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Gov’t waives tender process to introduce Political Adviser post

Inside the House of Assembly.

The VIP government introduced a new consultancy post titled Ministerial Political Adviser (MPA) but has waived the required tender process to get this done.

In a summary of Cabinet’s latest decisions released yesterday, July 22, government said the post is to be contracted for any tenure that allows the cumulative compensation to be no more than $120,000 per year.

According to the Cabinet document, the post is expected to be “similar to the model as used in the United Kingdom”.

Under the approved consultancy model, Premier Andrew Fahie would be assigned no more than three MPAs while each other Cabinet Minister and Junior Minister would be assigned no more than one MPA.

Ministries are expected to allocate remuneration for MPAs under their consultancy vote, while payments for the junior ministers’ MPAs will be borne from the consultancy vote out of the Premier’s Office.

Contracts for each consultant, the Cabinet document noted, do not cover gratuity payments, annual leave, and sick leave.

MPAs to assist with speech writing, research, analysis

The new consultants are expected to assist with research and analysis, speech writing for the ministers, and other areas as outlined in their job description.

While the consultants are expected to be hired as independent contractors and have the same tenures as ministers, they are also to be subject to all Public Service laws, regulations and policies during their tenure.

This is except for instances where research, advice and other support to a minister may incorporate political considerations that would not be permissible for a permanent public officer, the document said.

Code of Conduct, interest declarations expected

The MPAs are expected to adhere to a special code of conduct and will be subject to an Integrity Committee which is to comprise both the Premier and Deputy Governor’s Permanent Secretaries (PSs) as well as one of the four other PSs in rotation each year.

The Cabinet document said the Integrity Committee would have the authority to question MPAs on their adherence to the code of conduct or matters of conflicts of interests, and that the Committee may submit a report to the Premier for his consideration.

Further, the MPAs would be required to declare any private interests that they hold in any matter that may be deemed relevant to their work, upon assumption of duties and periodically as circumstances may require.

These disclosures are to be made to the appointing minister and copied to the Premier and his Permanent Secretary.


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  1. The Nation speaks says:

    Hope none of these positions will be assigned to Claude Skeleton Cline…Andrew needs to distance himself from that man…he’s too much of a loose cannon. And if Claude gets one of these posts it would make us wonder and wonder greatly…

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    • Fraud Skilled-in Crime says:

      Where do I sign up?

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    • MPAs says:

      … will also be known as COSCs and/or CSCs or just Overspends

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    • I wouldn’t bet says:

      On that.

    • Free 99 says:

      I can advise them for free starting with Stuffed chicken, who spend too much time on the beach chatting p¡$$ as a health minister

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    • Does says:

      Does one day go buy Covid or not where Foy and his henchmen don’t scheme and figure a way to allegedly put the money of the people in his and their families pockets. Foy make sure you have plenty family members working at Balsum Ghut

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    • King Foy says:

      King Foy is now hiring a royal pimple popper, food taster and royal courtesan. His Majesty need posse.

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    • Honestly says:

      To be honest I don’t know why he is so highly regarded… Name one thing he ever had a hand in that didn’t end up a complete cluster F**k!!!

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    • There says:

      There was a time when I said just get these crooks out of the government, let the Brits manage for a couple of years and elect new officials. Leave the thriving b***ards alone. This clear attempt at stealing government funds with reckless abandonment only has one end. They all need to be locked up!
      Lock them up!!
      Lock them up!!
      Lock them up!!

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  2. Lodger says:

    Its taken 70 years to realise they need help. This will almost double the size of the ruling side. Are they to be bvislanders, or can they be expats? Will they need offices. Does Dominic Cummins come to mind? And various White House aides? Who will they choose? Who can they choose that has political savvy enough for the role? Will they be privvy to all their ministers shinannygans? Or will they be kept in the dark?

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  3. shannocks says:

    sheer assishness in these times…the health department is where all this is needed

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  4. Lmao says:

    These new positions will add up to millions. However, it’s not a problem. Foy and the rest of the cr**ks don’t have a year left in government. Sir Gary should be completed in October and hopefully Foy will be out by New Years. It will be fun to watch as each Minister will give Detroit Cline a contract. He’ll be in there for a $1mil. Each day they must all sit around trying to figure out how to scheme money their way. Disgusting, just disgusting as the people suffer.

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Just what BVI needs. More civil servants.

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  6. Why says:

    Do we need them now, you have money to hire political advisors, when you won’t win the next election. Stop wasting money and open up small businesses to earn a living. Wrong timing sir.

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    • Walter B says:

      Political advisers are not usually paid by the government. Their job is usually concerned with getting their masters re-elected and they are paid by political parties.

