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Gov’t wins BVI Airways case against its former attorney, Lester Hyman

The United States District Court of Columbia has granted the BVI government’s request for its former attorney, Lester Hyman to turn over government’s client file with BVI Airways.

Government had applied to the US court to get the file while it contemplates bringing a civil action lawsuit against Hyman, who it accuses of fraud in equity, breach of fiduciary care and loyalty, and negligence.

According to the document outlining the US court’s ruling, government had uncovered that BVI Airways paid Hyman a “secret $200,000 finder’s fee” for brokering the flopped $7.2 million deal with the airline. Hyman did not disclose any of this information to government, the court document cited.

“After the BVI government terminated Mr Hyman, he attempted to recharacterize his role from that of attorney to that of ‘honest mediator’, but he later admitted to working on both sides of the transaction,” the court document said while giving a background of the case.

Because of the preceding, government sought the US court’s help to get its client file so that it “may better support its claim against Mr Hyman”.

What government wanted specifically

Specifically, government wanted Hyman to produce copies of every related document from the time it first hired him in 1987 to present day.

Government also requested the US court serve subpoenas to any bank or financial institution in the District of Columbia (where Hyman resides) that holds or has held a bank account for Hyman since September 2013.

The government requested a similar court order to persons or entities that have prepared Hyman’s taxes and have been in the conduct of Hyman’s computer servers around the same period.

The court’s decision

In its May 23 decision on government’s application, the US court decided to deny all requests for information from persons or entities other than Hyman. This means Hyman must turn over his entire client file for government. But, his banks and any other entities he does business with will not be required to.

This court decision effectively brings government one step closer in its campaign to gather evidence against Hyman with hopes of suing him.

The airline deal

The previous National Democratic Party government had given the airline 7.2 million of taxpayer dollars to commence direct flights between the BVI and Miami in the United States. BVI Airways did not deliver so government is now attempting to recoup the funds.


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  1. job says:

    Good Stuff! Great job VIP

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    • Jobs says:

      Now we know how the $.2m originated and was spent but what about the rest of our money? Why did Orlando push this through? Who else got payola?

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  2. Hmmmm says:

    The NDP really screwed us.

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    • Listen says:

      Oh please VIP what this filing was made way before VIP got into power. Get you all facts straight.

      Learn to take time and listen the former premier with the Attorney General Chambers applied to the courts for the turning over of files.

      Why you think the former government and this government could not speak about the case because this was an issue waiting on the court to decide whether files can be turned over.

  3. Interesting says:

    One way street only!

  4. Brandon says:

    OMG all who was in the NDP administration need to resign. So disgraceful!!!!

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  5. Win? says:

    Really that’s a win. Where’s the money? The lawyer has to give up some papers? Really. Where’s the money? Good luck collecting from the lawyer in a US court where the principal crooks were all BVI politicians and their cronies.

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  6. Hshsh says:

    R G must be suffering from sleepless nights. Conflict of interest positions have consequences

  7. Boo says:

    “secret $200,000 finder’s fee” aka Bribe.. lol

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  8. Martin says:

    The BVI has a strong case against Hyman who who had a duty to disclose his interests in the transaction (s) between himself and BVI Airways. The issue however, is whether Hyman destroyed the documents in contemplation that the US Court would rule in the BVI Government’s favour.

  9. GTFOH says:

    This is so embarrassing for the BVI. It’s like the international community was looking at our government particularly NDP and Dr. Smith like bumbling id****s. They had to knew that we were so stupid that we would overlook due diligence, sign ridiculously one sided contracts that doesn’t benefit us and guess what it worked. Even when the contract listed specific time frames for payments we were stupid enough to not only pay in advance but pay in full. I could only imagine the big celebration they had when the final payment was made and they knew that mission was accomplished. They took our $7.2 million and threw even more salt on our wounds by selling the plane and making more profit off of our bad investment.

  10. Sniffn says:

    Still won’t get a dime of tax payers money back!!!!! You’ve been had!!!move on.

  11. Great news says:

    Glad we getting somewhere, in other news boycott CCT

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  12. LOL says:

    If you think that man just kept incriminating documents at his office and will just hand them over, I have some nice swamp land to sell you down at cox heath. Wild goose chase that wont even catch a sand fly!

  13. HLSCC says:


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  14. More Wasted $ says:

    There is no file…

  15. Disclosure says:

    This headline is misleading. The courts ruling is in regard to a disclosure application by the BVI’s lawyers. Also this is only a partial victory since the judge denied disclosure by Hyman’s banks, entities and associates. There will be many more applications and court rulings in the BVI’s battle against the BVI Airways crooks.

  16. Anonymous says:


    This case was sent in motion before the NDP left office. VIP still riding on NDP’s coat tail

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  17. Can't thumbs up says:

    Wasting my time on BVI News. Why you de activated likes and dislikes? Why ? 2020 and your website is always broken?

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  18. Biggest crook says:

    You’ll see this guy’s name in a lot of NDP tourism matters… good friend of former chairman of tourism …look no further

  19. Sniffn says:

    You all upset because some one beat you at your own game!!!!!

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