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Gov’t to introduce legislation for the ‘production and sale’ of medical marijuana

Government is putting the necessary legislation in place that will allow for medical marijuana to be produced and sold in the British Virgin Islands.

This was revealed by Governor Augustus Jaspert during his Speech from the Throne address in the House of Assembly on Thursday, November 15.

He said: “Our government will seek to develop the legislative framework to allow for the production and sale of medical marijuana.”

The Governor further stated that the territory will stand to benefit both economically and medically once the legislation is passed.

“Through legislation, there will be an increase in the economic resilience of the territory among many other medicinal benefits,” Governor Jaspert added.

No definitive indication has been given about decriminalising the weed for recreational use.

Preliminary legislation already being worked on

In early July of this year, Agriculture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley was the first under the VIP administration to disclose that a preliminary marijuana legislation bill was in the works.

Speaking during the second annual Hemp Fest on Jost Van Dyke, the Minister said the legislation would be the first of its kind to begin to relax marijuana laws in the territory.

Dr Wheatley further said the BVI can be used as an example to the rest of the world about the responsible legalization and the responsible administering of the marijuana industry, once the entire process is finalized.

He also said residents can expect community meetings to be held on the matter.

“If the population of the Virgin Islands, as I believe it to be, is ready for the legalization of marijuana, then we have to have a discussion about how we’re going to do it,” Dr Wheatley reasoned.


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  1. >.> says:

    Allow residents to grow their own plants.

    A lot of societal problems will be fixed in one move.

    People will be healthier, and keep more money in their pocket.

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  2. GM says:

    Great news!
    Legalize it
    Tax it
    Use the tax money for schools and road repair

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  3. SMH says:

    We all know that if the Elite doesn’t get a cut of the Profits, it ain’t going to happen.

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  4. Boss man says:

    Decriminalize the herb stop having police steal residents herbs!

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  5. Curly says:

    This is good news, but I would like to see a palliative care system put into place first so people can pass away with dignity and pain free in their own homes.

  6. Mick Mars says:

    I hope they look into decriminalization of this herb for us who want to enjoy it recreationally and responsibly. Why lie and go for a medical card when all I want to do is catch a vibe and cool out.

    Look into that, please cause we ain’t going away.

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  7. Doc says:

    Legalize it and and increase exponentially the number of zombies walking the streets of the BVI.

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  8. TurtleDove says:

    What a waste of time…..there are places in the US where 4 green houses are bigger than Tortola………a little exaggerated butt you get the point…..just decrimilize the stuff and move on.

  9. Trouble says:

    Everyone I know who smokes weed regularly has serious mental problems. They claim they’re not addicted and yet can’t go a day without a smoke. They are pretty much paranoid most of the time and suffer huge mood swings. They’re not reliable or predictable.
    I’m not a scientist or a doctor but I find the link between regular smoking of weed and mental instability too much of a coincidence.
    Yes, I’m sure marijuana has many benefits when used in controlled doses for medical use but there is already a huge industry growing it in the US/Canada. The BVI will never be able to compete with these guys. It’s like the Government suddenly announcing it’s going to start manufacturing automobiles on Virgin Gorda – just pie in the sky.
    And moves to decriminalize it for personal recreation use will just lead to a whole heap of other issues so I hope they’re prepared for that.

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    • ummm says:

      And tell me how many of those people put tobacco in their weed???

      Its not about competing to make money.

      Freeing your neighbors from oppression.

    • Another witness says:

      All big rivers have many tributary streams, same here, it’s a huge world market and there is a lot of room for unique (Virgin Bland :). Remember, if something is unique and is produced in a limited quantity the price getś high, take Blue Mountain Coffee. Quality product for export is the way to go.
      There is a need to set up professional labs certifying the product. Production cost is much lower than in US or Canada, as there is no need for the lights and electrical energy to grow, only care and water. Big rainwater catchments must be part of the plan as well.

    • A.W. says:

      Whats your poison/medicine?
      Diferent strokes…….
      BTW the story is about “medical weed”…so stay on the track

  10. Same ole shit, nother day. says:

    Now we all will see why full this has come full circle. The rich ex-pat ruler has won. The Black local may get to gro a plan, but will be reaping the bounty. Watch and see, Sold out we continue to be.

  11. Home grown says:

    Its not the amount the bvi can produce but the quality! Lets do this! Ganja farmer! Legalize it dont criticize it! The great men done sang a out it now watch it come to pass!

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  12. ... says:

    This aint about money people its about freedom. You want to be a slave or a child stuck in a play pen

    when god gave us this plant that even the UK now admits is a healing herb?

    We dont need to make money from this. When we can grow our own legally everyone will be that much closer to real freedom.

  13. Ausar says:


    Great news, Premier Fahie!

    So many within our community is suffering with all kinds of ailments, and can benefit with the usage of such a plant!

    A new day of the possibilities of healing is here, finally, in the BVI!

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