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Gov’t resumes regularisation programme

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has said the initiative to fast-track status regularisation for select expatriate residents has now resumed.

The Premier made the announcement on Tuesday stating that the initiative was briefly stopped to make adjustments to his government’s proposed amendment to the Immigration and Passport Act following the recent-held public consultations.

“Those [expats who lived in the BVI] 20 years and up will be able to apply and they would have three weeks to turn in all their information with the fast track as we agreed. We just stopped it to make sure all the concerns were heard. The Bill was amended and it’s passed but there are other measures that have been put in,” Premier Fahie stated.

He also said an announcement will be made later this week on when the process for the third generation BVIslanders will begin.

“Hopefully you have already started to get your information and call all your family abroad who are third-generation Virgin Islanders so that they can get their Belongership process on the way.”

The Premier said this initiative will have a six-week window for which interested third-generation Virgin Islanders will have to submit all required documentation.

The regularisation programme has received a considerable amount of backlash from the public since it’s introduction in early May.

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  1. Bruce says:

    So is this what the UN wants ?

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  2. Asking says:

    What are 3rd-generation Virgin Islanders?

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    • (:)-] says:

      Every time a decendant of a BVIslander gets a child away from the BVI they lose a little more of their status as a belonger. If your grandparents and parents wasn’t born here you wont be a belonger if you wasn’t born here. Your last name wouldn’t matter anymore because our constitution says 3 strikes you’re out.

  3. Hola! says:

    Applicable to ALL expats regardless of race, color, religion, gender, region migrated from, etc. No discrimination.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    And the political, cultural and human existential future of the VIsander continue.

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  5. Lol says:

    Can anyone tell me if this government went in with their heads on their bodies, did they get into government with any plans for the country? What a joke

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  6. vip heckler says:

    Is our government being pressured by outside sources ??

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  7. son of the soil says:

    A 3rd generation bvislander should not be pressured because the results cant change, they are bvislanders

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    • Agreed!!! says:

      For once you making sense. There is no need to fast track anything here. Unless, there is more in the mortar besides the pestle as in changes now in the pipeline for residents to know only in the future.

      Transparency? Where is it? NDP claimed that they were Government in the sunshine. But what is VIP?

      The end result, all politicians tell lies … they are not clear, straightforward and forthcoming and when you do not have these characteristics, you are a liar. They don’t know what they ought to do so they bobble along.

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  8. APPLAUSE says:

    I applaud this Premier and his government for having the balls to do this. it was not easy plight…and while I think 15 years is a long time we going to take 20 years for the fast track. Bless up Premier!

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  9. Calo says:

    When can the qualified expats start submitting?

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  10. so says:

    The belonger card machine at Passport Office is NOT NOT NOT working!

  11. Eyes wide shut says:

    I knew there was a method to the madness:all these consultancy meeting one behind the other;education-year change,consumer protection, bus service survey…. and before all this the very said thing…fast track!!
    It makes you wonder why all these in just so short of a time?

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    • Just Wrong says:

      It seems to me to be very simple. Do something rather than nothing. Oh excuse me NDP did something too. They pushed the stupid Airport Expansion project totally because of D**** J****** and Oil Nut Bay.

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    • Bruce says:

      Remember this when elections come round.

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  12. Really says:

    Nothing has changed it still 20 years before you can apply they’re just making it quicker for the process to be completed. Humph !! A very long time for anyone to be here in the Territory and committed to a country before getting any kind of status.

  13. yoyo says:

    That law was there before! He ain’t do nothing! What is new !

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  14. No Mans Land says:

    Most countries in the world revoke a citizens rights after 15 years, so anyone who has been in the BVI longer than 15 years and less than 20 is well and truly, no where, with no rights anywhere.

    Any yes, packing up and leaving is the only option.

    • Boy says:

      Need a ride to the airport?

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    • Stateless says:

      No one can revoke your birth right once it has been established.

      However, it would be wise to put a clause in place where rights that have been attained through the current process (of which the premier speaks) will be revoked once the individual moves away from the territory for a prescribed period of time (with health and schooling being the exceptions once adequate documentation has been submitted).

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  15. local says:

    what ever Andrew

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