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Gov’t to introduce overnight quarantine if vaccinations increase

Health Minister Carvin Malone

Once the number of vaccinations in the territory gets to a certain threshold, persons travelling to the BVI will only be required to quarantine overnight, if at all.

Under the current protocols, persons are generally required to quarantine for four days upon arrival in the BVI.

But Health Minister Carvin Malone pointed to the potential of reduced quarantine requirements during his appearance on the Honestly Speaking radio programme last Thursday.

He said: “If you get vaccinated, we are seeking ways in which you have just that overnight. When you come [to the BVI], you get tested. If you are negative, the other day you can go. You don’t have to do four days.”

The minister was at the time outlining some “benefits” of taking the COVID-19 vaccine in the BVI.

He further said his COVID-19 team at the Ministry of Health has been empowered by Cabinet to establish these benefits or, as he termed it, “interim successes”.

“We’re looking in terms of other areas because once we get a certain number of people in (vaccinated), then we can let more people into the churches, let more people into other organisations,” the minister added.

He announced these developments following a report that the BVI has until May and June before its current batches of vaccines expire.

The BVI has vaccinated roughly 7,000 people so far. The territory has a total of 20,000 doses in hand with another 12,000 to arrive this week.

The government’s known goal is to vaccinate about 28,000 people.


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  1. EU Citizen says:

    Get the vaccine. It’s a no brainer.

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  2. heckler says:

    This sounds like a con

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  3. Cat says:

    Please, please, please. Get the vaccine. I have with no problems. My friends and family desperately want to come visit again. We do not want to be quarantined for more than 1/2 our stay. Opening to tourism will go a long way towards revitalizing your economy.

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    • JC says:

      Yes, please BVI residents get vaccinated! We have already devastatingly had to postpone out wedding in VG to next year because of concerns over the mandatory quarantine and ferries not running from St. Thomas, making it really impossible to have our 100 guests come enjoy and give you guys tons of business! We are aiming to come next year now and need this to happen. Please do your part to open your economy. it is the only way. I am vaccinated, as are many of my friends and family in the US. It is not dangerous.

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      • Okay says:

        Are you aware that not everyone can get the vaccine even if they wanted too.

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      • Dr Magoo says:

        The ‘vaccinators’ have been tricked and now want to trick you.

        There are very serious issues: pathogenic priming is real, not only can the ‘vaccinated’ still develop the disease, get sicker and die, they can still transmit the virus. The ‘vaccinated’ will generate severe mutations not just variants like those being seen so far (immunological selection). Paradoxically the ‘vaccinated’ are at greater risk (hyper-immune response) from these types of mutations (variants), that they themselves generate, this is viral immune escape.

        Your precious ‘vaccine’ is actually Experimental Gene Therapy. This is the biggest medical experiment ever conducted; at this stage you are a guinea pig, even if you do not take it.

        What could go wrong? So for example you only allow ‘vaccinated’ tourists to visit, they bring with them their mutated variants from other parts of the world, the local populaces are thereby exposed to stronger strains (mutations) of the virus, which infects and mutates further. The locally ‘vaccinated’ will be at greater risk than the unvaccinated due to their increased likelihood of hyper-immune response. Good luck if you believe the PCR Test, Rule of Six and Mask will save you.

        With viral immune escape it’s the ‘vaccinated’ that pose a risk to society.
        Some of you might think that this is: ‘made up stuff’, ‘pseudo medical babble’, ‘made up crap’, ‘fancy terminology’, ‘utter nonsense’. Some of you also believe nobody has died from the ‘vaccine’.

        Follow the science, experimental gene therapy…

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        • Ann Brown says:

          Don’t be rediculous. I have been vaccinated. Not a single side effect. I have positive antibodies against Covid. Do you remember the images on the news last year of people dying from Covid. Get the vaccine!

        • John Perrin says:

          Do you realize how much of an idiot, conspiracy theorist you sound like? You are as blind as your cartoon character avatar.

        • A Serrano says:

          As a pharmacist and a molecular/cell biology scientist with over 40 year experience in drug development, it is my opinion that you have no idea what you are talking about!.
          Please everyone else: Get vaccinated, let’s end this disease and save lives!. The unvaccinated people are a potential host to the virus, giving it a chance to mutate to possibly more virulent and deadlier variants. Vaccinated people have the immune response to fight the virus. If everyone gets vaccinated, the virus will not have a host, and this disease will end. Let’s save lives! Let’s save economies! Let’s be able to hug, travel, kiss, and spend time with loved ones without the fear of dying or killing someone else. Believe in science. Those man and women are smart and work really hard to develop several FDA approved vaccines (not experimental). Let’s all do our part and get vaccinated!!!

  4. Chris says:

    My wife and I were vaccinated last month and have had no side effects. I am looking forward to getting my second vaccination with the hope that the island will be open for tourism by then, the ferries will be running and that I will be able to travel for work.

