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Gov’t to construct performing arts centre this year

Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

A modern centre for the performing arts is to be constructed in the British Virgin Islands.

Government will be the entity that will be undertaking this development.

Premier Andrew Fahie made that announcement in the House of Assembly last week and said the development will be undertaken this year.

He said the theatre is to “assist with developing, preserving and promoting BVI’s heritage of dance, music, and all other forms of artistic expression”.

The leader of government business said the theatre will also help to foster “the growth of cultural tourism”.

This is one of several initiatives the Fahie administration plans to roll out this year.

Other similar initiatives include upgrading basketball courts and other sporting and recreational facilities across the territory.

He said upgrades will also be done to the Multi-purpose Sports Complex on Tortola and the Virgin Gorda Sports Complex.

There are also plans to conduct repairs and remedial works at the Cane Garden Bay Community Centre and the East End/Long Look Community Centre.

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  1. Reality Check says:

    Paid for how?

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    • Lmfao says:

      The man is truly delusional

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    • Bee says:

      Utter tomfoolery. “Show me the money!”
      Stretch the runway, stretch the useless cruise pier, add on here, build something there… Who is going to spring for all these projects?
      Perhaps the Hon. Premier could tell us if he is at all embarrassed that 3.5 years after Irma, we still haven’t rebuilt the High School?

  2. Reasonable Man says:

    Can we fix the problems at Pockwood Pond first?

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  3. Richgdgy says:

    Prime example of LIBS at work!

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  4. Fed up says:

    They spending money on things to me that are not of major importance right now. What they need to concentrate on is rebuilding the High school and getting the Public library built. This government is a waste of time.

    Like 56
  5. Just Wrong says:

    And meanwhile the sewer and water issues continue. Amazing!!

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    Bread and circuses.

  7. SMH says:

    Please focus on fixing the Schools and building a Public Library before taking into play other building projects.

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  8. High school says:

    And when will work on the high school begin so that we could move out of Clarence Thomas building and stop paying that exorbitant rent?

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  9. What!!!! says:

    Waste of time government, stop the B.S. before you “build” anything new Finish the high school and stop paying rent, fix the the polution problem at Pockwood Pond, East End sewerage problems and plenty more. Every week a new project and sooo much not completed this is truly the worst government for our country EVER.

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  10. Excuses Govt says:

    Build office space reduce government rental expenses,,,, Be Wise,

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  11. Priorities says:

    People. Priorities, priorities, priorities. We should be pumping money into health, education and infrastructure. Why is this being discussed during a PANDEMIC?!

    Like 14
  12. Albert Speer says:

    All Dictators build grandiose buildings. Mostly while the people starve.

    Like 15
  13. 007 says:

    Fiddling while Rome burns.

  14. Interested says:

    With what money ? Where are your priorities?

  15. Well sah says:

    Where is the stimulus money promised to us, people hungry, can’t pay bills, loosing our minds wondering where the next meal coming from, so many unfinished projects all around the country, how can we peform on hungry belly.

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