhalf months them will reach

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  5. Hmmmmm says:

    Great for BVI, but firemen still need repaired building. When will that happen?

  6. /////// says:

    How about maintaining any equipment.Ever heard of that BVI?… So Vanterpool is saying when something breaks down… replace it… “”” Fire engines are things that get older and they break down and you have to keep repurchasing.”””””
    How about replacing the NDP then because it is definitely “BROKE DOWN”.

  7. Youth says:

    This ndp government and accurate information and dates don’t mix.

  8. Brad Boynes says:

    Always reacting to real situaturns when they occur. Sick of this bull nonsense.

  9. Reality says:

    Were these bought of EBay? No way you can get 3 quality fire trucks for this amount….

  10. oh yeah says:

    For a place that don’t have much fire we sure mash up fire trucks fast. Other place in the world fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles are cared for and last a long time. The workers who are trusted with these vehicles need to take better care of them. This country can’t continue to buy these vehicles every three to five years.

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  11. The Donald says:

    where are they coming from @ that price for 3?
    Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina – who knows? Ask My-rum since he does not subscribe to transparency or accountability.

  12. Wow says:

    Congrats NDP!! But we still want y’all out

  13. JK says:

    cheaper than the missing airplanes….

  14. Sick and Tired says:

    Hope they don’t send NO OLD TRUCK VG

  15. Rubber Duck says:

    They look like pre owned to me. So the price may be right.

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