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Gov’t wants HOA to exempt Speaker from paying legal fees

HOA Speaker, Juilan Willock.

Government members moments ago moved that the order paper of the ongoing session of the House of Assembly (HOA) be amended to exempt the Speaker of the House, Julian Willock, from paying any legal fees.

If approved, the financial burden would fall to BVI taxpayers.

The item, which is yet to be debated, was added to the order paper along with a number of other changes at the start of today’s proceedings for the continuation of the 12th sitting of the 3rd Session of the 4th House of Assembly.

Willock was embroiled in a failed injunction attempt before the High Court to prevent Commission of Inquiry (COI) attorneys from continuing as participants unless and until they were properly called to the bar in the BVI, in accordance with the law.

After withdrawing his injunction claim, Willock was saddled with legal costs of up to $121,000 for the proceedings of all opposing parties in the matter.

At the time, Justice Adrian Jack ruled that the injunction was unreasonable and said there was no reason why other parties should be out of pocket in attempting to defend the Speaker’s aborted claim.

“In the current case I have held that Mr Willock acted unreasonably in issuing the proceedings and then discontinuing them at the first indication that there might be procedural problems with the case … Accordingly, I shall order that Mr Willock pay the defendants’ costs,” Justice Jack said.

This is at least the second instance where Willock has aborted a legal challenge and has caused the government’s coffers to be saddled with the bill.

He previously filed a motion to prevent Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool from assuming his seat in the HOA, but was later advised to withdraw an appeal after it failed at the lower court level.


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  1. LOL says:

    final nail in the coffin, this administration needs to go.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      I would say to each member of the HOA,; do this and that will be the end of your political career.

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      • no no no says:

        The Commission of Inquiry lawyers were not called to the bar this week. Apparently they said that they were to busy to attend and the hearing was put off. What are they frightened about?

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    • Clear says:

      It’s clear now that the “clears” need to take over the government. The coloreds are not fit to govern. Please Sir Gary hurry with your findings before any more harm comes to the people of the BVI.

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    • well well sah says:

      Fahie is not addressing the important issues of the BVI yet he taking on Willock’s bill.

      Please give the teacher what they are so deserving of for so many years.

      the second stage of the COI is coming soon just like turks.

      just wait and see

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    • Sign the petition to make Willock pay says:

      in case you can’t be asked to scroll all the way down, i’m jumping the queue! 742 signatures and counting – BVI sign it if it means something to you.

  2. Laura says:

    And this Government wondering why the Teachers are fed up. I am asking all the essential bodies to take note and stand up for what is right. Strike until they hear and feel the consequences, this has gone on for too long now. If you don’t stand up now, nothing will change.

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  3. People says:

    The COI lawyers have broken the law but to some of you once you’re UK then you’re OK.

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  4. L Ipton says:

    Well well well…if this has to be debated, it speaks volume to the power this man has over the BVI cabinet and House of Assembly.

    Blatant abuse of power and tax payers money.

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  5. My my my says:

    I don’t see an issue with us paying the Speaker’s legal bills for trying to defend what is right in his official capacity. The COI lawyers have done something illegal that had one of our ministers in government had done it then many of you would have been on here blogging away all day.

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  6. NO NO NO says:

    Why should the tax payer have to settle these legal fees? This was a personal vendetta and Wiggy should have to pay for his own recklessness.

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  7. NO!!! says:

    Absolutely NOT, let him pay it for being PETTY. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!! Sick of it.

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  8. let this sink in says:

    the six votes in my household will and I repeat will not be going to and members of the vip come next election. do all you can now because you don’t stand another .

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  9. Hmmm. says:

    Poor people of the BVI.

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  10. Divajs says:

    This cannot be for real; where are our priorities. Out education system is going to shambles and we have the speaker racking up unnecessary bill for tax payers to pay. Come on, give our children some priority, they are our future. Use these funds to fix the classrooms and pay the teachers.

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  11. Earl says:

    Make him pay the bill !

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  12. PT9 says:

    When is this going to stop, I think the UK should step in right now and say no to this, this had nothing to do with the government the speaker and sheep should foot this bill. The government says they don’t have money for this and that but they want to take up $121,000.00 like it’s nothing and pay Julian Willock tab. We all had a feeling that this would happen the only thing that can stop this government is the UK and for the good of the people of the British Virgin Islands they need to step in ASAP

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  13. clear as a sunny day says:

    almost everyone with reasonable thinking see by now that the vip with its present makeup cannot run the affairs of this small island. clear as a sunny day. this government need to be removed before their term ends.cant find the money to fix so much ills 8n this country but paying out exuberant salaries and fines left right and how these people trick and fooled the voters of this territory. wow what a shame.