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  7. itstime says:

    I think Andrew is heading down a dead-end road and he knows it that’s why he is trying to hire all his friends before it’s too late, why else would he be making these stupid movies in a time like this? Again a job filled without the required tender process. People if the UK doesn’t step in and we have to go 2 more years under this Andrew Fahie government we are going to be in BIG trouble. If nothing is done about the government after all the COI has found so far Andrew Fahie will think he has the power to do what he wants and no one can stop him.

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  8. Bumpy says:

    Andrew Foy wants to be a dictator a position he thinks he is entitled to. Wtf we need more consultants at these extravagant salaries with all we are going through. Foy already have his cronies line up who will fill these posts. I can’t wait to see that mskt gone. I hope after the COI is completed there’s enough evidence of corruption and there should be to end …

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  9. Resident says:

    What is the functon of private secretaries and permanent secretaries? Why do they need extra people?

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    • Leave a comment says:

      The Permanent Secretaries should have the knowledge and skills of the MPA. Simply put, the problem is within our recruitment process. Essentially, we are hiring 2-3 persons to carry on out the same post.

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    • lol says:

      They overwhelmed making photocopies for the COI lol

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    • Angry voter says:

      Sr public servants must too busy running they own businesses, to work for us

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  10. where does it end says:

    Does this man’s road to destruction have to end to it? People, this is just the obeah man fee. 3 for him and 1 for the others. Yoaull don’t know this dude

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  11. YOUTH says:

    This is a wise move

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  12. poor we says:

    This what happens when you elect incompetent people. Now we are paying twice for the same job.

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  13. FACTS says:

    It works in the UK so good move Premier.

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    • funny says:

      in the UK each Minister has over 100,000 people to look after in the BVI they have a little over 2300 so thats is 1/50th and they want to be the same as the UK, its a joke this will cost more than $1.5million every year

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  14. My take says:

    Ayo keep underestimating Fahie. You all will hear.

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  15. NO says:

    Just crazy, how is this so urgent that the tender process is waived? More for the COI

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  16. SMH says:


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  17. Rubber duck says:

    Good move but you waited to long Bronx bummer

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  18. Deh Watcha says:

    Someone can check my maths.

    Premier – 3 MPAs
    Finance Minister? – 1
    Works Minister – 1
    Education Minister – 1
    Health Minister – 1
    Labour Minister – 1
    2 Junior Ministers – 2

    10 in total. That’s another government right there (albeit an unelected set).

    All ayo who ‘drain the swamp’……I glad for all of you all.

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  19. Belonger says:

    This is absolute madness! At a time when so many are suffering, hospital under stress, high school don’t have furniture and students still being accommodated in an old warehouse, this is our priority?
    To get speech writers for these ministers at a price of $10 000 each with the Premier having the opportunity get 3.
    Why in this little 59 square mile country with a population of around 30 000, we need all this?
    Crazy!! U.K is a developed country with millions of people. Their ministers have millions of people to take care of. I can understand why they would need these extra civil servants.
    What we are to follow we don’t!!
    Madness extraordinaire!!

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    • RAWAT says:

      SMDH. Every time the government try fix the place people like you run your mouth and the place still at square one. Sigh.

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      • Tongue Fu says:

        @ RA RAT

        Spending more money won’t fix the problem of INEXPERIENCE.

        Are these guys so green they don’t know what they are doing so they need consultants to guide them through? So what are the roles of the permanent secretaries and other top ranking civil servants?

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  20. HE KNOWS HE IS GOING says:


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  21. WEW says:

    This is BS

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  22. WEW says:

    Think about it… When did they ever follow the tender process ?

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  23. Truth Be Told says:

    Okay. So there is money to give us our increments. It is very sad that public servants are walked over by every Government. We have not gotten a raise in over 10 years and price of living keep going up. Wow. 120,000. Why you need adviser for a job we elect you to do. If we did not feel you were competent you would not get elected. This is really sad that you waiver tender process for things that would benefit politicians and not the people you were elected to serve

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  24. Whelk says:

    I am convinced that PremierFahie has sold his soul to the devil aka ,the collared well paid consultant.
    Might be the reason we are not privy to the contract or we will see the clause stating “Do as I say or I will tell tell till yo belly swell”.

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  25. BOY OH BOY says:


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  26. WTF says:

    So we elected these people to hire someone else to do their job? Why don’t we just elect the advisors?

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    • @ WTF says:

      You have hit the Nail on the head. If we need to hire Consultants to TRAIN & WATCH OVER our elected officials. That means that they are Junior Ministers in training to become a Official Minister of the BVI Government.

  27. What Madness is This!? says:

    Wait… what yuh sayn is we paying 6 figures each to consultants to do work we already paying the ministers 6 figures to do? Might as well we vote for the consultants next election then. Next issue is you waive tender process to do it… the same S**t you hear us saying we don’t like because open the door for nepotism, cronyism and favoritism… Carry on man… I hope once they finish wasting all of our money they dont look to come with no new tax to throw on our back… we dont have it!

