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Gov’t targets over 300 illegal bikes for licensing | Stiffer motorcycle penalties to come

The Ministry of Transportation is seeking to license 300 or more illegal bikes this month and will also be reviewing the existing penalties for motorcycle-related offences in the territory. 

Transportation Minister Kye Rymer made those announcements during an online forum recently.

“We have these laws on our books but we all know that the consequences for some of these are minimal and we are in the process of reviewing the penalties for some of these issues,” Rymer stated.

As for the move to get illegal riders licensed, Rymer said his ministry hopes to start by next week. 

He said there are only 200-plus licensed bikes in the territory overall.

“We want to start this drive so that by the end of this time, we would have licensed about 300 to 400 riders, so that’s the intent. We are hoping for more and more legal riders on the road.”

In addition to being licensed, riders will also be educated on the importance of safety on the roads, he stated.


To further drive his point home, Minister Rymer said there are troubling statistics of accidents and deaths associated with scooters in the territory.

“It is so sad to note that on the books for this year we have already lost three of our young men due to scooter accidents. And, up to this point, I got the statistics, and we had about 66 accidents with scooters already. In 2019, we were up to 107 accidents. So we need to let the public know, you have the privilege of riding, but we want to promote the safety mechanisms attached to riding,” the minister said.

Call to Parents 

Rymer also issued a call to parents who opt to gift their children with these types of vehicles, to play their part in the whole educational process.

He also underscored that persons under the age of 16 are legally prohibited from riding these types of vehicles.

“Yes, some parents may want to reward their children or their child with a scooter, but we have the laws to follow and we see where we have younger persons riding motorcycles and scooters not even with a helmet or anything.”

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  1. strupes says:


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  2. Helmets? says:

    How about the enforcement of the laws relating to wearing a helmet.

    And was the young man killed on a quad bike counter in those theee?

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  3. Z6 says:

    I need to hear about bigger bikes

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  4. concerned citizen says:

    What about having them put back in the exhaust silencer before you lift the curfew, so that these bikes wouldn’t be such a nuisance.

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  5. Easy says:

    The age to ride a scooter/bike should be raised to 21 and they should have to go through a rigorous process in order to be licensed. Penalties for driving under-aged, unlicensed, uninsured should be extreme in order to act as a deterrent. It’s not hard we just need our Government to stop pandering and get on with what’s needed. You cannot label yourself as a top tourist destination or even a destination for us as locals/residents when we have to play Russian roulette with these two-wheeled jackasses on a daily basis. I know quite few responsible riders but also experience far too many irresponsible idiots who are making it bad for their peers.

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      Legal Age to ride should be 25. Defensive driving course for all scooter riders. Educational videos on defensive riding techniques should be distributed.Enforce the existent laws when it comes to noise pollution and helmets.

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  6. Electric says:

    Ban all petrol motorcycles. Allow only electric bikes.

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  7. true says:

    teach “lifesavers” and how to control your bike with clutch and back brake or just back brake on scooters so you don’t ride with our feet out. Teach a figure of 8 a really tight one to learn the clutch/brake control. Find a real biker who is used to riding bigger machines and has a full bike license to teach these skills.

    When you find then get them to teach the Police to ride their 750cc bikes as they are unaware of these 2 basic bike skills.

  8. Rubber Duck says:

    Ban them. Allow no more imports. Allow electric scooters or tricycles for cheap transport.

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  9. Democracy says:

    Lower the licence age to three years old.
    My little boy loves motor bikes and making a big noise and the smell of a hot exhaust pipe
    He also likes be being chased by police cars with blue flashing lights.
    I’ve promised him a bigger 1000cc bike on his fourth birthday.
    He thinks curfew is the name of a native bird and that helmet is a land crab.
    Otherwise he is just a normal little British Virgin Islander.

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  10. mr. government says:

    if a uninsured bike hit my 100000 dollars range rover who will pay to fix it?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      If you have a 100000 dollar car and paid import duty I guess you have enough money to pay to fix it yourself and help the unfortunate rider by getting him a new ride. Unless he dead because he did not have a helmet on, in addition to driving like an idiot, in which case a contribution to the casket would be nice.

  11. Enforcement of Laws with Bite Needed. says:

    Silencer out, can’t ride in public. No helmet, can’t ride in public. Plus, a $1,000.00 fine to be paid forthwith for each violation and or forfiture and revocation of license permanently.

    The societal chaos and unbearable trama being caused to the majority by a minority must cease. Rules and regulations are meant to protect, preserve, perpetuate and enhance life, not destroy it.

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  12. Ban cars says:

    If Tony Alphonso get hit from a car, let’s ban them for a week to reduce risks in the community from accidents and covid19 transmissions

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  13. 5pm ban says:

    Why are so many motorcycles still roaring around well past 5pm every night until midnight in the Sea Cows Bay district? They can’t all be going/returning to work! Why don’t the police stop these nightly motorcyclists and fine them the $5000 each?

  14. Sigh says:

    How about not being able to license bikes that are already here illegally? How did they get here? What else was smuggled in with the shippment? Were they stolen from sister islands and brought here in parts and reassembled?

    Since bikes are currently illegal there has been a culture of theft and voilence surrounding them. Just legalizing them in one broad sweep knowing the kinda folly sorrounding the illegal bikes seem iresponsible to me. But the minister isa street man, he knows what hes turning a blind eye to.

    Legalize them and lisence bikes you can prove were imported through legal channels AFTER the legalization initiative. You dont know who you giving a pass to otherwise…just my 2cents.

  15. Mufflers! says:

    Need a fine for removal of mufflers! This one is easy!!! If it makes noise, write a ticket! If they get 3 tickets and still have no muffler – take the bike and crush it!
    We have to take back our country if we want tourism.

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