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  14. hmm says:

    Not surprised at this retarded government we have right now. As a matter of fact I had done predict it. Imagine… the legal system determine HE should pay it!

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  15. Hey Willock says:

    After you get this pushed through donate $121,000 to the schools of the BVI and we’ll call it even.

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  16. Captain BVI says:

    How much more crap will this guy be part of? Seriously. It is past time for the Steamed One to be out of the spotlight!

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  17. INCORRECT says:

    The COI attorneys were not called to the bar this week – they applied for their admissions to be adjourned to a later date. Strange but true.

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  18. Common sense says:

    That plays right into the hands of the COI, unbelievable.

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  19. disgraceful says:

    This is utterly disgraceful. He acted without authority or permission. This was NEVER in the public interest so why on earth should it come out of the public purse. Absolute disgrace.

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  20. Cant believe it says:

    This is why the COI is needed. This means that we the people endorse Willocks disgraceful language in his legal submission. This is a total disgrace to us the people!

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  21. Blue says:

    That won’t work! Do you think offers as much value as all the BVI students potential?

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  22. Sturpss says:

    Mhenn this government is garbage like f**k… give we a break from the stupidity nuh man? Take that 100+ thousand dollars and do something for the schools and teachers… why the taxpayers got to pay for the speaker foolishness!? VIP need to go!!!

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  23. listen says:

    time for a government overthrowal! this is too much! we the people already cant afford food for our selves! now we must pay his bill for his reckless decisions

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  24. Hmmmm says:

    Why only the speaker must pay the legal fees? Was the Deputy not involved in the madness?

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  25. Criminals! says:

    Aye just when you think it cant get no worse… VIP right there to show you it can always be worse! OMG we not going to have a country by the time they finish… All I does say is what if we was independent for real

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    • Hello says:

      EXACTLY!!!!! That’s what people are not looking at. Supposed we were independent. These people would dig our eyes out mehson!!! Jesus Almighty God. SEND HELP QUICK!!! Can’t tek no mo!!!!!!!!

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  26. The End says:

    This is because the person who condoned his aborted challenge cannot publically say they told him to and therefore the only way round the problem is to change the law to keep everything sweet. And doing it while we have a COI. We need help QED

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  27. Bumpy says:

    Wtf is there to debate? The bill belongs to Julian Willock. Fellow Bvislanders let us rise up against the abuse of Andrew Fahie and his government. Are we going to sit down with our arms folded and let this f**king corrupt government kill us? Come on we are bigger and better than this.

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    • @Bumpy says:

      I right by your side brother, they looking after themselves whilst I struggle to put food on table for my children. We cant take anymore of this bulls…!

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  28. BVI deserves better. says:

    Sign the petition let willock pay his own bill.

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  29. ? says:

    How about giving 100 teachers a very much needed $1000 bonus instead of covering a vanity vendetta.

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  30. ? says:

    How about giving 121 teachers a very much needed $1000 bonus instead of covering a vanity vendetta.

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    • Ava says:

      I hope allyuh Andrew remember Michael Misick: Turks and Caicos premier ‘who left office with $180m fortune’ was arrested and jailed. He was arrested in Rio De Jenairo on A Interpol warrant, so let allyuh good Andrew keep it up when de mark bust is de yard he going, and I hope all of them corrupted ones as well. Dem man in jail go make he a b**ch by night fall.

      They are all sickening, driving up the cost of living and picking all they can. Trust me it’s time for the Queen to take back this place, and I hope they put a law in place that all them in politics family can never run for government.

      I am out.

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  31. What!!!! says:

    Of course the steemed one should pay his own bills
    I am also reading “premier proposes salary increase for backbenchers and opposition legislators”
    We all living on scraps and VIP doing this sh**.
    NO VIP votes from our family of four.

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  32. Resident says:

    vip is doomed now, not voting for them again

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  33. Randy says:

    Anything to get him picture a ah the paper them.

  34. Resident says:

    wig boy should pay his own bills

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  35. Vincie he be says:

    Wig lock along with the devil’s anointed annointed one must have something on the Premer waiting to be revealed. Slmethjng they holding over his head..gotta. be!.