  28. Remember.... says:

    Remember when they were talking about increasing the payments for outgoing elected officials and the private insurance and Mr. Fahie went on record to say that some of the ministers get as little as $36k? WELL LETS BE HONEST NOW…. There is no way they would approve $120,000 per consultant if the elected officials are getting $36K…. I don’t know where he pulled that number from but he was clearly LYING. This is pure NONSENSE!

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    • Strange says:

      Indeed…perhaps some of those receiving the 36k will become consultants or even those who are back benches… Time will tell.

  29. Reality says:

    This is a brilliant move . The COI took away the majority of the usual scams and it has only taken the VIP a couple of weeks to come up with a new one . I don’t think even the NDP with all their degrees could have made a smarter play .

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  30. Good says:

    You’ll got the government you deserved. Suck it up! Shut your mouths and take your public buss azz. Had no call voting them in but you did.

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  31. Help! says:

    Jesus! Help, Help please help us. Have mercy on us.

  32. Fake news says:

    Waiving a tender process, this has to be fake news the government would never do that they’re always so thorough and fair and always give the job to the most deserving party no matter what.

  33. Amazed says:

    I want to know of he dont care about his legacy at all.

  34. @ REALITY says:


  35. Just my 2 cents says:

    Why would a Political Advisor be needed by Ministries and paid for from the Government or Taxpayers fund? Any political advisor to be so appointed should be paid by the political party!

  36. This is maddness says:

    And the hospital in needs of medication. People dying left right and centre. What d hell alu doing to help covid. Only vaccinate thats it. Whats d plan whats next. People need them increments and raises to catch up to theses high supermarket prizes. Nothing going down. And everytime is a new million follars contract passing its sickening

  37. Exactly says:

    You jackhammered the nail on the head. Exactly what is the job description of a Permanent Secretary??? I am so irritated with this Govt. Anyway, wait for it…..they will change their mind (again) after the backlash.

  38. BuzzBvi says:

    The only advisors the Ministers need are the voting public.

  39. Rocket says:

    This is nonsense, while I do agree that Government needs help, there are only a handful of persons living in the B.V.I. We elect persons to govern and I don’t believe we need thirteen legislators, but that’s a different story, but why do we need all of these advisors then we need to send the ministers home, come on people wake up and recognise we are been taken for a ride.

  40. Concerned says:

    This is not well thought out and the objective is not clear because $120,000 per yesr is not enough to attract talent from the private sector but it is enough to destory the establish service.

  41. Please! Please! says:

    Mr. Bottom see that these guys and all who are aligned with them go to jail. Sick bas**rds

  42. Reality says:

    I guess this means that our honorable elected officials have no clue how to run a government properly. Simple solution to this issue…….no electoral candidate should get votes at general elections we should just hire a couple of “Political Adviser Consultants to run the country going forward, since they have all the answers!!!

  43. Up says:

    They smell the fall. These people appointed is who will save them. It shows that they need help. I wonder if COI has something to do with this.

  44. Nonsense says:

    Going to need to hire more bodyguards.

  45. Backdoor he don’t know says:

    Boss hog walking right to the police to check he crook posse in. Should be UK foreign service pros running the gov on UK $. he show that we need only outside pros as no one in gov last 20 yrs been capable of bringing bvi into 21st century. Nor capable of not running the most inefficient gov in the Caribbean with the most theifin of the tax payers in the hemisphere. Thx for showing the way, Fa. To my neighbors, how much more horse-/- we need to see ? Ppl of the islands need to rise up and March to governor and demand dissolve these rabid foxes been wrecking the henhouse for decades. $FOUR BILLION +++ burned in gov spliffs since 2000. My kid test worse at 17 than he cousin in US that’s 12. March, demand, topple, REBIRTH.

  46. Wow says:

    Another way to seal money from the Government. Clear as daylight. We the taxpayers do not deserve this at all. Is this to justify the wrongs that have been done and because the public and COI have asked questions? Advisor for what? Clearly to put money in friends pockets. Highway robbery.

  47. Te says:

    Let me help you folks out.

    1. Having to hire consultants is admission of incompetence in certain areas of Government.

    2. What was the main purpose of doing this? Is it just to follow the UK amd use that as an excuse to pay out 2 million dollars.

    3. You have discredited your ministers, PS and civil servants.

    4. As Finance Minster your priorities are bit in order, hence the spending issue is not evident.

    5. I understand intent but execution and justification must me made to the people. It is not the Government money it is ours.

    I really tired dread for real I am .

  48. reading is fundamental says:

    So You Mean to Tell Me is EVERYTIME these ministers go into the house is some Bill they passing to rob us of MORE of our tax paying money. Remind me when is election AGAIN…..

    VIP r yo ova doing it now. soooo many pressing matters to deal with… Raising school teachers pay, Returning students to FULL TIME School, Reviewing our NHI(bullsh*t) Insurance, Pass a Bill for US to GET back TAX RETURN!!!!!

    sick a yall now

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