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Gov’t releases ‘interim’ list of emergency shelters

The Long Trench Community Centre has been named as an interim emergency shelter for 2018.

A week into the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season, government has issued what it described as an ‘interim’ list of land-based emergency shelters in the territory.

The list comprises 19 named shelters and is valid up till July 31.

A breakdown of the list shows only one primary shelter, seven secondary shelters, and 11 tertiary shelters.

The Public Works Department and the Department of Disaster Management is said to have verified the interim list.

Local authorities are yet to publish a list of marine shelters for 2018.

In the meantime, a total of 30 land-based shelters and 10 marine emergency shelters were named during last year’s hurricane season.

And as the territory goes deeper into the hurricane season which began on June 1, there is increased concern about the territory’s level of preparedness.

However, government authorities have said the territory will be fully prepared by the peak of the hurricane season. The season already has produced the first named storm for 2018.

Forecasters have predicted some 16 named storms, eight hurricanes, and four major hurricanes this season.

Below is the interim 2018 land-based list as issued by government’s information office:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What do the categories mean

  2. Hmmm says:

    Why is EE/LL community centre a shelter and its not fix as yet?

  3. scam says:

    release yourselves so the country can grow

  4. Brad Boynes says:

    What about Road Town. Huntums Ghut. Purcell and the like?

  5. Really? says:

    I do not think any shelter Near the sea is a Good Thing right now…. just my views

  6. Sam the man says:

    Vast majority of these apart from a few are churches which the “No Direction Party” had nothing to do with – what the F…k has it been doing for the past nine months! This should have been a priority – I guess the Governor will have to add that to his list to sort out as well!

    • Important says:

      It is important to keep all the work to a chosen few. You can’t just let competent people in to run a port properly and properly trained architects, geologists and construction expertise. Things have to be kept as they are otherwise the whole country would prosper.

      Look at those “shelters” we had the last time. May as well have been made of paper. The people building them either didn’t have any skills in construction or just took the money and gave the worst possible product. Windows held in by a couple of nails, shoddy roof, 4inch block exterior walls… your granny could do better just following a YouTube video.

      • @Important says:

        All that is buzz words for let the white people in because they’re smarter than us. Things are moving albeit slower that we would have liked but they are moving. Homes and businesses are being reconstructed much stronger than before, materials are coming in, skilled labour is coming in and people are making slow progress. The CDB loan is in process and will take time as they have certain requirements that need to be met. I for one am glad that Government is not involved directly with the rebuild as it relates to issuing contracts and planning. The CDB and their agents proved that it is possible to get value for money and quality work as all of their projects stood up to the floods of august, Irma and Maria. Power is back to more or less everyone in just 6 months having to rebuild the entire network. Most of the old cars are gone and being crushed etc. Should we be further along? Hell yes, but have we made progress? Also, hell yes. Easy to sit on the sidelines and be a negative nuisance like same the ass.

  7. L says:

    Notice is only churches repent to god

  8. hmm says:

    Why is Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church a shelter and its not fixed up yet.

  9. a brighter day says:

    we can all see these people have not been to some of these shelter to evaluate there condition.

  10. Yes says:

    The 6distric is a huge one please why the Purcell community center is not a shelter what is the minister not taking action in looking into this last hurricane during Irma it was badly needed there were people especially elders needed to go to that place for rescue shelter it was close with some Nancy story abuilding sitting there thousand of $$$$____waste. You can have band practice party. Organization event. Why the world social Dept ddm please look into this hury hury tw is close

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