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Gov’t worker tells court he needs marijuana to ‘meditate’

Not the marijuana mentioned in the story

A government employee held with more than 100 grams of marijuana has told the court he needs the drug to ‘meditate’.

Adrian Blackman, an information technology technician, answered to three charges when he appeared before Magistrate Giselle Jackman-Lumy on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug, operating a vehicle without a license, and two counts of a ‘prohibition of tint’ charge.

The court heard that Blackman – who was found travelling with an expired driver’s license and illegally tinted vehicle windows – was implicated during a police traffic stop on August 24, last year.

Police also found 141.8 grams of marijuana during a subsequent search of Blackman’s vehicle, the court heard.

He claims the drugs were to assist him to unwind.

“I just work hard. I need it to keep me going on my meditation,” the offender told the court.

Blackman also said, despite his run-in with the law, he still uses the controlled drug, but to a lesser extent.

“I’m trying,” he claims.

Magistrate Jackman-Lumy subsequently ordered him to seek drug counselling and granted signed bail in the sum of $50,000.

Blackman is to return to the court on August 31.

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  1. strupes says:

    send him ballo to meditate

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  2. Ivan says:

    He should have just denied the weed was his and claim he was framed.

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  3. Ordinary Joe says:

    I guess this dope just needs dope. But even if he is genuinely trying to get off dope, he shouldn’t be driving without a license.

    If you meditate correctly you don’t need dope.

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  4. Nike says:

    Just doit

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  5. Eagle eye says:

    How long y’all so call high class educated lunatics going to fight down that natural herb.instead the public should be charging y’all for medication denyance.

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  6. portraitpainter says:

    C’mon. Legalize the herb like the rest of the world and leave this guy alone. It amazes me that he has been hauled in to court for weed but the police still can’t figure out murders on the island. It is just so ridiculous. Nature gave us the plant for a reason. Nature didn’t give us guns.
    Driving with an expired license? Oh wow, that must be right up there with murder.
    Give me a break. BVI needs to straighten out their priorities and this Bull S*** isn’t a priority.

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Interesting to compare the sentence of the guy who crashed his car drunk with this one.

    Legalize weed now and forget this nonsense.

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  8. Gumption. Official says:

    It’s time for more education & (decriminalizing) when it comes to the natural plant involved. The taboo about the way it’s viewed need some shining positive lights on it.

  9. Nonsense says:

    People are no longer smart enough to know how to unwind/relax/meditate without weed. I say leave them let them continue to be the next generation of slaves. Let the strong willed and strong minded rule over them and manipulate them as needed. If you got to be travelling from a to b with your medicine, take a dose before and after work, before and after bed then you sick in your head if you think thats ok. Why would anything medicinal have to be taken so much if it works? Yall been lied to and prepped for the NWO.

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    • @nonsense says:

      U just had to comment!?…

    • @ nonsense...... says:

      Your name says it all. You are one foolish clown.
      Its a plant you fool. Just like how you take plants aand fruits for different benefits…hello..same thing.

      • Nonesense says:

        Yall sound foolish, no plant is meant to be burnt for consumption. It is to be ingested raw as food or as tea…. but weedheads dont know chemistry and how fire changes states and properties. Yall just lookin excuses to get high. If yall wanted to be healthy for real then yall would eat right and excercise, which wont cost you as much. Listen to all the paid off mainstream scientists who workin for the beast. The weed is for yall weaklings, dependent on a bush to carry out everyday tasks. Not even worth anymore attention.

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        • CW says:

          Hahahahahahahahahaha. I don’t know where you come up with this crap. This is the best free entertainment online, watching you talk about complex pharmacology like you know ANYTHING at all about the LITERALLY MILLIONS of plants in the world.

  10. @portraitpainter says:

    Well you obviously a weed head because you speak nonsense. If only we had people runnin off the mouth on what they know about murders like how you and the rest babble on about weed then yea, we would be good. I can guarantee nature didnt give him the kind of weed he smokin either. All that “loud” had been genetically altered decades ago to give a neutralizing effect but without the deadly side effects that heroine and crack was doing and costing the government dearly on taxes paying off hospitals….which by the way were meant for a certain demographic. We should be encouraging people to be level headed without the aid of a substance PERIOD.

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  11. portraitpainter says:

    Well, you know what? Some people really are stressed and I don’t think that smoking a little weed is a bad thing. Do not confuse this with crack or heroine use. I haven’t ever met a weed ( only )indulging person who is not level headed
    Talking nonsense huh? Take a look at your post. How in the world can you confuse my post with the failure of your own people to stand up and ignore murder?
    The point is, a discussion about legalizing weed is a far cry from people refusing to come forward regarding murders. Which is more important?
    You need to check your facts. You are going off on a ridiculous tangent. Stick to the subject. I am merely trying to say that getting busted for weed is nothing compared to the obscenity of murders which have not been resolved.
    I’ll bet you would happily benefit from growing your own once it becomes legal. Or do you want to continue to blame everyone for your obvious discontent?

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  12. Hmmm says:

    My mom is sick right now can’t sleep at nights but you what a little of that same herb tea does her a great deal of good not too strong just mild and she’s doing great

  13. Lawyer says:

    The only thing wrong with weed is that it is illegal! There is everything wrong with alcohol and tobacco and they are legal. There is economic benefits that they all can bring(once legal). Let it be a choice for users. Legalize it! It can enhance our tourist product. The visitors will enjoy nature’s little secret more while they taking a legal high.

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  14. Uncle Buck says:

    Easy 50k for the coffers. Problem is now this hard working professional will have a criminal record. Government don’t seem to understand that they could get a whole lot more from taxing marijuana than they ever could from fining people.

    Never mind that the biggest criminals are those pretending to govern.

  15. Mandela says:

    Free this man.. please free the others! God is guilty, nature made the plant.

  16. square says:

    leason here: until its legalized make sure everything is straight before driving around with weight.

    that’s about seven ounces, or did the police weigh the container it was in as well.

    they are always jacking up the “street” prices to say we found “100k” worth of drugs.

    in this case they found over “100 grams”, I wonder what the truth is?

    consider that if they used to consider the weight of a plant, they would probably weigh the soil and pot in addition.

    legalize it. reduce the penalties. decriminalize it.

    Allow people to make their own choices on how they want to meditate, relax, or heal themselves.


  17. Candi says:

    Drug Counselling? But this is not a drug so why are they harassing this young man?

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  18. THE TRUTH says:

    I don’t usually comment on this debate but truth be told its all about mind control and slavery. If the slaves were allowed to be able to think for themselves it would cause a problem.How many whites do you see being dragged before the courts for weed?
    I wonder how those politicians feel when they attend
    parties where marijuana is being smoked openly by their rich white friends.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s so funny how the police can go at Pasia Estate and sit in their vehicle to catch people speeding and the robbers robbing people houses.

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