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  5. Boy u done sell out says:

    We long time ….ain’t no smiling up with u boss

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  6. Just saw says:

    Road the ferry to stt today. Your charter fleets are happily sailing around.

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  7. Vaccinate Please! says:

    I have been fully vaccinated since January. I have had no issues or side affects. I am planning on doing a charter in mid-April in the BVI. All of my crew are fully vaccinated as well. Please adopt the 1 day quarantine or implement a no-quarantine program for those like me who are fully vaccinated. We all have CDC stamped vaccination cards as proof. Reducing or eliminating the quarantine period will allow us to spend $$$ in your shops, stores, taxis, bars and restaurants rather than 4 days aboard a sailboat, twiddling our thumbs.

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  8. Are we being selfish? says:

    The tourism and hospitality sector is sinking daily. Those of us who work construction, government or finance etc are doing just fine. We don’t feel a need to be vaccinated, we don’t care if the tourists are allowed to come in without quarantine. But are we being selfish? Thinking of ourselves and not the Island and its economy as a whole.

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  9. Mufeng says:

    The government should now be finalizing plans to evacuate all persons who refuse to be vaccinated off island ? to the inhabited Islands. This will allow for the BVI economy to return to normallicy in the shortest time possible.

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    • U late like the one u kill says:

      With that last jab …only a matter time the simplest change in nature u all who already take vaccine will be struggling to adjust in a minute

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  10. right direction says:

    Oh OK, This is moving in the right direction. Now try actually giving information that helps anyone. Without an actual timeline or quantification of what levels to reach this doesn’t mean jack to anyone trying to plan.

    So try doing this:

    If we reach x amount vaccinated we will go to overnight quarantine and do away with 4 day quarantine. If x happens we will do y. So on and so on.

    If we have x positive cases we will lock down again. See what i’m doing here – i’m actually giving you directions on how to communicate.

    If you see a turtle before noon, it may or may not rain. technically true but not helpful in any way.

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  11. Dumb says:

    SMH People, don’t be sheep this so called :vaccine” is a DNA changer GateLet t.People in certain statatestookn it and still got covid afterwards This is a trick to get more people to give in to take it.

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  12. Desperation says:

    They are going to try all kinds of things to get people to take that vaccine

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    • No kidding says:

      It’s almost like they want us to reopen to the world so that our lives can get back to some semblance of normality. What kind of monsters are they to want our economy to recover whole simultaneously keeping people from dying?

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  13. Soo says:

    What about children? If everyone in BVI is vaccinated then what will become of the children they are not immune to covid they can still catch it we need a vaccine for them too.

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    • Doctor No says:

      Current vaccines work fine n children

      • Yes says:

        It work fine for adults who can still get covid and pass it on to their kids. The whole of the BVI can be vaccinated and be protected except the kids because they adults can still get it and pass it on to the kids.

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  14. dickhead says:

    no brains……no headaches

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  15. Carvin for Premier says:

    This is what I am talking about, a practical balance,, Also gives the vaccine credibility,,I was saying no vaccine for me but after serious consideration, I took my shot a few days ago at East End Sevenday Church the nurse is good, I aint feel nothing, 3 days after i am ok. As a Matter a fact I use to get a stomach pain, since I took the vaccine the pain disappears, seriously…

  16. BVI says:

    How can I get vaccinated knowing that there is no vaccine for my child. So I going to be ok but my child would not…..

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    • Vaccine says:

      You go get vaccinated when it is ready for the children they will get theirs and after a while the babies will get theirs with their regular shots. How are you helping the child by not taking the vaccine?

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  17. Right says:

    How is 28,000 people equal to 70% of the population? There is no way that we have 40,000 people in the BVI. Nonsense. Pay attention people!

    Why are we acting like this vaccine is a cure? Like this is the savior to covid-19? It prevents nothing and you can still spread it. So even if everyone of us gets vaccinated, we could still have a massive outbreak of covid-19 Where thousands of us get seriously ill and there is run on our health care infrastructure and rrsources. Now these infected masses might not die, but they sure will get sick still.

    Where is the proper education on this. Why is Carvin always scheming and coming at us underhanded. Just be upfront. Social distancing will still be mandatory even if vaccinated. No large gatherings even if vaccinated. This dumb azz curfew will still be in place. Vaccination just means slightly lesser symptoms when you catch covid-19.

    And we all will catch covid-19 because as soon as we are vaccinated, then everyone will drop their guard.. Everyone will start acting like covid-19 doesn’t exist to us anymore and say to hell with social distancing and other preventative measures. Vaccine gives people a false sense of security. I don’t know who is advising this shady fear-mongering government, but they continue to miss the mark.

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  18. Got my vaccine! says:

    After getting the vaccine my skin cleared up and I can now run a four minute mile. My wife says Im strong like bull after the vaccine. For some reason I can now also speak german…

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