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  36. Democracy? says:

    Any member who votes to exempt Willock can no longer claim to be representing the people of the BVI.

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  37. Injustice says:

    If the government isn’t careful they will have protests to worry about.

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  38. Warner Brother says:

    Who send him?

  39. Not one says:

    Not one of them. Be it VIP, NDP, PPP EPP or ASS getting another vote from me. Done with all of them. I bet that increase in salary get pass more quick than they increase civil servants pay.

    I mean pay 35k plus allowance 50k plus and still looking more.????????

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  40. Two Words says:


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  41. Gangster summit says:

    When Claude call he gangster summit he ever bring up how the gangsters giving we chook with no Vaseline

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  42. tax payer says:

    if they dont want the speaker to pay then i think the ministers should help him out, by paying out of their own pocket. after taxes……

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  43. March says:

    OK, BVIslanders, it is time to MARCH into the House of Assembly and take this idiot and the rest of his pals out the door! The only way this crap is going to stop is if we stand up for ourselves and our country and bring these guys down. They are only in it for themselves and unless we let them know with our feet and our voices they will keep robbing us blind day by day!!! Come now who is coming, let’s get this organised NOW!!

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  44. Watching says:

    This got to be a prank… I want to see if these fools really gonna screw themselves to help out willock when the court already decide he need to pay his own bill.

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  45. Yute says:

    What’s the big deal the man Willock did the case in the peoples interest

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  46. Resident says:

    If this gets passed the AG needs to resign immediately, if she is to preserve any dignity. She will have been thrown right under the bus.

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  47. Kick them out!!! says:

    Kick out every last one of these legislators who vote to absolve the speaker of his financial obligation. Spare none.

    These people do not deserve your votes or support. Kick them out for enabling the wasteful spending of tax payers money from the speakers arrogance!

    At a time when everyone is struggling to keep up with bills, buy food, and pay rent this is what they decide to do. Kick them out!

    Meanwhile, teachers cannot get their due increments? Kick them OUT!

    Enough of this administration.

    Listen up public: If you vote for these kinds of people again, you deserve whatever comes your way from their actions or lack thereof.

    Like 24
  48. WHY says:

    These UgLy people love to show off their self so much ?

  49. Voter says:

    Exempt myass. He need to make arrangement to pay it. Half of his salary and whatever benefit money he receives should go toward making the payment with it.

  50. Lol says:

    Well look p**s. When the UK bus their guts they will be wondering why and calling all kinds of advantage but here advantage goes the taxpayers money. No maaan. This cyan go so! Fed up ah this now!

  51. Hmmn says:

    What weed you all smoking?

  52. All of Us says:

    Stand Up

    When is the next HOA?

    We need to walk with all our bills and take them to HoA to be paid…. s**t is this…. Willock can s**k some d*#’ to pay for that.

    I serious, serious, serious….

  53. All of Us says:

    Also everybody business that not in good standing with NHI, SS and Inland Revenue – EXEMPTED!

    Bad word

  54. Jasper Jenkins says:

    This administration lacks integrity and needs to go. That is 171k that could have feed all of West End for 6 years at least. This is unconscionable. What kinda dirt Joules holding for Andi?

  55. sign it please says:

    Have you seen this petition yet?

  56. Yamzy says:

    This inbert Uranuan, who is also a friend of dorothy needs to go. We tired of him. First bowtie man bull he and get caught, now he bull us. Enuff is enuff!

  57. Democracy says:
    As at 04.00 29-Oct the online petition requiring Willock to pay had 770 signatures. That is more than the 742 votes Andrew Fahie mustered at the last election. Democracy says Willock must pay

  58. . says:

    Let the Squid Game begins…. if you lose you die 😀

  59. Well says:

    The last time the government had to pay money because of the speaker case with Mark, Civil Servants got their increments. So Civil servants can be happy now because their increments are guaranteed.

  60. NO! says:

    Not one dime of the taxes and fees I pay should go for these nuisance lawsuits!

  61. Welsah says:

    The vaccine gone to them head.

  62. That feather dropped says:

    How coups start. Colombian neckties getting overnighted. Either we rise or say goodbye to bvi. No outside money coming for years if no backbone and integrity shown by the people. Societal bankruptcy or find ur Fkn spines ppl.

  63. @ JASPER JENKINS says:


  64. SC Bayer says:

    Leave Bernice boy alone.

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