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Gov’t seeking to purchase new ‘environmentally-friendly’ asphalt plant

The Andrew Fahie-led administration is seeking to purchase a new asphalt plant.

Speaking with BVI News on Tuesday, Works Minister and Deputy Premier Kye Rymer said the process has already started.

“We know that it is something that is necessary and we are working out the details as we speak,” Rymer said.

He continued: “The government always owned and asphalt plant so we are just in the process of replacing it. The benefit would be the government would be able to do the repairs in a more efficient manner.”

The Works Minister, in the meantime, has opted to remain tight-lipped about details of the ongoing deal.

“I cannot disclose it because we are still in the process of getting the quotations and so forth,” he said in response to further inquiries relating to the matter.

Rymer first mentioned the looming purchase during the Fifth Sitting of the First Session of The Fourth House of Assembly last month.

At the time, Rymer said the government was seeking to purchase an asphalt plant that is environmentally-friendly.

Notably, the government-owned asphalt plant in Fish Bay sustained considerable damage from the 2017 hurricanes. It is no longer functional.

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  1. Concerned says:

    Didn’t taxpayers pay a million dollars for that asphalt plant a few years ago?
    Was it worth it? Long before the hurricane I used to see it looking abandoned near Queen Elizabeth Park.
    I don’t think so much money should be invested in a machine that is not going to be fully utilized and maintained.

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  2. Reply says:

    IMO, the problem is not with the asphalt plant or any other equipment. The problem lies in basic road design and construction.

    The roads are simply built poorly, and it has been that way for as long as I can recall. If there is every a need for a government consult here, a road construction engineering firm is desperately needed here, preferably one from outside the country who knows what they are doing.

    I don’t expect this as anything from outside is frown upon, so I personally expect the roads to look the same in the indefinite future until that mindset changes.

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  3. Vg says:

    We have one in hiding next to olde yard village nearly 20 needs to be moved it’s an eyesore no one seems to know why/how long but GOD is good

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  4. strupes says:

    Why spend hundreds of thousands just to do pot holes and he fully well knows that king white head will be given all the big asphalt jobs?????

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  5. my question says:

    didn’t a big million dollar contract got tendered a year or two before the hurricane for the entire roads to get paved by ritter and simmonds??? so where is the value for money cause they barely paved anything

    • bull junks says:

      Apparently the road base used by that particular company isn’t suitable but nobody don’t want to tackle that subject. Like them rather the continued road failure with pot holes popping up every where

  6. smh says:

    The issue is not ‘equipment’ Its the ‘personnel’ who are designing and maintaining the roads. there is no proper plan in place for our road network throughout the Territory!

  7. @smh says:

    The greatest failure of our governments past and present, from astute observations, is the abject lack of and demand of a vibrant maintainance department at public works.

    It is a hands off, spend tons of money, use it for a few months, then park it up some where to rust and rot approach. This has been the case from a wheel barrow to
    million dollar items such as the one mentioned in this article.

    The public works department has demonstrated an abissmal ability in maintaining anything, period.

    It should be renamed The Waste Public Money Department.

  8. really says:

    I`m here for 25 plus years and the amount on time the fix the roads,the could pave a road around the world.

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    • watching says:

      how about bringing in at least one living breathing human being who has even the slightest knowledge about building and engineering a proper road . These stupes riding around dumping shovel fulls of asphalt into a pothole and then driving off … dont waste your time or OUR money. If you dont do it right you should not get paid . PERIOD !!!

  9. Road Engineer says:

    Typically, there are three means of processing asphalt to construct roads, driveways, parking areas…..etc, ie, in-house, outsourcing and in some cases privatizing the work. Government must look at which means is more effective and efficient. Producing asphalt is one thing but proper road construction, repair and maintenance is yet another. The BVI roads are poorly designed, constructed and maintained. Consequently, the roads have a short lifecycle. Develop road design and construction standards/criteria and execute them. The poor roads means that the BVI is getting a lower return on road investment (ROI) than other locals get.

  10. Home Boy says:

    Did you not read where it was said that the one the previous Government purchase was damaged by the HURICANES 2017 and are none functional.

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