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Gov’t wary of heavier rains, makes appeal

Anthony McMaster

While imploring residents to do things such as remove garbage from their property and derelect vehicles from roadsides, Government said it hopes to address all major infrastructural damage before the territory reaches the height of the hurricane season.

August to November are considered peak months for heavy rainfall, tropical storm, and hurricane activity.

Already, a tropical wave, on August 7, battered the territory, resulting in widespread flooding and landslides especially on the island of Tortola.

“The territory was affected greatly by the wave, but we will return to a point of normalcy. We have already sent teams out to clean all of the major ghuts and public roads.”

“We are hopeful that we will address all major infrastructural damages before we get into the height on the hurricane season,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works Anthony McMaster.

He stated that teams have been mobilised to clean roadways and guhts, adding that the ministry is assisting persons where possible but will handle requests by priority and severity.

The ministry advicved that, in addition to staying abreast with the weather updates, residents should:

1. Remove all derelict vehicles from the roadways – including boats and heavy equipment not in use. “During natural disasters such as hurricanes, vehicles can be swept away and cause blockage of free-flowing water to ghuts, drains or off the road way that may result in flooding,” the works ministry said.

2. Clear all debris and loose garbage on property.

3. During recovery clean-up, children should be monitored and not allowed on the public road where water is flowing.

4. Telephone the Public Works Department’s complaint line at 468-6006 to report all damaged roads, potholes, collapsed walls, fallen rocks, damaged guard rails, etc. “Please leave message if phone line is busy.”

5. Telephone the Water and Sewerage Department’s complaint line at 468- 6000 to report all damaged water and sewer line. “Please leave message if phone line is busy,” the ministry said.

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