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Govt’ to see $2M rent decrease when Admin Complex reopens

The government expects to see a $2 million drop in its rental expenses once the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex reopens.

This is according to Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who told lawmakers that the government currently spends more than $10 million to accommodate public servants at various offices.

“It is difficult to forecast the rent decrease as lease payments are fluid and the decision on which offices will be returning to the Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Complex has not yet been finalised,” Premier Wheatley told lawmakers recently.

He added: “However, based on the ongoing decisions regarding the ministries and departments that are returning to the Ralph T. O’Neil Administration Complex, it is estimated that the decrease might be in the range of $2 million.”

Repairs on the hurricane-damaged government complex began in late 2019 with the removal of debris and work on various sections of the roof. Recent works have included the installation of a new elevator at the complex. In 2018, the Central Statistics Office estimated the government’s annual rent expenditure to be approximately $6.4 million; a figure that has also been shared in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report.

With the extensive damage done to the complex, many government offices have been forced to relocate to rented spaces owned by private contractors. Premier Wheatley previously complained that the ongoing repairs have taken too long, promising to meet with Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer and representatives from the Finance Ministry to accelerate the project.

“We have to think about building more space so we could save money on rent and invest that money back into the people. That is something that we have to do,” he argued at the time.


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  1. 8m? says:

    How is there still 8Mil in rent being paid elsewhere?

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  2. What!!! says:

    WHEN the Admin Complex is completed ?????

  3. Hmm says:

    Government should be looking to maybe spend 2 mil total not just only save 2 mil.

  4. :( says:

    Man’o’man what have we become?! This is our money being spent so recklessly, yet we as a people still cannot come together to fight this corruption and blatant disrespect!

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  5. Resident says:

    the complex will be completed when pigs fly, no work is even being done there, it’s a joke

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  6. $$$ says:

    Good can we please use the $2M to fill the potholes

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  7. Lodger says:

    For government read cronies. The dont want to see it finished and in use again.

  8. WEW says:

    Who owns all those rental properties ? Alot by the HOA ! Never happen

  9. Admin. Bldg says:

    Jumbies must be doing the reconstruction since no humans are working on it!!!

  10. Poor leadership says:

    It is their family and friends collecting the exorbitant rent. Why should there be hurry to open or relocate government business places back to the complex?

    Ohhh it is the colonial UK doing this to poor BVIslanders …. What a ting

  11. BuzzBvi says:

    Wait, Wait! Wail!!!! What about the poor people about to lose all that, “friends and cronies, Money. Oh those poor people.

  12. vex says:

    It was a problem created by the government in the first place. Please do not act like it’s some big improvement.

  13. 3rd Hokage says:

    When y’all going put some control on the local rent here. So we the people can see a livable decrease?

    When y’all going add some price control to these businesses so they don’t make 300% profit off of the People?

    When y’all gonna make minimum wage a livable wage for the people?

    Sigh y’all really only about self enrichment until the UK poke you. Then you quick to talk about independence. Smhhh gaslighting to the Extreme

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