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Gov’t signs $346K A/C contract for L-shaped ESHS building

Air Conditioning

Government has signed an air conditioning contract valued at more than $300,000 as part of the restoration of the L-Shaped building at Elmore Stoutt High School’s Road Town campus.

The $346,560 contract was awarded to Kelvin Thomas who is doing business as Quality Air Condition and Refrigeration.

Director of Projects in the Ministry of Finance, Dr Drexel Glasgow told BVI News the contract was privately signed on May 2.

“It was not a public signing because he (Thomas) was present at the Elmore Stoutt High School when the other four [contractors] were signing so we just went ahead and we had that new a/c contract signed,” Dr Glasgow explained.

Dr Glasgow also said Thomas will be furnishing all materials, engineering, tools, trucking labour, and supervision to install the air conditioning system.

“He’s supplying and installing the air condition for each floor [of the L-shaped building] … It includes connecting of refrigerant lines, installation of electrical field wiring, connection and installation of the drain line, installation of outdoor units, installing of indoor units, system retesting, and evaporation,” Dr Glasgow said.

The combined total of government contracts awarded for the full restoration of the L-shape building now stands at more than $4 million.

The project is expected to be completed by July 31, 2019.

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  1. gosh! says:

    good on them, sorting the school finally.

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    • Backward< says:

      Here we go again, we just fired the NDP and replace them with a so call new VIP and we are back at square1, when will our people learn?

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Yet another no-bid contract signed for a political crony, WOW!!!!! Gushie made the top ten of the 1000 promised jobs for VIP cronies. Andrew is performing miracles with a broke treasury, WOW!!!!

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    • Concerned says:

      There is no broke treasury, the money from Financial Services is still coming in, only Tourism is slowed down. And the money will be spend on the cronies. It was there for all to see during the election but ignored. And the first matter of business had been to provide Mr. Skelton-Clyne with another high paying consultancy job.

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  3. same sht different day says:


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  4. wow says:

    All of the VIP campaign soldiers are being rewarded one by one—–Jack i tell yo—–Keep it up Mr Foy for there is only 45 months remaining til elections

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  5. something rotten in denmark says:

    What’s/Why a PRIVATELY SIGNED CONTRACT????? Is/Was something wrong?????

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  6. A Coalition Government says:

    was reasoned, but no one saw its wisdom, so let’s continue to play within duality- them vs us. We will learn the hard way.

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  7. Ancestral Coding says:

    He who makes political decisions based on emotions, sights, sounds and no knowledge will suffer a country, its people and himself to undue strife and set backs.

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  8. wow says:

    Here is another petition

    1. Whether VIP, NDP or any other P, all government contracts over $100,000 should at least have three quotes.

    2. All contracts over $500,000 should go out to a public tender, period.

    Please feel free to add any other suggestions.

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  9. Wow. says:

    It’s a pity we are so small minded in the BVI. Mr. Thomas is a BVIslander. I am all for BVIslanders. You people are really sick. You will get over your loss soon meaning the NDP ..Get over it. The voters will decide who will be in office the next 4 years not you.

    • bull junks says:

      ayo campaigned and said it was wrong, so if it was wrong then it is still wrong now. STOP DEFENDING BULL JUNKS!!!!

  10. damn says:

    A bunch of sorry a** negroes.

  11. The beat goes on says:

    Same old soup just slightly warmed over.

  12. I wonder says:

    I wonder if the VIP Government and it’s supporters believe that spending $4 million to renovate a building of that size will truly assist us come September. The way I see it, it is going to cost three times the amount of money it cost the taxpayers to build the L-shaped building to put in a few Windows and doors and half the children may have to stay where they are or half day school continue because it can’t fit them all. This poor Government, as tunnel vision as ever. All the buildings have to be rebuilt but will spend all kinds of money getting up one and the Hon. Premier loved to recite figures on the campaign trail but all of a sudden cannot count. Playing monopoly again with the people’s money.

  13. Nel says:

    You guys talk about protecting your heritage and one of your own doing well you all VEX. WHAT A SET OF PEOPLE

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  14. Smh says:

    Guess all the a** kissing paid off Haha

  15. Fooled says:

    Andrew got you all fooled . Solid deals for specific individuals and a promise of better internet for the rest .

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